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  1. 49 minutes ago, Celluloid Hero said:

    Thanks for that meanderingmu. Just found that out! Have sent a query to find out exactly when in April! Probably some date when the Moon is in alignment with an asteroid making a one time visit from the Horse Head Nebula.


    in case they don't answer back, at start of April they open it up.  What happens then, on your dashboard under additional revenue option  (note it appears "Revenue"  is related mainly to Alamy and distributors 🤔) if you go to Distribution, the checkmarks turn to Blue and you can remove all or only some specific markets (i have kept a few where fees have been decent).


    Of course that doesn't stop sales then, image have to then be removed from each distributor and Alamy will still allows future sales for as long as they get reported using the reporting date as Sales date, though you had opted out. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Celluloid Hero said:

    I might be asking the bleedin' obvious but how can I opt out of distributor sales? I had one yesterday where the total commission taken was 76% and I was left with 80 cents. Methinks I can live without this type of sale both financially and for the sake of my blood pressure!



    you can only opt out in April (or when Alamy announces a contract change).  Of course even if you elect the opt out then, it appears that Alamy still continues to allow sales after you opt out, as reported above. 

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  3. only an option if you have access. so OP starting would need to build portfolio of images first, to get Alamy to review, and then decide to allow it. I'm not sure how many they accept- never tried.   I do remember that when i tried for Reportage it was a chicken and egg issue (then pandemic hit, and i lost drive, and then contract change and well....)

  4. 2 minutes ago, Graham said:

    Not sure a 150 year old picture would pass Alamy's QC - not enough megapixels then 😁


    that is actually something i worried a few times, having part of my image contain an image that wouldn't pass QC.  I remember a few that i buried deep in a large uploads praying it wouldn't be QCed.  

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  5. 3 hours ago, geogphotos said:

    My understanding - for what it is worth - is that the length of copyright for typographical arrangements is 25 years.


    But if are talkng about photos/illustrations then it is life + 70 years



    "There is no copyright in the typographical arrangement of any edition published for the first time before 1 June 1957. It was first introduced under the 1956 Copyright Act and continued in The Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (the CDPA). The CDPA defines a published edition as ‘a published edition of the whole or any part of one or more literary, dramatic or musical works’: artistic works are not protected. The duration of the typographical right is 25 years from the end of the calendar year in which the work was first published."



    if i understand well, you have the copyright of the arrangement itself, but in addition you have also to be wary of the copyright of the content of the magazine.



    So an image of a magazine from 50 years ago, featuring a picture from 150 years ago (photog dead 100+ year), could be outside copyright protection and be allowed

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  6. 5 hours ago, imageplotter said:

    On a separate, but possibly related note - that German .de version is flawed it seems. If I type in 'imageplotter' , only 13 rather boring, bland former news images of a 2016 Tower Bridge closure show up. In total. 13. In the .com version, 28,845 images show up, all those that have either imageplotter in the credit line or in the tags, minus any pseudos I have that have neither. 


    Plus not only are the translated headings abysmal (leading to inaccuracies, which makes that whole issue around misleading captions/tags regarding our worries over certain clauses in the new contract all the more relevant), but it also changes the credit line of news images contained in the caption. In those 13 rather boring former news images, it changes the credit line from 'Imageplotter News and Sports', my previous news pseudo, to 'Imageplotter and Sports'. Err. I would hate to think what it might do to other news pseudos or even contributor names, if they are contained as a credit line in former news images, as they usually are. (this is the credit line automatically added by Alamy Live News as the images are uploaded to the news feed, it automatically adds the chosen default pseudo, it's not me typing the credit line into the caption).


    Please could alamy address this, why is the credit line being translated, it makes no sense whatsoever and it should be fixable. And why do only 13 images show up v 28.845 in the .com?


    I had a look at the French site, search for "imageplotter" returns 28469 images, however the caption many times, but not always appears as " Credit: Imagetraceur/Alamy Live News".   even if found by the search.



    let me know if you want me to check specific captions. 








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  7. 1 minute ago, John Mitchell said:


    You certainly do do a lot of meandering. I like Halifax very much but haven't been there for a long time. Good choice.


    Yes, sadly BC is still burning.


    i haven't actually spent any time east since i was a kid, so it will be nice.  it also will be an attempt at a more based meandering, so that will be interesting.  After 6 years of constant renewal the last 17 months have been odd. 



    hope rain comes BC way soon...

  8. 1 hour ago, John Mitchell said:


    Sorry to hear that. Hopefully the rains will come, but I'm starting to feel that climate change has arrived, for me anyway.

    pretty dire looking in the interior your way.  


    i am actually ready for some freak frost storm now ;-).  actually heading east in two weeks, needed to explore somewhere new.  Halifax as base at least until spring. 

  9. Was just cleaning an extra image and notice of deletion now reads


    "For images already on sale the deletion period is 90 days"



    i assume this is a change with the new contract, and it seems to have gone retroactive to images deleted prior to the change (their end date being 3 months post when i deleted them)

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  10. 21 minutes ago, Avpics said:

    Here's an odd thing. If I Google 'Avpics' (without the -Alamy instruction) as I do when searching for sales some of my uploads from yesterday are returned, such as image ref 2GDPKCR, yet it doesn't show on the database. How does that work?

    Die Motorradfahrer des Screaming Demons Motorradclubs kommen in Southend on  Sea, Essex, Großbritannien, an. Motorradfahrer in stereotypen schwarzen  Leder und Denim Stockfotografie - Alamy




    can you see that image on Alamy.com?  I see it with an Alamy.de extension.    r" 



  11. and even that once a day has been having major issues for over a year, with it seems no resolution in sight.  


    For example your profile above shows that the database has updated your images and indexed them (the Blue "3" after "images"), but looking at images they are not available to anyone.    


    such are the vagaries of Alamy...  But yes, your images have been done properly, and should be available at some point.....  You can now go ahead and upload more, should you wish to continue with this approach. 

  12. 7 hours ago, M.Chapman said:

    Really? In contravention of the terms of the contract?




    big issue the contract does not define when a sale happens, and Alamy uses two different definitions based on what purpose they need to be, so maybe not in contravention to the terms of the contract, since they left the terms silent, but that doesn't mean it is an acceptable business practice.  

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