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  1. they will if looking for a photobooth in Helsinki, or an Aldi at Canary wharf.. for someone like me where all my sales to date have relied on obscure subjects, i worry that a buyer would just give up when confronted with 90% irrelevant results. (thankfully non of the KW have hit my subjects.)
  2. but the issue is if it affects clients who now come for a search for "Photobooth Helsinki" end up with this https://www.alamy.com/search.html?qt=photobooth helsinki&imgt=0 and decides that Alamy is useless...
  3. reported bug which Alamy is investigating, See other thread https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12146-strange-result-from-measures/
  4. how do you find out about other agencies sales where payment bounced, but you still got paid?
  5. i know it bypasses QC, but does it bypass any review whatsoever? News at least goes through the News desk, so they can decide what to push, so i would assume it could be blocked there. But i wonder if Reportage could almost become a free for all.
  6. what other agency tells you as soon as they billed the client? obviously if all you sell are subscription you have the advantage your 33 cents is prepaid
  7. yeah, interesting first assumption now is fakery.
  8. Based on rest of work of contributor, work seems to be submitted as Reportage more than News (since images from the 22nd are already into collection), so i wonder if this bypasses all reviews not sure if discussing someone else's work unrequested is allowed in Forum TOS, but the captioning appears in line with their work, ie, General captioning for a whole series of image, and nothing particular on each one.
  9. Actually shooting in York , Maine or York, England should not return for New York, except if you have an image of New Kids of the Block. but that's irrelevant. And the Person shooting New York, will get hit by search for York and derivatives. For example on the actual search for "York Street", 99% of hits were false positives. and again, how as it affected the ranking, if your image is the first one for "York Harbor Beach"", out of 14 pages?
  10. Considering it is the first image searching "York Harbor Beach"" i guess it has not been affected
  11. but it's a problem for everyone. so in the end it should even out. My "Mosaic Wall" in "Berlin" gets hits on Berlin Wall
  12. I guess for most the feeling is that it's equal for everyone. Also, since your image will never be zoomed on a New York search, it should stop appearing in the search. I truly think the algorithm is the key.
  13. it does seem to be one of the artist's niche, so Alamy appears fine with it. Even when there is someone included in the image , they are always off the side, so the artwork can be lifted. i think as we saw last time, there is a significant reputation risk for Alamy, no financial
  14. How would you stop it? Only take exact match, which would mean a search for "Harbor Beach, New England" would skip your image.
  15. it's pictures of the exhibit. Photographer, who seems to be a major reportage artist uploaded each one. It does seem "in context", but the image do seem easily removed from the context.
  16. do you have a bookmark for "my dashboard" direct? the change are on Alamy.com
  17. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/scotland/stop-making-women-cross-border-for-late-abortions-scottish-doctors-are-told-2twpq5cwv image HR0P52 Contributor: Findlay / Alamy Stock Photo
  18. i liked all the geometry of the lines. took me a long time to find a view I felt did justice.
  19. technically not "ignored", because it splits components into all parts, so it gets replaced by a space in the search, whereas apostrophe gets ignored and search for O'Reilly gives you all the O'Reilly and Oreilly but not " O Reilly"
  20. yeah, the hyphen just splits the word, but i am not sure any engine keeps them combined (having an hyphenated first name, i'm pretty sure I haven't come across systems that understand it's only one word
  21. i agree. If i was the customer, after Bill Wood gives me 12000 results, i would do "Bill Wood" which brings down to 91 results.... note that in both case, the search engine actually gave the only image featuring Bill Wood's work as the first result, so contrarily to the premise, i think the Engine did a pretty good job, added, and then two images with a Bill Wood pictured ...
  22. not sure what you want the search engine to do. Your first image does have Bill and Wood in the data. Why would you want the engine not to bring up an image that fits the request? i think a customer would then realise they have to refine their search, and then probably spend 2 more second and search again.
  23. well done. It's one thing i would like Alamy to specify in their what to shoot, what is an actual request, and what is a we think this is missing in our database.
  24. in fact the only impact is somewhat negative, as it means certain images will not show as "other image from photograph", removing potential for multiple sales.
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