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  1. Live News don't have an input into CTR, until after they hit the main stock side, and then the descriptions may get a few more false results, so I can see why the CTR of a successful Live News could lead to interesting results, depending on number of images per submissions....
  2. or maybe i'll make a dramatic come from behind win.... 😉
  3. test is better. if you can be denied boarding for having any symptoms, and runny nose is one, as someone allergic to pollen, dusts etc i'm not moving for the next 18 months...
  4. good. because i read so many forums of activity which involve travelling ( camino pilgrims, nomads etc) and i don't see much comments related to the safety of the host, which i find really troubling.... some of them want in as soon as "border opens" regardless.....
  5. municipal employee setting up tennis courts as Montreal prepares first stage out on lock-down next week (if, and only if, things stay stable as per Premier)
  6. i have no issues with places that depend on tourism trying to get their economy rolling, but i find fascinating that everything a read about doing so talks about the safety of the visitors, with little thinking into the safety of the people who will host them.... one person infected coming in could set a place back weeks or months....
  7. this is my current extent of travel. small wooded area, 2km away from sheltering spot
  8. they distribute Alamy images so the attribution may be correct, from purchaser point of view
  9. Once it's sold, why would you really care. Adding the date in the caption, and reducing chances that it sales chance for this seems like a bad usage of captioning
  10. the date is already provided in your EXIF. Also if it's important you can put it in keywords. Looking at your images "Bangladesh – March 30, 2020: Life under coronavirus lockdown in bangladesh. In the empty city, a horse-drawn carriage is running with to carry passeng" eg.2BD3B29 Why would you think anyone would search for "March 30" for your image (i would probably have March, 2020 in KW for future) ? Now someone looking for passenger would not find it. Of course this is probably good since there is no passenger in the image. Note you also wasted 7% of your caption by having Bangladesh twice.
  11. QC is not about babysitting contributors, it's about making sure the images uploaded meet technical standards. You are responsible for what you offer to the client. You are free to offer more option- it is your choice, Alamy is just here to distribute your product.
  12. some questions, do you upload the same Caption and keywords to all the agency you use? I notice you have many incomplete caption. Why do you always include the date the image was taken in the caption, when it is likely not really relevant, but uses 8-10% of your allowed characters? How much time do you spend on tagging your Alamy images, how often do you compare search results in My Alamy to make sure you are not getting unwanted false positive?
  13. great challenge, so many great images.... Thank you for including one of mine
  14. Financial Times online https://www.ft.com/content/5b97bf6c-6e9d-42ba-9e68-4738776f2b83 Stromness locally, the second-most populous town in Orkney, Scotland. Contributor: Luis Leamus - 2A7K2XW MV Finlaggan, a Caledonian MacBrayne island ferry Contributor: CandyAppleRed : 2A26PBP
  15. so i guess Alamy month over now. 4 sales $219 gross. First $$$ sale for me. So decent month for me Also found 2 unauthorized use of exclusive images in Feb, so will report it, Zooms are healthy, and none that would be linked to travel so i'll hope...
  16. i noticed that a higher number of the searches actually had zooms when i was looking,and my CTR is actually really healthy this month. I am curious if the Alamy average CTR for the month will reflect this.
  17. as for how many. it depends of the subject, what is in the picture and derivative on image in England starts with 3 extra KW (UK, United Kingdom, Britain) vs France i have about 10% of my image over 40. The one thing i find is most images deserve 10 super tags
  18. i disagree about changing the green bar. Based on belief that this creates many false positive and affects ratings, it gives the ones who do their homework and come here an advantage. 😉
  19. https://theculturetrip.com/africa/articles/how-coronavirus-could-wipe-out-decades-of-conservation-work/
  20. nice tributes to the pianists who have been playing to keep our spirits up...
  21. which to me is even worse, as it would mean they mostly use Alamy for rarer images. and pay no premium for this. If fact the price is already a 6% discount from what they were charged 4 months ago,
  22. note that downloads from Early December are still awaiting clearing... so don't expect your half espresso too soon
  23. John, is this one of the sales The McCord Museum of Canadian History on Sherbrooke Street, Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Image ID: B66J6B https://theculturetrip.com/north-america/canada/articles/10-best-free-things-to-do-in-montreal/
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