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  1. funny how i got upset with the new contract, but never got to the point of being mad like some of the older contributors, just being defeated, up to this week.  the total abandonment of semblance of  partnership i have felt over the last couple of weeks finally got me on the mad side. i'll get over it, but in the end we all lose. 

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  2. 6 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

    "We're taking 20% of your income, cutting our prices, introducing perpetual licences and increasing your risk of litigation, and in exchange we'll pursue infringements if we feel like it."

    Have I got that right?



    i think "if we feel like it" is actually generous.  it more "if it's an easy one you could have easily done yourself, In which case we will likely only charge normal licence price, for all other we will decline getting involved  but still keep your 20%+". 

  3. 20 hours ago, meanderingemu said:



    "Just so you’re aware our infringement team have a backlog at the moment, so you can chase this case yourself if you wish. Would you still like us to pass it over to the team?"





    i replied, that no, since I guess away 20% of my earnings for this team, i do not wish to pursue it myself.  



    and as expected: "We will do nothing at this time about the flagrant theft of your image from our databank (watermark included, so also theft of Alamy), and we decline to protect your rights"... you paid 20% of your overall earnings for us to go just after the low lying fruits, and in most case just turn back and say you do it. 


    yep, I don't think the Alamy team wants to meet me currently. 

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  4. 28 minutes ago, Mr Standfast said:


    When I was kicked out of live news I was given reportage as a concilation. couple of years ago so criteria may be different.  The way of the alamy is a confusing one...


    i didn't get access when i was kicked off.  later i was reinstated,  so this is good.   but i have plenty of subjects where i feel self conscious using LN,  plus rushing one hour is unproductive  because they have little interest for UK based papers,  but i still want to upload them but would be worried to put many through QC.  do they will be on the feed.  

  5. 10 minutes ago, Mr Standfast said:




    I've had one of those as well.  Miffed!


    same.  so this week i've been denied access to Reportage, even though this is about 20% of my licences (fine i'll continue using Live News, even for no interest to UK based medias subject), and told go do your own infringement.    Not a good contributor experience, not sure the Alamy team wants to meet me currently. 

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  6. 19 minutes ago, Cryptoprocta said:

    I'd rather meet the infringement team!



    "Just so you’re aware our infringement team have a backlog at the moment, so you can chase this case yourself if you wish. Would you still like us to pass it over to the team?"





    i replied, that no, since I guess away 20% of my earnings for this team, i do not wish to pursue it myself.  

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  7. a second sale for month PU, another Affiliate sale, interesting i had never had one before, now twice is same month. 


    One thing that baffles me, Affiliates commission is to recognise the effort of a third party, in selling Alamy's product, so why did Alamy have to DISCOUNT the Prices by 44% in first place? What did the Affiliate bring, if you need to do such a deep discount????


    so in the end i get 14% from list price. 40% is bad enough, 34% is hard but if it was to reach hard to get clients ok, but this is really bad. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Alex Ramsay said:

    And to make things a little more discouraging, just had a $91 sale from June refunded, then re-sold for $90, but this time with 60% commission deducted instead of the original 50% . . .


    Ask them to justify why the sales date was changed.  In other communication they have clearly stated that the day they are informed of the download is sales date for commission purpose,


    10 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

    I would be kicking up a stink about that- seems like a breach of contract. Surely the original terms should apply to a refind.


    it's one of the big issue of the contract, which they never addressed, "Sale date" is not defined,  So Alamy takes positions to change the definition based on what serves their goal, this would actually be the 3rd different definition used in the last month. 

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  9. 27 minutes ago, Harry Harrison said:

    I even think it might be relevant, below the unsettling video clips the home page looks very dated, squeezed into a narrow band in the centre of the screen, surely they could do better than this. Inviting it isn't.



    i am really worried about Alamy client facing decisions.  I tried to improved the Live News feed, by asking to be able to upload my more regional stuff, which represent 20% of my licenses, to reportage instead am literally told No. So since half i wouldn't be comfortable uploading as stock without the warning of may include imperfection, I have to continue using the more labour intensive for Alamy, Live News, building up the feed for items that have likely no interest to that client base. 

  10. ah the irony,  after a drought this is first sale under the new contract where "exclusive" means nothing.  This is the actual image I got ruling from Alamy on this forum as to the definition of exclusive vs one taken a couple seconds later without the passerby's look, ruled it was exclusive.


    To make it worse, Affiliate so left with 34% (so drop of 22% from prior contract)

    Low-mid $$, 

    Affiliate Sale; Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Commercial electronic ;  Media: Website, app and social media ;  Start: 23-August-2021 ; End: 23-August-2026   





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  11. 49 minutes ago, Celluloid Hero said:

    Thanks for that meanderingmu. Just found that out! Have sent a query to find out exactly when in April! Probably some date when the Moon is in alignment with an asteroid making a one time visit from the Horse Head Nebula.


    in case they don't answer back, at start of April they open it up.  What happens then, on your dashboard under additional revenue option  (note it appears "Revenue"  is related mainly to Alamy and distributors 🤔) if you go to Distribution, the checkmarks turn to Blue and you can remove all or only some specific markets (i have kept a few where fees have been decent).


    Of course that doesn't stop sales then, image have to then be removed from each distributor and Alamy will still allows future sales for as long as they get reported using the reporting date as Sales date, though you had opted out. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, Celluloid Hero said:

    I might be asking the bleedin' obvious but how can I opt out of distributor sales? I had one yesterday where the total commission taken was 76% and I was left with 80 cents. Methinks I can live without this type of sale both financially and for the sake of my blood pressure!



    you can only opt out in April (or when Alamy announces a contract change).  Of course even if you elect the opt out then, it appears that Alamy still continues to allow sales after you opt out, as reported above. 

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  13. only an option if you have access. so OP starting would need to build portfolio of images first, to get Alamy to review, and then decide to allow it. I'm not sure how many they accept- never tried.   I do remember that when i tried for Reportage it was a chicken and egg issue (then pandemic hit, and i lost drive, and then contract change and well....)

  14. 2 minutes ago, Graham said:

    Not sure a 150 year old picture would pass Alamy's QC - not enough megapixels then 😁


    that is actually something i worried a few times, having part of my image contain an image that wouldn't pass QC.  I remember a few that i buried deep in a large uploads praying it wouldn't be QCed.  

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