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  1. June has been my best month ever with 4 sales low to mid $$. Honesty plant taken while trying out a vintage Helios lens - taken last year A stitched panorama of Uphill, Somerset - taken last year A wassail near Bristol - taken in January this year A Banksy - taken in February this year Already my sales for this year have almost matched the whole of last year (18), which itself was double the previous year. I've been a contributor since 2003 but for 10+ years I only had a few hundred images and sold one or two each year. In the last 3 years I've invested time into regularly contributing and now have over 6000 images exclusively with Alamy. All of June's sales were from photos taken in the last 2 years. It does seem to prove the advice given on this forum that it's a numbers game.
  2. Just to follow up on this. I enquired to Alamy as suggested and they confirmed that the Lumix GF1 had been blacklisted in error. As promised they removed it from the blacklist and my daughter was able to upload her test submission. I've included their response below. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Thanks for your replies - it does seem like an error with the system, the images have the camera model in the EXIF data and are around 30MB uncompressed. I'll contact them and let you know what they say.
  4. I know this has been discussed many times, but does anyone know if cameras that were once suitable for Alamy are now being rejected and what their criteria for automatic rejection as an 'Unsuitable' camera is? When it first came out, I bought a Lumix GF1 (micro 4/3) - I submitted hundreds of photos to Alamy taken on that camera. I've upgraded several times since then but recently passed it on to my daughter who has taken some decent photos that I suggested she put on Alamy. She excited opened an account and uploaded her samples only for them to be rejected immediately as taken on an 'unsuitable camera'. I know the guidelines are vague but generally to stop mobile phones and low-end compacts. Their guidelines actually say 'Forget megapixel count' (as a suitability criteria) so even though 12MP is low by today's standards, it appears that is not an issue and obviously the M43 sensor is acceptable. Any ideas why a camera that was once acceptable is not any more? As an aside, assuming that I'm not going to get around this, what's the oldest Lumix GF/GX that anyone is still submitting from (I used a GX7 until last year) - it seems like I need to upgrade my daughter's camera before she becomes disheartened.
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