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  1. Finaly, I have received my payment through Payoneer account. The problem was on my bank's side and on PayPal side (in my region I can send money, but can't receive). Though, I received a great customer service from Alamy, they guided me through the process. Thank you all for your comments and assistance!
  2. Still no response on my emails from @Alamy regarding the payout issues and no money has been received.
  3. Dear Paulette, I got the form response (autoreply): "For most questions, we encourage you to ask your knowledgeable fellow photographers over on the Alamy forum: https://discussion.alamy.com/forum/19-community-support-ask-the-forum/. You can also find the answers to most questions here: · Our help pages: https://www.alamy.com/contributor · Our FAQs: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/faqs If your email is answered via one of the below frequently asked questions then we won’t clog your inbox up with another response, we’ll assume y
  4. That might be a solution John, but what about my 56$? Moreover, I have been receiving US funds to my bank account and had no troubles in past. I have PayPal account as well and I can switch to it, but currently I am concerned about the status of this particular transaction.
  5. Dear Chuck, I have no doubts that Alamy has transfered the money. I am concerned if there is any way I can check the status of transaction. Money was transfered 11 days ago and I have not received it yet. I have requested Alamy to inform me regarding the status of the transaction via email twice, but they are not responding. Sincerely, Eziz
  6. Thank you for your response John, this is my first payout from Alamy. However, I never had any payment issues with Shutterstock and AdobeStock.
  7. I was supposed to receive my first payout from Alamy by now. The amount was transferred to my account on the 4th of January, but no money was deposited from Alamy to my bank account since then. I have emailed contributors@alamy.com , but did not received any response either. Balance brought forward: $56.14 Total sales: $0.00 Commission / charges: $0.00 Total payments to you: $-56.14 Balance carried forward: $0.00
  8. Thank you, I appreciate all of you for sharing your experience and giving constructive critiques on my works, I need to go through the keywording, so far I've been using keyword suggesting tool and it's not as accurate as I wish it could be.
  9. Dear Contributors, I'm a new here (and in photography), have uploaded my first 100 RF images if anyone has critiques or advice on how to improve my portfolio quality they are most welcome Thank you Regards Eziz
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