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  1. i would say beyond reading Alamy guidelines, to understand that different use of different images content in different jurisdictions have different rules. And the whole domain moves continuously, something that is fine today might be challenged tomorrow.
  2. exactly. I am almost done my 14 day self isolation as traveller. No symptoms other than normal sinusitis, and lack of appetite from accumulated anxiety. So was I Covid free, or asymptomatic? the only way we will ever know is if a ever get it later. I am still appalled that when i landed 11 days ago, there wasn't even any attempt to identify if i was sick.
  3. ..or insider information..... both wrong to act on.
  4. my CTR is in line with last 6 months, because i had a few Zoom to start the month, and now my views are so low, they don't have much impact down
  5. i must say i am curious about Montreal, but i am respecting the 14 days Isolation guidelines. Thankfully there is a huge school park just across my sister's place (east end) and i had a whole soggy baseball field to myself yesterday to walk around....
  6. not everyone, but yes seems much better. still think we will need some form of patrolling like in Spain at some point, as a certain minority doesn't seem to hear the message. Just saw a funny picture from Galicia, Spain where people can only go out for Pharmacy, Groceries, Essential Services workers and walking the Dog. A picture of a dog with sign like a fair ride: 1 time €1,50. 5 times €6.00
  7. yes i think many of us will have to think a few times about what is the New Normal for a long time.
  8. i was just listening to me brother in law just yelling at his elderly father on the phone, who had gone to the hairdresser but "took his precautions". Many he taped the clipper at the end of a hockey stick... actually i had one of my friend pleading the premier on twitter to get the message to older folks, because many don't seem to get the seriousness.
  9. https://www.carbonbrief.org/in-depth-qa-how-will-tree-planting-help-the-uk-meet-its-climate-goals published 18 march 2020. Plantation trees at Dinas forest, Ponterwyd, Ceredigion, Wales. Credit: Keith Morris Image ID: D5GMYW An inclosure of beech trees in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK. Credit: Brian Fairbrother Image ID: T79TBX Sitka spruce in leithope Forest, Scottish Borders. Credit: Chris Strickland Image ID: H6KRNT Processing and cutting spruce for timber products at a sawmill, Inverness-shire, Scotland, UK. Credit: Nature Picture Library Image ID: W7MT1M A tree nursery in Nottinghamshire, UK. Credit: Alan Pembleton Image ID: E9WME5 Processing spruce tree trunks at a sawmill, Inverness-shire, Scotland, UK. Credit: Nature Picture Library Image ID: W7MRYN Ancient beech woodland, Clydach Gorge, Wales, UK. Credit: Chris Howes/Wild Places Photography Image ID: E73R8N Newcastleton, Scottish Borders, UK. Credit: Chris Strickland Image ID: W0KNYG note, i found article as it was re-used on another site so check licensing https://www.resilience.org/stories/2020-03-19/how-will-tree-planting-help-the-uk-meet-its-climate-goals/
  10. totally understandable, your health should be priority. thanks for all the great work. Stay well
  11. i know clearing can take up to 4 to 6 months, but i'm starting to think i might not get my $1,27 from a December sale (reported for week in January), based on what i've been reading from many involved in the Travel writing business.
  12. i was thinking the same, i've now run out of reactions just agreeing with Chuck .🤣,. Love the attack on Chuck stating everyone is untitled to their opinion (provided you agree with me)
  13. it's fine, we all do it to some extent.... the problem is that people then just spend their energy attacking the labels, and forget the initial message. I saw this travel influencer whose main audience is Millenials who now has Covid19, so someone asked if he could use his platform and influence to get the message to Millenials- implied because they might listen to him more than some old politicians.....The whole message got lost because of the use of the label, and arguing Group B is also doing it etc....
  14. sad. and i think we need to be careful on generalizations, i have seem selfishness in most generational groups over the last few weeks. labelling is dangerous as it removes the personal responsibility, the person is on idiot, not because they are millenials/boomer/Genexer/duck they are because they were personally selfish.
  15. agreed with everything of the above. I also think the guidance of what can be exclusive has been left so vague that those of us who are taking it as wide end up being penalised. I had images that i felt were extremely similar to other on other sites, so i marked them as Not Exclusive, and lost 20% on the sale. But on one of the discussion in November on the forum, when i showed two pictures 4 seconds apart with exactly the same story, Alamy representative, stated, no these are different? So what is the exact definition? Do i just need to always take bursts images and upload two separate streams making sure one little thing changed? also "If your collection contains images of artworks these can never be marked as Exclusive to Alamy, unless you're the artist." Again no clarity, is this images of only artworks or Images of artworks. I had images where Alamy specifically altered the info to make them Editorial Only because of artwork, but allowed them to stay Exclusive, so i assume it's fine... Is this an image of Artwork? i think so, but until more guidance, i am leaving it as exclusive.
  16. yes, i was actually really upset last week at friends who arrived about 12 hours prior to announcement that all travellers must Self-Isolate's reaction that "yeah, we made it on time, we don't have to". What did they think change in that 12 hours? This is not a nuclear reactor blowing up, where you were not exposed.... Self isolation should be based on a)You are a risk to others and b)You are at risks, not some arbitrary numbers.
  17. i can understand, in the month leading up to last week, the gathering on information was crucial for me also as a Nomads. Now that i've made the decision to hole up at my sister's place, i have felt the need to Social Media distancing for my sanity. It's bad enough on day 8 of Quarantine that i still get anxiety from any sniffles, change in temperature- and not from having the Virus, but of having exposed any encounters making my way to Canada..... Actually this place, and one highly moderated Pilgrim forums are the only things i am allowing myself for the rest of the week..... I think one of the problem most of us will have to face, in this wave of the Virus, is that by the time it hit our daily lives, we had already been over saturated by the medias for a couple of months. We will only have one shot at keeping this under control.
  18. First sale to pop in 2 weeks. Low to Mid $$ Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Commercial electronic ; Media: Website, app and social media ; Additional Details: Websites, Apps, soziale Medien und Blogs (keine Werbung). Weltweit für 5 Jahre.
  19. +2 i have had to snooze many of my usual resources forums, because it became draining.
  20. Post positive results for 2020... Half way through my recommended Quarantine (traveller), still major symptoms free, though exhausted of worrying about any bodily change. Last night set up online chess game with my 10 year old nephew who i can hear running above me, that was nice, except he has gone much better than me.... seeing positive in small things...
  21. and with the US a time-bomb, i feel sorry for Mexico, their system will not be able to handle any escalation of the virus
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