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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2021/sep/09/county-down-car-free-trip-bangor-northern-ireland-titanic-belfast


    Bangor Marina, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

     Paul Lindsay   Image ID: PCP26A





    Abstract view of Titanic Belfast, a museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland, recently named the World's Leading Tourist Attraction

    Tom Irvine Image ID: MWXMFP



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  2. Low-mid $$. 


    Marketing package - Small business, Use in marketing materials, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising). This package is for marketing campaigns promoting businesses which have up to 10 employees. only 5 years licence 😉



    as stated elsewhere another sale where i was charged 15% extra of my earning for affiliate link. so in the end i get just barely $$. 



    this was my first attempt of trying something new with the memorial to aboriginal children in Canada with the on the ground narrow focus.  





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  3. I just went through my whole history of licencing, in 3 years I had one Affiliate commission charge up to July 23, 2021.  Now since the new contract is in place this is my 3rd sale in a row with Affiliate commission.  I know my account is small, and this could all be noise but i'm curious if anyone else is seeing an increase, and if yes if Alamy can advise what changed.  

  4. 13 hours ago, Yannis Vythoulkas said:

    Markus, it is not you. Alamy's QC approach shows arrogance and disrespect towards their suppliers. It seems like they punish their suppliers for not doing the controller's job. If you can't be bothered to provide justified feedback as a controller then you are in the wrong business. Some of Alamy's competitors have much more efficient and effective QC. Not sure why some people think Alamy is the best thing since sliced bread..



    i would love to hear of any competitor that has more efficient and effective QC.  All I see around forums are complaint of random processes and unexplained decisions from competitors. In addition some will charge up to 85% for said "superior" process.  The 60% Alamy charges is already disrespectful enough, not sure how anyone would be happy with the "more efficient and effective" 85%. 

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  5. Actually i think from a business perspective, the opposite is true. 


    47 minutes ago, Steve F said:


     I do see people on the Forum sometimes complaining about low fees for shots that were very difficult to get or have 'rarity' value. The buyer or viewer doesn't know that, they just see the end result...



    sorry, but a business model that doesn't recognise the cost of production and acquisition is doomed to fail. Look at all these businesses (at least in North America) complaining about the lack of cheap labour to support their model, and they blame the labour not their model.  In the end something will break



    If the cost of rarity is not covered by the model, in the end you will not get it. 




    I can honestly say that Alamy's decision in the past 2 months have lost them at least 2 sets of images that now potential clients will not find on their database (i checked, no one else has provided them).  

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Pietrach said:


    I am not familiar with the Reportage route. What is this if you don't mind? I usually cover the news event and upload to live news within minutes using mobile phone. Why would this not be suitable for non-UK based media? 


    Reportage just goes straight to Stock, no Live News Feed, with similar QC requirement to News so tougher images to get (low light), and hits the search overnight so no 2-3 days wait for searches, and no no man's land limbo.


    The main issue for non UK/European based news, is that Alamy is not a major source for local news editors, so if I have an event that is unlikely to hit international News Wire, I have little need to upload in 10 minutes, but they have gotten decent fees on the Stock side, many times in next few weeks, images that were too soft for me to feel comfortable uploading through QC, 


    It was also issue to help out Alamy.  LN requires more work for them, so i was trying to cooperate with them, and not force them to have to handle stories they really had little chance of selling, but now this remains my only option, so I will continue as per Their request.  

  7. Just now, Pietrach said:


    I could not agree with you more. I was not aware that the 60% also applies to news images, until I got a painful surprise looking at the account balance 😕

    I am re-evaluating the options, but still would like to find out what everyone uses.

    Thank you


    yep, and then when i asked if i could get access to using Reportage as an alternative, as the cost of rushing upload made it non profitable for more non-UK based news which get more traction in that market, Alamy Contributor "Support" just denied the request, which didn't help my spirit. 

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