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  1. Just Hanging around Seaside courtship (wait until she finds out he's a jackass) Ghosts of the Giants
  2. Rockhoppers for the win..... lovely capture.
  3. big issue the contract does not define when a sale happens, and Alamy uses two different definitions based on what purpose they need to be, so maybe not in contravention to the terms of the contract, since they left the terms silent, but that doesn't mean it is an acceptable business practice.
  4. probably right, or maybe fact we don't even get paid when customer pays as stated, since Alamy also holds money for over 45 days before even considering paying us, so in average we only get paid 60 days AFTER the client has paid, so 2 months. but yeah, the issue is with Alamy
  5. one more thing, since everything is zeroed out @Alamycan you please explain how 0 divided by 0 equals 0. This is not mathematically correct, can you please review your calculation engine at the same time.
  6. weird coding, that many have flatlined at 0 for 12 month, yet the "Average CTR last month on Alamy", is still 0.62 (same as what i remember yesterday). Now this makes me doubt that value to be honest.
  7. always interesting when people get their first culture tripped sale.
  8. "When moving over to a new internal system, some older dormant "code" was mistakenly reinstated (centuries ago stats were done by monks). This was quickly spotted by our contributors, never really fixed and keeps creating random data in our measures. In total this affected no more than {insert number that will seem to minimise issue} contributors. "
  9. time delay in reporting of a sale was always a fact, the fact Alamy is not using the date of sale as the date of sale is a big issue. Sadly they know the amounts involved likely wouldn't justify challenging it.
  10. thinking further this likely means people who actually stuck with Alamy are now being treated inferior to those that left. An early July sale (based on date of download), will be compensated at 50% for someone who left, and 40% for those who stayed. Nice way to reward your loyal Partners.
  11. they should have ONE definition for all cases, not just for special cases, not change based on what suits their argument: for commission basis: Latest date possible- ie when they report it for allowing client to purchase: Earliest date possible- when client downloaded it for establishing contributor level: not defined yet. note 1: date of sale is actually Not defined in the contract
  12. so Alamy said Sales date is based on Download date? So they need to provide this info on every sales so we can confirm commission schedule.
  13. my image was extremely marginal with 4 pages of results that would fit the subject, i also had another one of the same subject without the restriction, so not sure. Don't forget all the other had property no matter what, so the client had work to do to use commercially regardless of annotation.
  14. not sure i understand, why if people steal from Alamy, and us, does it make Alamy untrustworthy? Yes they could improve security, and tighten controls, but the clients seem to be the issue here.
  15. and again a failure from Alamy. Their is no impact on customers for cheating. Could you imagine going to a store, changing the price on labels and the only potential risk is if later they find out your fraud you can return the article, or just pay the difference if caught.
  16. Anyone else not working today again? i guess when moving over to the new internal system, some older dormant code was mistakenly reinstated which resulted in measures not being calculated like before they were introduced this morning.
  17. if it's an indication for Live News Alamy does it automatically, so this seems to be a type of image they feel should have the notice "editorial only"
  18. i put what is in the image. if there are people in the image i indicate it.
  19. as for limiting sales, we have plenty of examples of cases where the contributor was approached to remove the limitation. My biggest licensed this year was such a case, and it allowed me to have in writing the intent of the client to remove the obvious branding, get the Alamy CR to put in writing she had no concerns, so it was additional protection for me. I guess the issue is i am not sure how long the client would have waited had I been on a 2 weeks back-country hike. personally i tend to put "editorial only" on images that have art work included, depicts clear ident
  20. for account specific questions you need to email contributor support.
  21. provided they didn't run the monthly payout while amounts were negative, and delay it until the September run.
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