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  1. 1 hour ago, VbFolly said:

    Really chuffed after my best sale yet dropped in today for $300. Just an everyday garden image of dwarf nasturtiums growing among squash plants for protection from aphids. 


    Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ;  Media: Book, print and/or e-book ;  Print run: up to 100,000 ;  Placement: Front cover ;  Start: 19-June-2020 ; End: 19-June-2030


    Excellent!!  congrats!... there`s hope after all. :)



  2. 18 hours ago, cbimages said:

    One of two low value distributor sales that dropped in today. This one lowish $$. There is a sad story behind this image. This poor bird was visiting our feeding station each day and we could see very early on that it had beak & feather disease, so we needed to catch it and have it humanely put to sleep. It was still flying, but was obviously quite unwell and getting weaker each day. The disease is very contagious and we feared for other local parrots. Hubby put some timber from the feeder into a tree, so the bird could roost at night as we were worried about neighbourhood cats. Each day, morning and late afternoon, I would take out food, and call the bird. It soon came for food when I called, and I fed it on the feeder for nearly 2 weeks, trying to work out how to catch it. Meanwhile, it got sicker and lost more feathers. Once it was reasonably tame, I moved the food onto the ground and once it fluttered down, it was not able to fly, so we caught it and took it to the vet. 

    Country: Poland
    Usage: Editorial
    Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic
    Print run: up to 10,000
    Placement: Inside
    Image Size: 1 page
    Start: 01 May 2020
    End: 01 May 2025



    Poor thing. :(

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  3. On 31/01/2020 at 10:40, Franc said:

    Hi everyone. My name is Franc and I come from Slovenia, a small country in Europe. My passion is nature, so most of my photos are from nature. I also love abstract photos. I process the basic, original photo and add different effects to it. It took me a while to dare to show my photos to others.

    Welcome Franc!.. love your work..nothing to be shy about.

  4. On 11/02/2020 at 12:50, John Richmond said:

    $75 sale dropped in this afternoon to tick the sales counter from 999 to 1000.  6 years on Alamy - first submission passed QC on 13 January 2014, first sale on 27 June 2014 - so I'm pleased with the progress.  


    Flowers appear to sell.  I must photograph a few more. 😀

    Wow!.. congrats on that milestone, John... good to hear flowers sell, as I have tons on my computer I haven`t added here yet.

  5. 9 hours ago, rickboden said:

    Please Alamy, don't give my 8000 pixel wide images to clients who purchase for presentation and newsletter use.  I don't see any logical reason for doing this other than giving away the farm (so to speak.)  This was an incredible shock when I saw it on my sales statement and I'm sorry to say, it has dampened my enthusiasm significantly.  The idea of someone having my 144 megabyte file on their computer for the next 5 years and expecting them to only use it for a/v's and newsletters is hard for me to accept.


    I think this is a case of me valuing my images too highly and Alamy valuing them too little.  But the recent sale was part of an expensive shoot on my part.


    Rick Boden

    I quite agree, Rick... I haven`t sold any yet, but the thought of a customer receiving a full resolution file for the amount charged doesn`t sit well with me.  I haven`t uploaded a lot yet, and am having second thoughts about doing so.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Bryan said:

    We've just bought a new radio and, out of the box, I decided to photograph it.


    Big mistake, the resulting image showed loads of miscellaneous dirt on the surfaces. I then tried to clean the radio using a moistened paper towel and a cotton bud stick. This brought about an improvement, but the resulting image still required a whole lot of cloning to clean it up. It was reminiscent of having to spot a scan from an old negative. Part of the problem may have been due to the fact that the radio has a matt, almost rubbery, finish which seems to attract the dirt. Maybe I should have vacuumed the thing first.


    Just wondered what other product shooters did to clean their subjects?

    I sell vintage on another site and have run into the same problem... I occasionally get lazy and don`t clean, but just dust off the product before taking a series of photos... big mistake... now I gently clean with a drop of dish soap in a bowl of water using a soft cloth and a light touch, then rinse.... of course, it depends on whether the item can get wet or not.... for jewelry, I have a jewelry cleaner... btw, paper towels will leave lint.

  7. 3 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    When you only plan to shop for food or clothes, and end up taking that little RX100 from your handbag and surreptitiously shooting off a few pictures.

    When you cook a nice dinner...but WAIT! Let it grow cold while you get your camera and choose the perfect lens to shoot the dinner.


    I went grocery shopping this morning and made sure I had my new RX100M6 with me... the more I use this camera, the more I love it.  Everywhere I look, I now see a stock opportunity. Aarrghh!.. I`m hooked! :)

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