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  1. actually quoting @spacecadet in the thread "Mine happened to be 2 words, but no, I think any search qualifies. The longer the funnier, judging by Wim's collection." does the Alamywhack rules also demands found in dictionary? my word ones have been related to places and people...
  2. curious, is refresh based on date of upload or date taken?
  3. Actually you have found the way, For example your images figure prominently in a search for "marshmallow bowl christmas " https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?qt=marshmallow bowl christmas &imgt=0 Though i am not sure they would fit what they are looking for. In all fairness, most of the image on page one fail to actually have the 3 items included, which makes me worried overall for Alamy.
  4. considering not one of the image in portfolio is related to "antarctic" nor "arctic" this is more likely from so called "keyword generators" which for some weird reason many think are a good idea. (why would you want the same keyword as everyone else) i did wonder about belge, but i think the KW is beige maybe from background, but i surely wouldn't use it, as i doubt someone looking for 'beige' would want this image.
  5. i do not think this is correct. The buyer has a decision to make if they are comfortable using the image content for commercial use without release. For example someone may decide this is nondescript and use it commercially even though this obviously is property to someone. The only way to restrict non commercial usage, is to indicate the item as "For editorial only". This actually makes Alamy much simpler than the so-called easier MS practice, where an educated guess is made upfront, many times based on recommendation to actually hide the o
  6. i know i take mental note of any images posted. that said, i do the same anytime i read on article on-line, open a brochure, a magazine, etc.
  7. but even without live news, your capture still are on the soft editorial news type. Things like street scenes could easily have more than 3 interpretations, if they convey different messages. I also think different type of years, lights, moods, crowd (with or without). i feel if i am able to write a different description the images are different. same for wildlife. Just for pleasure I captured a squirrel eating in Montreal. Even if they look the same, i could easily upload 5-6 images all with difference eg. teeth showing, peanut in paws, sideways, shell of peanuts
  8. but more sales of exclusive images probably. I look at the great deal they gave Culture Trip, it still looks like they mainly use Alamy as a source for images where they can't find it elsewhere. they only advantage of packs, would be about to expire ones where people have some left and a rush on purchase but with all of them being 365 days, this would be minimal
  9. it should mean actually that downloads from existing packs should be in stats immediately, and money cleared also (or maybe after 30 days pack refund period). If not Alamy is using the funds to earn interests- i assume however that they would need to hold some form of reserves from an accounting standpoint
  10. Guardian online https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2020/jan/11/cologne-to-vienna-night-train-sleeper-car-austria-state-railway-nightjet W5BM4N tolga ildun View of passengers traveling from Wien Hauptbahnhof train station.
  11. congratulations on your sale. not sure if addressed fully on the $$ What you see on your Dashboard is amount sold by Alamy. You will also see above a note saying "Current Cleared Balance: $xx We'll pay you once your balance is over $50." Yours is probably $0, as sales take time to clear To see details, and how much you get there is a button above the chart called "Download Sales report". Click on it, and this brings you parameter options (defaults is last month clearer, not sure if you can change this, i just bookmarked a new version). In parameter change the
  12. interesting subject. not sure i have great images, but lets try VW environmentally friendly car sharing vehicle, being relocated by fuel based crane truck. Vintage car rally participant in time costume looking at her cell phone. Santa taking tram, and having to change his own track. (note i kept all the ironic political images out)
  13. thanks that's interesting. It is sad in this new protectionist environment we are moving that we can all become pawn of geo-political fights. though messing up my portfolio would probably be one of the lesser consequences
  14. first not everyone uses LR. Second as some as found depending on a subscription software that can be terminated unilaterally at the whims of politicians could be stressful for some.
  15. are you avoiding the Vintage advertising tags on purpose to avoid potential false positive? To me it's present enough that i would include it i probably would have: writing, slanted writing, hand written(?), heart i would also have "i love you" , "love you too" "love you more"
  16. funny we use blackboard in Canada also, so was going to have to check where Betty was from, to figure out which one of the two english source we follow.
  17. as a 5Star regular uploader I've gone through QC every 7-10 days so far, by "coincidence " all most recent only one image 🤔 (but being in North America had to wait until next morning)
  18. two weeks of winter. just enough to remind me to try and avoid longer stay in my passport's country from Nov-March...
  19. i know the month i won i followed when i saw i was leading (mainly stressing about potential of finding a subject 🙂 ) ..... could i suggest that in winner announcement post the person's forum ID be linked so they get a notice at top ( using @ then starting to type the ID give you a list) @AlexG your attendance is required...
  20. probably thankful paper didn't give credit to photographer. i wonder if author ever thought this image would be used in article with title including "Hard core Porn" . the always interesting mystery what our images will be used for...
  21. i don't think anyone would expect to use Google, when this forum actually has all the information required. When i started i probably spent 2 weeks just going through pages and pages on posts, from what people sold, to optimal keywording and divergent views on many subjects. In addition Alamy is the only agency i've seen that provides tools like All of Alamy, and give us insight on what their customers are looking for...
  22. maybe another one of these "stranger in a strange land" issue, where we don't expect people to do the work for us, and other generations do. the one thing i don't understand is why no one understand that deferring the work to someone else has a cost. There is a reason MS will keep up 85% of the fee to cover their side...
  23. but this just a keyword for clients to find what they need. the data clearly identifies there is a person and no waiver is available.
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