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  1. LR's licensing does have one advantage. I bought C1 for Fuji when it was on sale last year, but now i have the issue of trying to decide if i want to buy the annual upgrade . With the Adobe's licensing you don't get that dilemma (note: based in reviews, i am so far skipping the update, but then i get upset at the C1 v12 cropping tool, and wonder 🙂 )
  2. i guess i'm not up to your standards, as i feel Capture One does enough of a good job. Some people seem to be married to Adobe's products
  3. this was submitted as 5Stars, and went through instantly
  4. having literally walked into 2 protests last summer while on camino in south of France, and seeing how quick things escalated, i thought the question was extremely appropriate
  5. from experience so far, once you get one image in the QC process all following ones will be held also, until you get through. I'm also in the Queue for my third time, Actually glad to see the random QC can happen at any time not predictable like my first 2 (since predictable = abusable)....
  6. "merde", "coup de feu", "gaz lacrymogène", "danger" et "attention"
  7. Which other one have you tried which you feel are not up to digital imaging standards?
  8. i use Capture One, but i wouldn't call it intuitive, but once i got used to it, it did feel logical and highly flexible. The other thing, is i find that they produce intuitive, level headed tutorial on YouTube....
  9. Gracias, amigo... i did spend one winter in Vancouver, i agree it was an easy winter, compared to rest of country....
  10. considering i was born and raised here, -15 real feel should not feel this cold, but i does. Just tried to go get some images and gave up after an hour....... I've been away too long i guess. Off to T.O. Saturday for a week, then Mexico....
  11. maybe he was taking a break.... the last message seemed to imply he was off Alamy until the new year:
  12. pretty sure he Spacecadet stated he was gone for a month....
  13. thank goodness you made this one in 2019 😉. i always take the resolution to take only one resolution.
  14. a nice reminder why i tend to alternate hemisphere based on season (or at least go closer to equator). visiting my sister for Christmas in Montreal....
  15. it always was self regulation. They have just adjusted the QC process to be linked to some other variables. The higher the ranking, the higher the contributor's credibility
  16. yeah i was walking Carré Saint-Louis around on tuesday and got many suspicious looks, of what are you taking pictures of - was mainly looking to have human presence on snowy streets,,, this is what lead to the query
  17. example that i see it blocks from stock, is traditional weather news image with people in them, as well as people on private property (like outdoor patio, food market)
  18. yeah, i do wonder if the Female part can be helpful in these circumstances. i'm Nomadic, so i've taken shots of stuff through places acting like "i'm a tourist, just showing the difference to my mom" many times....
  19. thanks John.. i had read the Francophone version, plus the jurisprudence, and it made me more worried than even place like France
  20. thanks, yeah France was another difficult one, but since i was on a pilgrimage, Stock wasn't really my focus. as for Montreal, i've had no problem with taking pictures, it was more the stock photo part with recognizability that i find more problematic (and the -25 C of last couple of days, why did i think a december visit was a good idea)
  21. Nothing with non relevant, this is about Relevant results, properly coded, and Keyworded not being found. Alamy creates these mirror sites, where we are not able to actually provide proper information, and with clear indications to NOT add words in other languages (other than Latin names)
  22. how much do you worry taking picture for editorial stock where people are identifiable, though not the subject, in environment where the laws are strongly against the photographers. I'm currently in Quebec visiting family where jurisprudence is that picture of people is invasion of privacy, and this is probably the first time i'm in such environment since focusing on taking pictures . Whereas i didn't even think twice about an image like this in the UK, do you worry elsewhere?
  23. a few images on a CultureTrip feature "Things To Do in London for Christmas" (found mine on a reverse search) looking forward to the low $. https://theculturetrip.com/europe/united-kingdom/england/london/articles/7-things-to-do-in-london-for-christmas/ Goddard New Era 2A9A402 Carnaby Street Christmas Lights 2019 Pictures Colour Library BXTG10 London, Cologne Christmas Market On South Bank, And London Eye (Cropped) jf pelletier 2A8YA5P Carnaby street, Project zero lights JOHN BRACEGIRDLE ED59Y8 LONDON FORTNUM AND MASON THE CENTRAL STAIRCAS
  24. generally for an image to be marked "On Sale" in your image manager, you need. Approved through QC A descriptive caption At least 5 Keywords it might take some time after to be in the database, up to 24 hours usually.
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