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  1. if the licence was done, and Alamy claims it can not be reverse, they shouldn't charge you 70% commission, since the contract only allows such commission if you are part of the scheme, and you are not at TIME OF Sale, which Alamy defines as "date transaction is reported". Alamy should only charge 50%/60% Exclusive/Non-exclusive as per the contract. The contract clearly states that this is the commission.
  2. but Alamy always negotiates the Best deal 😉 (of course we don't know who it's best for)
  3. Actually this is likely a good reminder. If someone wants to opt out and haven't done yet, do it now. I assume after Friday it will not be possible again until next April.
  4. When you can't unselect the option is not present. They only open it in April normally. They did however reopen the opt-out due to the contract change, and there is no note, nor contractual clause that the effect is not immediate. So if you were able to remove the blue checkmark you would be out, and any sales from that day should not be allowed, so it appears this would be an invalid licence if it is Sale dated today.
  5. i would be curious what section of the contract they will use to justify it. I do not see where they are allowed to licence an image for any period after you opt out of a region, and since they have stated they consider "date of sale" to be the date they report it, not when it was downloaded, this appears to not fit with your election.
  6. especially since that other thread is locked, so person can't ask the question. Considering this new locked thread clearly talks about stressed due to anxiety about the change, you would think a corporation would want to work with person. These are serious matters and dismissing them hoping they go away has lead to serious consequences. Sorry Alamy, if anything should have been learn from the last 18 months, matters related to mental health should not be ignored. Not a good corporate look in my opinion.
  7. i'm doing fine also, even a couple decent distribution sales which i am glad as these are easier to manipulate, and way more uncertain in treatment starting next week.
  8. not sure how many people are comfortable counting in binary basis with their finger, actually i have never tried. i've usually use a 25 set count on digits (5x5) with a running count through in head of times 25. (i do claim to be using toes to be going to 625 but that's just for show)
  9. that's an idea. Only stopped in the typical San Cristobal on way to Guatemala. Need to go explore. I really loved Guatemala also.
  10. did see a couple a French groups, didn't know that was the reason. like anything you revisit 30 years later, it is always weird. I have same vibe with New Zealand, still like it but it isn't what made me love it the first time.
  11. hard to believe that it's 6 times bigger than Oaxaca.. I found the centre manageable enough so it didn't feel that big, but on bus i does sprawl for a long time.
  12. only a few days on way to Tlaxcala. For sure spending more time next time. Sounds like a good stay to explore it and return to Tlaxcala.
  13. there is enough for everyone, and i play nice and share. where should i go next time? (whenever that is)
  14. wow, i have a math degree and i have no idea what that would be on. i can however hang a clothes line, years of experience in hostel dorms....
  15. which makes sense, if not people would just do each image as "individual batches" and force Alamy to effectively review all images and cost more, resulting in them needing more money for break even.
  16. thank you. Probably my favourite discovery of last trip. Was there during Carnival which was special, but even more as i probably was the only gringo, other than a few that came on a day trip from capital, so really nice Mexican experience... Nice centre, small and compact easy to explore and without the over presence of the expat influence in place like San Miguel de Allende. hoping to get back next time and explore a bit more around....
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/19/canfranc-europe-unluckiest-train-station-hotel Canfranc station on the Franco-Spanish border. (archive image) Photograph: Bildarchiv Monheim GmbH. CEE70W (One word Caption, and most KW still in German, i guess when you have a good historic image little else matters)
  18. my understanding is that any sale with a "sale date" on or after July 24th will use the Gold level commission for most of use.
  19. i still have a love hate with distributor sale, but can't get myself to terminate them all. seeing how much i paid for the service is bad, but at least final results is more than 2 CT licences i had last month, plus at least for the next 8 days we get full amount recognised for next year's level (not a guarantee under new contract) Editorial use . Croatia, Book, print and/or e-book; Bulk discount, flat rate, just into $$ Reading pods installation in park in Zagreb.
  20. Full price Personal Use (though not sure i like the idea of it for personal use, so now changing availability) Mural by depicting the history of the city of Tlaxcala, Mexico
  21. they said it would be tracked, so I guess i was wrong in assuming they would provide us the information. At minimum a pull down in the menu
  22. currently for distributors you get 30%. Alamy took 30%, and there was a 40% commission To cover distributor commission. This was the same for all Distro sales regardless of the actual agreement between Alamy and the Distributor. As of July 24, You will be getting 40% of What Alamy receives, which most of us have deemed to be the amount Net of Actual distributor commission. Since none of us have access to the specifics of Alamy's agreements with each individual Distributor, I don't think we have an idea what our final % of the Original Licence Price will be on
  23. Though the new contract is not in place, the Qualifying period for Silver/Gold/Platinum levels on July 1, 2022, Revenue Year, has now started, when will Alamy provide this data on the Dashboard in order for contributors to be able to track it efficiently?
  24. just to clarify one thing, Distributor earnings is 40% of what is left "After distributor takes their cut", (what Alamy receives) which Alamy as still not addressed how this will be limited, nor if we will be privy to the information, or just reported the Licence fee NET of distributor cut , something also to keep in mind for people close to levels threshold for following year
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