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  1. agreed. and also opt-out of Distributor scheme next April, if this is an issue.
  2. i would say change banking to be honest. Also not sure what country you live in, but based on stock photography earnings i never have to pay 30% income tax, I actually would consider myself lucky if i did.
  3. nice average. looks like you won't have to worry about being suspended for a certain forum ever again.
  4. Checks Measures. Generally zooms are "Your account has not collected any activity for customers measured by the tool within the date selected.", so i guess this morning it means it collected 20% less no activity from customers. 🤔
  5. So in the end a decent month 15 licences (personal high), for $350 gross. plus $2 credit for a reversal of an affiliate link (?)
  6. A decent mid $$ licence just popped up,,,,,, 😀..... Come on Alamy, 40 minutes to go......
  7. not giving up on this month yet. come on one last little direct sale (been getting a few this month searched/zoomed/billed the same day)...
  8. we have also seen environment where the middlemen gets squeezed. I still don't understand why the recent changes had 0 impact on Affiliates and Distributors.
  9. Everyone having a camera still does not justify the distribution arm keeping 76% of the licencing fee.
  10. in fairness many of us are "whinging" about the communication part and our eroding "partnership" with Alamy. Issues as to Measures have been brought up since last fall and communication was always reactive. As for the latest communication, a project of this magnitude, and i agree with you 3 months is reasonable, does not get developed overnight, yet with ongoing increasing problems reported, Alamy elected to wait until 3 days from start to even communicate and acknowledge that the problem, as we suspected, was much deeper than the quick patch they have been performing over the last year.
  11. Anyone got a "refund" for Affiliate link? Amount is small, and not complaining, but I'm seriously curious how you can have an affiliate charge in first place for a licence that had no affiliate link? In line with all the other issues we are seeing in licencing data this feels bad. What validation is done in first place?
  12. a couple month end sales in the extreme low $$ ra(n)ge. Here's one Country: Worldwide ; Usage: Editorial ; Media: Website, app and social media ; Start: 29-September-2021 ; Duration: In perpetuity ; Additional Details: For Editorial
  13. thanks. really muddy sunken pond, so was actually resting the camera on my shoe. flip screen is such a great tool 🙂 (also thanks for pointing out i need to go add behaviour/behavioural as KWs)
  14. still working my way around a new town. easily accessible birding spots so far not really great for photography. First decent session with a Solitary Sandpiper
  15. last 2 times through QC went overnight, which is what i usually get from North America. Still about one QC out of five submission. Did get a two QC in a row also. Main problem has been more server picking up images, but that looks fine today as yesterday's uploads are visible.
  16. considering some of the concentrations we saw recently, like the recent change date of June sales to September which had about 40% of cases on forum contributors I am not reassured about this.
  17. and now the crash that usually follows. so back to normal programming 🦄🦄
  18. focus on your captions, your keywords and your tags. having half your image captioned as "Image of Bahia Honda state park grounds and waterways in Florida", without actually describing the image content will make sure your images are not discovered even with a green light,
  19. just checked, still Zero acknowledgement from Alamy contributor services on Twitter or this Forum
  20. that's only OP's posting account (i guess it is allowed by Alamy), real portfolio is probably bigger
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