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  1. seems slightly different, mine has "Usage: Editorial ; Media: Editorial website " maybe they have two tracks, and pay more for usage beyond just website, since the dates are the same
  2. wow. that would be a record for CT. i got the regular 3 plus change.
  3. Agree on the hood, though i sometimes will leave it reversed if just taking a snap and run, camera back in back shot. The one that bugs me is the photographers who keep artificial camera sounds on, especially when coming in environment where they should be quiet (bird photography for example).
  4. a couple of travel based images for low $ (Michael is generous calling it mid) , i guess it's the monthly CT reporting. brings my number of licences over last year, so that's that i guess...
  5. Santa's tram at the Advent Market in Zagreb Two euros. Strasbourg Christmas Market Green and yellow. Ottawa farmer's market.
  6. Personal use heavily discounted just barely $$. as i said in other thread one of these images i added in my goal to post 5% of random images as testing, who knows, to see what can licenced, something i have not felt inclined to do since we got the contract change announcement (for @Jay D 😉) (on other note, Why do people to this to trees?)
  7. actually i just had a look at the image, and because you asked i will have to post it in the sold thread, now i wonder if you are the one who licenced it 😉
  8. I have to agree, the impact on the community, the voices we have now lost, the overall morale actually is probably what has affected me the most when i look back.. This morning i had an image in the category of "i'll upload random stuff just to see, but don't expect to sell" which i did early on that actually licenced and i can't even be bothered to share it in the image sold.
  9. all depends when the client reports, and i have a feeling it varies depending on markets for institutional sales. Since i don't get many UK based media sales, I don't get as much at month end, and this year would say mid-month is my biggest period.
  10. Other thing the change. The data range for Measures of the dashboard to actually reflect the range of data. For example it currently states that it INCLUDES October 5th, but when you click on details it shows that day has not been included yet.
  11. Distribution Germany (one of the rare countries i have kept). Enough left to buy 10 timbits. but mainly to make me realise I am starting to miss the Camino. Starting to think maybe next fall.
  12. agree that the un-watermarked is a big issue. @Alamy how is this allowed from your distributors and affiliates?
  13. in the end Affiliate commission is less than distribution, and Alamy would be the one processing payment so maybe shorter timeline, so if you sell through this scheme it probably is better for you, but I wonder if Alamy is using this approach to circumvent people opting out.
  14. what i'm curious is that it's a subject based distributor, if it wasn't for the outrageous fee we pay I think the idea has actual merit, but how does Alamy handle opt-in and opt-out which are based on Country?
  15. Aren't they just offering your image for sale like a Distributor?
  16. It just seems like a weird request from the Content Team to ask for weather news #LiveNews with this example from a country with so little exposure on the News Desk. as for passing that's no QC 5 Star, the issue is uploading them the one time where you hit the queue, but yeah manageable. I think I am more confused that the literally say to go Fail QC to get access to Reportage. So images qualify for the stream, but that don't give access (i also like the 600 character for news stories, but that's me), and the justification that it affects sales is weird, since my images w
  17. not when Alamy news desk doesn't feed with local media. Yes i am using it for news with international exposure, and those have done OK, but I have yet to have the news desk place One image to a non UK paper, however plenty of these images get picked in days/ weeks following, and since i am not going to challenge my 5 Star rating on high ISO, borderline images LN will be the way, using the 24 hour limit to it's full extent since this is what Alamy wants.
  18. Thanks. I am just surprised the Content team would be asking for some from countries they have no direct link with, but considering they are telling me they would rather i use Live News over Reportage for Local Canadian news, which only sells later, i shouldn't be surprised. Just seems totally unproductive. (Honestly they told me they would give me access to Reportage only after I failed QC a few times with borderline image (sigh!), so i'll just continue uploading through LN)
  19. I Always thought Live News weather, except for extreme ones, was mainly for the UK and Ireland- and potentially places with lots of UK expats, where Alamy seems to have contacts with the media's News desk. Is this really sales for regular rainy days in the Czechia like this one?
  20. yeah, I've had 75% of my affiliate links since the change of contract, though one was reversed weeks later- still no explanation from Alamy what a wrong Affiliate link is, and what process they are putting in place to review them all.
  21. 10C this morning on east cost of Canada. No central heating yet, but did get the heavy duvet and big slippers out.
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