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  1. did you highlight the image (i.e. click on the thumbnail in the centre column) ?
  2. but it's more the distance between the rate of return requirements of the shareholders for a publicly traded company. In the end they are the one demanding these. I use to be in pricing in insurance, and i didn't set price and have "negative" clauses because of the president's salary, i did because the market would beat us if we didn't provide their 12% Return in investment capital.
  3. what i've read is you need a certain level of absorption of virus in order to get infected (can't remember the number), so this is more probable from air, especially with rigorous hand washing. So you would still need to have care on surfaces- or as chief medical officer in Quebec said, paraphrasing, "don't go licking park benches"
  4. maybe because it's skewing away the conversion away from the leeway Alamy kindly allowed in discussion general industry discussion. this seems personal (though not as bad as what i saw on their own Forum). just speculating.
  5. does iStock release numbers on their own? They are able to not have much overhead using Getty's infrastructure, plus they have kept long term exclusive contributor relatively happy something SS seems to have failed this week
  6. why would someone pay you Alamy fees, if you are selling them for effectively peanuts elsewhere? i had my first licence here after a month, but not reported for another 6 weeks. It took a few months to start seeing a flow of a couple licence per month (and than the world went it's own way) Added: some nice imagerie in your portfolio
  7. i respect you. i've deleted some of my favourite (but had already started only sending 2nd tier stuff last year), and will just let in run for a month or two with no new uploads. Sadly AS not really an option, since my better stuff is editorial....
  8. reading the forum on SS, I am fascinated with discussions of "where do we go elsewhere now?" I see many of them ready to spend large amount of time uploading to random stock agency, without any information as to client base, library focus, historical data. Saw one person raving about an agency based on % given back to contributors on sales, without any info about if they actually have any revenue.
  9. but having seen a few MS type contributors dumping loads of image on Alamy, with little rigueur to rules of licencing, KW or upload- read: "it went through upload so it must be fine", i worry about the client experience over the next few months. I was always amazed that some contributor felt omitting the truth/lying in the info made an image acceptable for commercial distribution. Adobe is an option only for those that don't focus on editorials. interesting times. but yes we will get regular posts here "i have no sales, i used to get daily one on MS site"
  10. seeing all the comments of people joining Alamy, i wonder if they are ready for the influx of contributors that expects the library to think for them....
  11. i also don't get a monthly bill, nor a system that has issue with the RAW conversion from my camera ;-) (for my PS needs i have an old element license). i actually think both systems are fine, just had issue with the pricing model of one.
  12. you only get one slider? Capture 1 gives us two, Clarity and Structure, plus a pull down to determine the method: Natural, Punch, Classic 😉😷
  13. if the problem as stated by @Gary Cook is in the upload it shouldn't affect your QC. I've had file errors since getting 5Star rating and never was affected
  14. fascinating choice. thanks for the challenging challenge, and the paradox it brought
  15. i guess i'm in good company. Worse month in a year, and also no spots waiting to be reported so i guess it will get worse. Only positive is many outstanding sales from January on have cleared, so getting my highest (relatively speaking) payout.... 3 sales for $40. Zooms way down...
  16. yes. It was a crop of a regular shot so about 6000x3000 . went through no issues. so as i said there is some other variable.
  17. thank you for the post. After reading some of the comments i was starting to feel like i was a personal failure for staying away from the local protest yesterday in Montreal.
  18. Alamy is just the agent, You are responsible for what you sell in the image. So if you licensed something You are at risk. If you are comfortable with what you are representing, this is up to you, it's all about your risk tolerance. (note this would be the same with any agent you use btw, in fact based on some case reviews Alamy seems much better for defending interest of their contributors)
  19. but since these would be probably more rare/valuable, wouldn't they warrant to be on specialised banks, at a premium? in an ideal world. So mainstream libraries deleting them, may be a bonus.
  20. that's OK. I just needed a distraction from the news feed this morning, so i also pick appropriate signs, without being too political (i added the UK fact in case someone came later once i knew you would get it 🙂 ) BTW, feeling dim is a worry, so just to validate it's not serious i recommend a drive to the tourist spot about 40-50 miles from where you are.
  21. ( UK based joke.) the original 3 would be my submission, should breaking rules to perform eyesight test no longer be allowed.
  22. @Doug McLean as someone mentioned above, keywording and caption is really the main way to get someone to your image. I'm looking at your image 2BW0XH1, which is a nice portrait of a female performer, but you don't identify the artist, which i assume is the main reason someone would licence this image. Shouldn't be too hard to find through schedules and timing.
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