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  1. well image will stay 6 months from TOS. if you want the Pseudo gone earlier their is likely a way, but it meant more work, plus i didn't think of clear way to get all the image to delete easily until now. Under Pseudonym, check-mark the one you want to delete all the image Pick all images from the search ADD a keyword you did not use on any image in your profile (eg. "Deletable") to all images Change the Pseudonym on all these images to one you are keeping You should now have an empty Pseudo, which i am told you can delete. For the images, do a Search on "deletable", pick all images go to "optional", click Delete xxx images wait 6 months for image to be removed from Alamy as per TOS
  2. it makes reportage what it was supposed to be, an alternative to News for soft not timely news. I would use it for evening events where i had to go down to higher ISO, and where i want to client to see disclaimer that I know the image is softer,
  3. did it go through, before or after the other was approved? for me once i had one blocked, all further upload went in queue. Now that i got a QC all clear, uploads are immediate
  4. Go to image manager Under Pseudonym, check-mark the one you want to delete all the image Pick all images from the search go to "optional", click Delete xxx images wait 6 months for image to be removed from Alamy as per TOS delete Pseudonym
  5. or, oops the programmer made a mistake when introducing the ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  6. note that my images uploaded today are now in QC queue. So it appears ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ still has QC, but on random batches, which i am fine with, as it will keep us honest. Thankfully these weren't as timely as the upload from yesterday. note: just uploaded one more image, and it also went in queue, so i guess i'm in QC for all my uploads today.
  7. also to consider that the post office does not owns the rights to the image in the stamp, for stamps of works of art.
  8. actually the one incentive that could be interesting is a true "what to shoot" based on actual client's needs, and premium price for preferred providers. the current list is just so random, with many things just based on "we think we have gaps" or "we want to develop our France market" with no feedback when you say, yes i've covered it, which is little incentive to go even slightly out of your way.
  9. yeah, i've always struggled with a vague notion of "Art". For example to a quilt maker, their work would be art, what about Alamy?. A handmade persian rug? Design on a cake? (i know i consider my favourite sushi restaurant to produce works of art 😀 )
  10. yeah same here. and to be honest the following Alamy changed to Editorial Only when they did the sweep, so i assume they are fine with it
  11. ratio is nothing to exclusivity i think, if not below 1/3 it's probably not supposed to even be made available. but the issue lies deeper i think, for art that is not as someone stated two-dimensional.
  12. thanks. my issue if more what is the contractual definition of "artwork" to be honest? so to clarify, cannot be "exclusive"
  13. thanks. this is really helpful. I think i was trying to be overly cautious.
  14. also if we discuss exclusive definition, i have been struggling with how does the model posing rules apply to event stuff. would you consider the two following as "posing differently". this is not a different crop, and the second the look of the pedestrian is totally different (i had missed it, so first will be deleted in 6 month) . Would these be considered different?
  15. no worries, it was actually fun. i spent the last few days going through the process. actually it put me in mind of a customers who had typed "empty" as KW, and got all these totally different results, and had to start thinking, "what did i mean by Empty?"
  16. I think people who do major editorial stock, Live News, expect their sales from Live News, so speed, and may not worry about ranking as much as this is a different system. I actually noticed a few AIM results recently where my images actually ranked ahead of the Live news residuals once images moved to stock.
  17. i loved how having one person ignoring the artist made it even more empty....
  18. i'll continue the trend by giving children a voice
  19. also the big advantage i found, is immediate access to the Image manager. i'm much more likely to fill it out effectively, with image available right away, so that should be a positive for Alamy since they claim it's useful
  20. as i mentioned i had 20-25 images through the first go through, then had to invent "culling rules" to get down to 8. this was tougher than picking my best images to Alamy from a specific subject, i also struggled between criterias as i picked a subject that wasn't obvious in a Stock environment. 😉
  21. 😉 well your shot was also low on graffiti, something hard to find. i found this lovely abandoned mini golf course yesterday, but had no way of getting on angle without them in back, so now have some PS work scheduled.
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