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  1. Obviously what we see in the Sales report on the forum is a focus on UK papers. What i'm curious, is if anyone has seen sales in other markets from Alamy for what i see as localized news mainstay.. as illustration i've used random stuff in title New World is a NZ based grocery store TD Bank a Canadian bank Ivan Pernar was a second tier Candidate to Croatian Presidency, and populist member of Parliament... i'm assuming countries with offices might have some forms of success... No need to reveal yours secret niche, just more curious in gener
  2. Random protest will likely always be an unproductive favourite for me. But i love how it forces me to discover local oddities. Here little league baseball in Trieste Italy protesting fact they didn't have a field to play on anymore. Didn't even know anyone played baseball in Italy (well i guess they didn't) (note image is not that great, as i was out looking for food after a 25km walking day on Camino)
  3. Caveat on Lightroom, i would not call the work in does on xTrans file (OP said he was a FujiX user) as Superb, and the Adobe's defaults will create files that will likely lead to rejection.
  4. Fuji JPEG are great for photography, and with all the film simulations, and the various variable work fine for photo, but i would be worried of losing control of local application of sharpening and noise.
  5. one of the Problem i found with using the FujiX Jpeg, is the in camera recipe is added to the whole picture, so that the sharpness i want to add to the main subject gets added also to the sky. Works great when i want quick images (News type stuff), but i find limiting for many Stock images. Do you use different set-up for different image type?
  6. OK, not in same realms as the veterans, but maybe something for other newcomers who feel dispirited by some of the gloom Two licences dropping in today, which makes it a total of 12 for the month of January, matching my actual total for all of 2019, my first year. (yes the number was slightly helped by 5 puny CultureTripped, but still)
  7. (in Chrome i Just go to the image in another tab, and drag it into the text box)
  8. you know i love the country, so it's fun to play guessing games.
  9. looks like they took them off. loving all the current images of people with masks and claiming it's coronavirus related, even if these people wore the same mask way before the outbreak. need to roam the street of Mexico for one.
  10. looks like the Wairarapa... google business... it is the Wairapapa (then i thought, should have just gone to image, SC probably KWed it...)
  11. sorry, but the ultimate goal of stock photography should be to have your images licenced. I totally agree that you should stay in things that interest you, but taking the customer out of the equation does not make sense to me.
  12. thank you, the one place i didn't look (concentrated on the image of the back, to no avail,,,, now i'll know) :-)... Yep it's there
  13. Funny how quick things become the new normal process. My friday morning upload (NA central time) hit the QC queue for my random review, and sadly wasn't reviewed before end of business UK time, which mean now all my new uploads are hitting the queue, and i can't process the Supertags and the other information. so back to waiting until Monday, like the good old days a 2 months ago... 😁
  14. I think it may change your perspective, but not sure why that would be negative. Yes i have taken pictures of things i never would have before, but it also forced me to find information about subjects i would not have in the past. For example I was in Zagreb in early December during the Christmas Market. At one point i saw a bunch of booths which obviously were political. Quick search, to find out there was presidential election coming. Over the span of a couple of days, I got to speak to 2 candidates, discuss the current situation which the staff of the hostel i was staying a
  15. i have seen intervention on the News feed out of regular UK business hours, for example combined submission, or alter titles. so someone must be available, outside hours, but it would be interesting to see what Alamy says.
  16. it's actually 20% loss (10%/50%). I also love the fact the proponent of upload everywhere all images, then goes on "oh, but for these one I don't" (even though i the so called experts have actually said "no exceptions")
  17. does alamy really not care about US centric photo, or is it that US centric photo buyers don't care about Alamy? btw i see plenty of US centric news on the news feed.
  18. not defending, and i agree with what you wrote, but the statement was not about the photographers, but what Harry said, and probably the now ingrained perception of a 12 year old that lost his mother. So i think it is possible the two basic facts are right, what actually happen, and what Harry feels happened.
  19. Actually could we get more input like this on the images you select, and the reasoning
  20. thanks that looks good, and i actually see it pictured in Mexico a few times, so it probably increases chance. I got sent on wrong way because of the similarity with the Cameo. thanks.... i always find vehicle so out of my expertise, but they always look interesting, so can't skip them...
  21. i've been looking around and don't seem to find right front. Looks like a Cameo series from the mid 50s, but not sure. any help would be appreciated... thanks
  22. i've seen the Crossing with over 4000 people in one day. Looking down from Ngauruhoe it looked like ants (and i saw lot's of people who were unprepared). And yes the evacuation is the price to pay, but it is still a burden on tax payer.
  23. nice capture... over $100,000 per year just to remove excrement. one of the major issue that over tourism is bringing to the area...
  24. would love to see your studies about that. For example i would think your wonderful post fire images would have lowered your return by being put through all other agencies.
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