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  1. Can you confirm that same policy will be effective for determination for Silver/Gold levels.
  2. but the incentive was there prior to the change. They only difference now is that You are offering the same image for 10 cents. Don't get me wrong, I also have images on some MS. but i manage my offering based on market- certain images and markets are more suited to MS- high volume images, but some are still better served by Alamy- 40% of Alamy's fees is generally better
  3. actually got a closer look, 5 of my "Not for sales" are images unloaded 3 days ago in Live news, that Alamy's server problem has still not transferred to stock.... seriously,
  4. If you download, Column S has "Status", so using a filter you could get what they claim is "not for sale", but for me it's just a repeat of the info using the filter in AIM
  5. got same email, numbers don't match either for me. Maybe it's some of the images they we deleted 2-3 months ago in the Contract limbo phase.
  6. i guess i get distracted by all of Alamy's "own goals"
  7. or leaving it vague enough to be able to change meanings depending of what maximise Alamy earnings at expense of Contributors.
  8. actually not all of them benefited before the cut, as we are now seeing Alamy just redating these sales to now go under the new commission rates even if they were exclusive at time of download prior to July 23, 2021.
  9. exactly. plus they will find a retroactive affiliate link to reduce your earnings even more.
  10. i am not expecting anything Extra, just the price the client Effectively paid for each download They actually got.
  11. but i can't ask for an audit until Alamy actually clearly states how the Calculation is done, as it is not clearly stated in the Contract, same as "date of sale", and we seem where that is leading.
  12. as i feel the question is getting lost, and we have yet to see an answer @Alamy can you please validate how licence price is determined and reconciled in cases of partial use of package Client pays $100 for a 10 pack, and only uses 8 licences (because it is still cheaper than the individual price) When and how will the reconciliation be done that they paid $12.50 per image downloaded?
  13. I hope people understand the potential implication of what is being done here with recalculating based on new dates, status and contract. Had these happened next year this could have had major implication for a contributor, much more then current examples. Here is the potential impact Sale on $89 in June 2022 to a contributor, raising their annual total to $300 . The contributor now gets paid $35.60. (40% under current deal) In July 2022, a nice sale of $150, receive $60, paid at end of August. Mid September 2022, the June 2022
  14. some "movement", images approved saturday, now finally showing up for sale, they weren't 2 hours ago. Maybe another kick on the other side of server will do the trick.
  15. and by Occasionally Paulette means regularly nowadays , and by longer we mean no acknowledgement of how long. I have images approved Saturday still not up for client search. Since historically servers still updated on week-end, this is now 3 updates with images not making it through.
  16. same here. image not being up for sales is a big issue, this has been going on for over a year now, with not even any solution or explanation what issue is, note that my blue number reflects these images, just that clients can't see them
  17. But what is the impact on the client? There is no change whatsoever to them, in fact they might have negative perception if they found that by changing the date Alamy just keeps a bigger portion of the fee.
  18. @Alamy didnt you state earlier that sale date is based on day client download in discussions of sales that went through after contributor opted out of distributor program? How can definition now change?
  19. quick note if it is rare enough on database i remember a few years ago someone reporting here having reportage opened up by support for such an occurrence of a rare species.
  20. Wondering what Your contributors are after? Head to the Contributor Forum on your hosted platform for lots of support ideas.
  21. why can't i give this a "Thanks" for stating this "up arrow" for agreeing "HaHa" for the general content and "Sad" for where we are being taken.
  22. but there is the other component, which relates to my post before. I has long been speculated from some of Alamy's competitors that there is also a significant revenue stream from the unused image in a package, and i wait for Alamy's input how that revenue is allocated to the contributors. To take the example, if someone bought a 10 image pack for $100, but only downloaded 8, they actually paid $12.50 per image downloaded, when does Alamy do the reconciliation, and credit back the contributors' account?
  23. shaping into a decent first half for number of licence. Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Presentation or newsletters ; Start: 15-September-2021 ; End: 15-September-2026 ; Barely $$ after the Sales Team working extremely hard to negotiate on deals, only 43% discount, not enough for the train ticket left.
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