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  1. nope you're the only one, it must be a conspiracy 😉 actually there has been plenty of reports of the 25 cents sale, and Alamy has not provided any input on any of them, Maybe we should start a new thread "Pennies for you thoughts, about same for your images, the $0.25 sales"
  2. note, contributor information AND Locations are not searchable. for example: people looking for "Madrid Spain train" will not find your image, because you do not have it in caption nor keywords note also you don't usually need to add the words in Spanish, because Alamy will translate the English ones if someone searches in Spanish, but will not do the reverse if they search in English (so having "tren" would not get a hit for a search for "train"). My only exception are words that someone speaking English would use in English, as ex
  3. i was thinking about that, it would actually make my KW slower, as i have a bunch of linked KWs as well as block. For example as soon as i had a location, it adds regional information, so adding London automatically adds England, UK, United Kingdom. I probably only want London as a ST, so this means longer in KWs to reorganise.
  4. not sure how useful that would be, you would need to be able to restrict the number, most of my images don't have KWs that warrant 10 supertags has this would likely increase my false positives. Also having 10 automatically would mean a pain for future review when you realise you under estimated a term (same as having 50 KW), so top 5-7 would be my choice, never 10.
  5. nice. had a 100-400mm on, and the heron got too close for me to do anything else than the head shot. It hangs around a park on the Canal and seems mainly undisturbed by people, i was just waiting and it kept getting closer. By opposition the the 2 night-herons which are most much skittish-haven't been able to set anything up much with those....
  6. didn't she also say to Drop the pilot? not sure i'm comfortable with all her recommendations.
  7. as per the official thread Alamy has now requested these questions be directed directly by e-mail to contributors@alamy.com if you can't find the answer in the thread below (i can't say i remember them ever answering with specifics) . Note that they have been locking any new posts related to the contract, this is why i'm posting this.
  8. sorry, but what does copyright laws have to do with right of personality? People are not copyrighted to the best of my knowledge (i did claim as a know-it-all kid that my mom had a trademark on my name, and therefore the teacher using it was in breach but that didn't go far ) there are at least 2 breaches by The Bay, the use of the Image (copyright) and the use of someone's likeliness in a commercial document, I think both should be challenged separately.
  9. I did get same delays last week on one of my periodic QC check, took 3 days but then went through. been in 5star through since then, but i'll check next time in hit the queue.
  10. Canada would vary by province, but this seems to be Ontario so yes not majorly different form UK. Though this image would appear to be for commercial use, promoting some corporate program, so it do think usage would require some form of release which the photographer might have,Had The Hudson Bay Company bothered to check.
  11. great action shot. love the separation between the bird and its shadow.
  12. thank you. i am struggling with bird images of when to stop. Funny for editorial and story telling content i usually am happy with an 80/20 rule, where the efforts for the last level are not worth it vs speed and move on to the next image, but i'm getting more and more finicky with nature shot because I keep seeing the work of people who are better at setting up their images. both your encouragement and @Jill Morgan are appreciated.
  13. thanks... not fully happy with the background, working on smoothing out that top left darkness. ....
  14. sorry your Honour it was a mistake that i left the bank with a bag full of bills from the cashier's till.... What a load a crap. They stole someone's work, got caught and now say "it was by mistake"...
  15. I use the Cornell app. It's generally good, but i think my main issue is they usually show you the top image, usually a male, in the search results. I remember having a largish brown and buff/reddish bird. Enter the info, and just dismissed the Red-winged blackbird because they show me the male. Couldn't understand even why it make it through the filter. When i found 0 results that matched then i started scrolling through the species to find it was the female RWBB still haven't tried the new sound feature.
  16. sorry it wasn't about your comment, was mainly using it to highlight what the Alamy Content team thinks is what we need- which probably means i have to change my approach, because i think it's horrible, but as i mentioned above, i guess i need to cater to clients, not my feeling.
  17. and whatever we may personally think about the look of the image, maybe it is what Alamy's clients want. Here is example of content the Content Team is looking for this morning,
  18. agreed. i feel the same way about this image as i feel about over HDRed images that keep popping up on travel marketing material....
  19. one thing is i still think people are at risk using most of the auto KW. I know one of them uses the expression "KW suggestion", and let's the contributor pick and chose. They would likely still be at risk picking misleading ones. I agree the language thing makes it more challenging. I'm not even sure i would be comfortable doing it in French which is my maternal language, i know it would require much more time and research.
  20. this is a danger, should a buyer rely on your KW and caption and be mislead you could be held liable for any impact on them, you are in the end responsible for your own representation.
  21. I saw it as a family's final reunion. great shot.
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