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  1. Ask them to justify why the sales date was changed. In other communication they have clearly stated that the day they are informed of the download is sales date for commission purpose, it's one of the big issue of the contract, which they never addressed, "Sale date" is not defined, So Alamy takes positions to change the definition based on what serves their goal, this would actually be the 3rd different definition used in the last month.
  2. i am really worried about Alamy client facing decisions. I tried to improved the Live News feed, by asking to be able to upload my more regional stuff, which represent 20% of my licenses, to reportage instead am literally told No. So since half i wouldn't be comfortable uploading as stock without the warning of may include imperfection, I have to continue using the more labour intensive for Alamy, Live News, building up the feed for items that have likely no interest to that client base.
  3. ah the irony, after a drought this is first sale under the new contract where "exclusive" means nothing. This is the actual image I got ruling from Alamy on this forum as to the definition of exclusive vs one taken a couple seconds later without the passerby's look, ruled it was exclusive. To make it worse, Affiliate so left with 34% (so drop of 22% from prior contract) Low-mid $$, Affiliate Sale; Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Commercial electronic ; Media: Website, app and social media ; Start: 23-August-2021 ; End: 23-August-2026
  4. Just got my first sale under the new contract today, so yes slow. and now double depressed.
  5. i just picked a few where word that was in quotation marks in caption vs other images where word is not, and it doesn't seem to have impact.
  6. North american. Main reason to use pseudonym is my name is actually long, include a typographical character that some English market historically have had issue with (ç) (kudos however to Alamy for supporting it) , and once i realised it was an easier search for credit (my last name is common) it became the main pseudonym.
  7. Guardian Online https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/aug/21/how-to-buy-a-secondhand-smartphone-and-what-to-look-out-for? Gary Hider -- A young woman looking in the window at the display of a mobile phone shop or cell phone shop -id: WJMMFF Paul Airs Apple iPhone 6s with broken screen ID: KBJGYH
  8. in case they don't answer back, at start of April they open it up. What happens then, on your dashboard under additional revenue option (note it appears "Revenue" is related mainly to Alamy and distributors 🤔) if you go to Distribution, the checkmarks turn to Blue and you can remove all or only some specific markets (i have kept a few where fees have been decent). Of course that doesn't stop sales then, image have to then be removed from each distributor and Alamy will still allows future sales for as long as they get reported using the reporting date as Sales date, though you h
  9. you can only opt out in April (or when Alamy announces a contract change). Of course even if you elect the opt out then, it appears that Alamy still continues to allow sales after you opt out, as reported above.
  10. wonderful shot, someday i might get half way there. maybe. 😁
  11. only an option if you have access. so OP starting would need to build portfolio of images first, to get Alamy to review, and then decide to allow it. I'm not sure how many they accept- never tried. I do remember that when i tried for Reportage it was a chicken and egg issue (then pandemic hit, and i lost drive, and then contract change and well....)
  12. that is actually something i worried a few times, having part of my image contain an image that wouldn't pass QC. I remember a few that i buried deep in a large uploads praying it wouldn't be QCed.
  13. generally i would say no, especially if on public land, however make sure you are aware of local privacy laws
  14. still desertic my way, but i'm good with that. It's providing me with the chance to assess where i go next in this venture, and working more on non stock work.
  15. if i understand well, you have the copyright of the arrangement itself, but in addition you have also to be wary of the copyright of the content of the magazine. So an image of a magazine from 50 years ago, featuring a picture from 150 years ago (photog dead 100+ year), could be outside copyright protection and be allowed
  16. I had a look at the French site, search for "imageplotter" returns 28469 images, however the caption many times, but not always appears as " Credit: Imagetraceur/Alamy Live News". even if found by the search. let me know if you want me to check specific captions.
  17. i haven't actually spent any time east since i was a kid, so it will be nice. it also will be an attempt at a more based meandering, so that will be interesting. After 6 years of constant renewal the last 17 months have been odd. hope rain comes BC way soon...
  18. pretty dire looking in the interior your way. i am actually ready for some freak frost storm now ;-). actually heading east in two weeks, needed to explore somewhere new. Halifax as base at least until spring.
  19. mine is even worse, totally dry, which would be welcomed for my eyes and nose, worse allergy years in decades, but not for sales report.
  20. Was just cleaning an extra image and notice of deletion now reads "For images already on sale the deletion period is 90 days" i assume this is a change with the new contract, and it seems to have gone retroactive to images deleted prior to the change (their end date being 3 months post when i deleted them)
  21. can you see that image on Alamy.com? I see it with an Alamy.de extension. r"
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