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  1. I agree with what you said, however i'm not sure why National News would be a requirement for something to be Newsworthy. So the lives of woman of Oaxaca, and the 20 femininicide in January alone are not Newsworthy because the rest of the world doesn't pay attention? My job as a photographer is the report the reality of what is happening, not to decide what the world will or should care about, but of course i went to a different school.
  2. but is that something the customers want? if categories were that important your would think people would get in trouble just for the 3 existing ones, many Sports end up in News for example and are never corrected. Even the Alamy news requirement to put "UK weather" only applies to UK. If reporting about Weather elsewhere with same format, it gets changed by the news desk.
  3. i understand that wildlife is ultra competitive, but i think this is even more a reason to make sure your KWing gets you in front of buyers. One example 2AMT8M5 no mention that there is 3 animals, their angle to the camera "side view" you don't have "deers" plural, though rarely used has still figured in a dozen searches Though using UK and england, no clear information about specifics, searches for "Dorset", "new forest", "richmond park" "english" etc. You have stag, but no "male" clearly "winter" "landscape" these appear "y
  4. if i got that kind of average, i'd also believe in god 🙂 well done. nice portfolio
  5. what Bionic is also confirming is that when 5-Star contributors get their random QC reviews, we seem to go ahead from 3-Star contributors. So that the few of us 5-stars who got QC-ed for the week-end got through ahead this morning.
  6. same here. I guess we also go through ahead of many, since in the past i would regularly have to wait until end of business day (UK) on Mondays for week-end submission. added: or maybe because reviewers have less reviews to do, everyone goes faster
  7. we get an extra day to get these images in this year...
  8. did you only have one Zoom in the month 12-13 months ago? the report on on dashboard is reported to be an odd rolling average of 1st of Month a year ago, to current... so this would likely do cliffs change when changing months
  9. at the other end these are tourists and visitors jamming in to get pictures during a Wedding parade in Oaxaca. They were so bad, the wedding photographers couldn't even do their jobs..
  10. i understand that, it's just to me an interesting side of Live News... Image to illustrate Live News, not necessarily Live News itself. i assumed that's what the Stock side of Alamy was for.
  11. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/0/coronavirus-global-emergency-pictures/tourist-wears-face-mask-horse-guards-parade-london-confirmed/ amer ghazzal- 2ATB1KN- A tourist wears a facemask at Horse Guards Parade .Live News Xinhua- Live News = Military Medical march into Jinyinhan hospital (no longer in LN feed, not in creative yet) dpa picture alliance- 2APPHHX- Virologist Sandro Halbe pipettes cell culture medium in a research laboratory
  12. what do i know, one got licenced.... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/0/coronavirus-global-emergency-pictures/tourist-wears-face-mask-horse-guards-parade-london-confirmed/
  13. once you hit the QC review, all other image joins to submission QC pool. and there is no review until Monday....
  14. This is my second week-end in a row i hit the random QC checks on week-end. What was interesting is that i sent images around 10:30pm London time Friday, and they went through. Another 90 minutes later, so just past midnight, and i started hitting the QC queue then. so i'm blaming it an Brexit. i'm going to do less uploads next week to break out of this cycle, because my process has gotten so used to the new way..
  15. i think this is the one thing that has changed for me in last 8 months, i now go out to find things that are "interesting" . If i see something that i can write a story as a caption, i try and capture it. but i think that's because i always was a story teller, but with a math background i finally found a medium that fits me.
  16. other ones in Guardian Online https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/01/overwhelmed-prague-tries-to-limit-airbnb-to-curb-tourism 2ANTP0R- CTK - Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib (Pirates) BTD041- John Elk III -Czech Republic, Prague, Old Town Hall, tourists at the Astronomical Clock (ironically article on current increase of tourism in Prague due to Airbnb, and they use a 2010 image)
  17. sorry, but it still doesn't address your comment. The newcommer as you refer to them complained that Alamy did not answer his message. What does years of University have to do with that?
  18. in fact if you look at Alamy News own twitter pushed images, some i feel would hardly qualify as news... as for weather, it seems Alamy has made an editorial decision that it was generally only UK for basic weather image, and extreme for elsewhere.
  19. trying to understand why they reply to you and open Live news faster than " contributors who are "new" to Alamy?" so that your veteran experience can help us get to this level
  20. Hoping this is an indication that i am getting my footing around this endeavour... 13 licences, slightly helped by a set of 5 downloads from CultureTrip..... Obviously that affects my average, bringing it below $20 per image, for a total of $236 my CTR hanging around 1.0 again, though that was pushed at end of month...
  21. so they open up the contribution for you as soon as you contact them?
  22. and i have yet to have seen Alamy credits in papers i have seen elsewhere, so i guess UK is the only place they focus on this. I must say the images in Mexican papers are "interesting". Straight photo of murder victim, with a black stripe over the eyes...
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