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  1. I doubt many will actually leave, all the time and effort involved for small returns adding them to other libraries. Overall quality may take slight dip though. If you work out the actual hourly rate for image sales on Alamy after costs, for me, it's beyond poor. So a no-brainer to up the ante on other activities that will bring in the money.
  2. They seem to have forgotten to amend the commission back to the original 50% !!!!
  3. Once on a UK news publishers books, they should play automatically without any dealing with anyone - no invoicing. Although you have to chase occasionally if one is missed off the payment run.
  4. Good photo, I assume its in the Scottish edition in print, saw it online. Why not bypass Alamy live and sell direct? Then if you can be bothered, then upload as stock. You'll make 100% of the money and build contacts. 99+% of my income is direct sales.
  5. $100 sale appeared today, satisfying knowing Alamy won't be earning from me after July 1st. Yes, that kind of sale would mean me earning £29 after July 1st, but means Alamy won't getting the majority share of £43.50 Zero loyalty, 60% of nothing is ........ NOTHING.
  6. I had the cheek to criticise Alamy in a post for slow payments and withholding money for too long, the day before they dropped the bomb. Some read into my post too much, it was nothing more than criticism of Alamy, completely justified.
  7. I had a reply to my exit email questions. - Customers can licence images 2 years after the deletion date. All of your images will be taken off sale on the 30th June and no new customers can download them. - Once your account has been closed, you will receive any cleared funds in the following payment run.
  8. If Alamy answered the issues discussed here - which isn't very many, the thread would die. But they are just too busy hitting the red downvote button instead.
  9. I have emailed to cancel my account, for a number of reasons discussed here, along with getting a legal eye to go over a few of the clauses. I was told to ditch Alamy, which I had already decided to do, as Alamy is a tiny fraction of my income, it was an easy decision to make. The lack of response to the questions asked here shows a contempt towards the people that make the business. Without photographers, Alamy doesn't have a business. Treat your photographers well and everyone is happy. How they can sleep at night is anyones guess.
  10. Any Plans to implement a ONE CLICK to remove all images from being exclusive? Or is it a case of going through them for hours?
  11. I have questioned this, with the unsatisfactory response below. I do not want Alamy contacting my clients with what I would assume are threatening emails full of legal jargon without consulting with me first. Not sure if I can be bothered to mark all my images as non-exclusive. I may just ask for account deletion as I earn relative peanuts from them. 'As per the new contract Alamy can chase infringements for images exclusive to Alamy without needing to contact the contributor first (as of July 1st). We will always ask the infringer in the first instance whether they already
  12. I can bet Alamy will work out the worst possible 12 month period to get as many on Silver as possible. With print sales down during covid, it was the ideal time to implement this tier system
  13. Thanks, gratefully received - red is my favourite colour actually. (which you will have seen from my business logo when you had a google snoop yesterday)
  14. Having been absolutely roasted yesterday for moaning about Alamy - look at all my red arrows!! I’m chuckling away here.
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