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  1. including some I don't understand. Why lock a discussion on phone sensor? Fine an unmentionable word appeared, delete that reply, but not sure why cut discussion. The one that I actually found the most egregious was one on impact of people with masks in image in long term. Heck i was actually hoping Alamy would join in and give us input from them as distributor and pulse of clients, but instead they just lock the thread.
  2. this may be interesting. claims that download date date of sale.
  3. but just the fact are making that claim pretty repugnant. must feel for photographers
  4. Good orni g Ever One. H pe yo stil have good eeke d. St y safe.
  5. the whole industry is probably over saturated however. The other one that's special around here is Quebec up to now have no deposits on wine bottles, and Ontario 20 cents per. I hear that people who lived around busy restaurants in Montreal that regularly trucks would drive overnight pick up the bottles and drive them to Ontario return centres. I assume in Gatineau (Quebec) this must happen even for single bottles, since it's just an easy ride over the bridge to Ottawa (Ontario)
  6. as for this thread, no last minute 50% sales. end of an era of being treated at least like an equal. oh well.
  7. same when i lived in Toronto. They were extremely well organised, plus wine bottles paid double that, and no 60% commission, maybe i should retrain. I used to feel bad for more down and out people who had no chance to compete actually.
  8. so they confirmed that this is a February sale, not a July sale? (keep this information for your record, may be useful next week, Alamy WILL back date sales) also the opt out info is wrong, They reopened op out due to the contract change, you were able to opt out in May.
  9. issue is 4.6 starting tomorrow makes this a bit more onerous. In the event you become aware of any alleged copyright infringements in respect of the Content, you will: (i) contact Alamy first to check whether a permitted download or licence has been made; and (ii) will not contact the user of the Content unless and until Alamy advises you that it will not be pursuing the alleged infringement in accordance with clause 16. with added issue that “Content” means any digitised photograph, footage, illustration, other media of whatever nature which you submit t
  10. this will be my next test. i'm also making sure to use images where ranked has been stabilised, so few months old, and not newsworthy to reduce chance they got a search hit from customer.
  11. interesting. i'll try doing more tests of just adding irrelevant general words to see. That does seem strange that for you it bumped the results and not for me.
  12. did you touch anything that are known to affect the search? ST a keyword. also not sure how newness affects stability ranking My results. Took 2 images that have been online for about one month part of a 1200 result search, and were "Poor discoverability": -Added the optional data -added KW to bring it over 40, making sure none of these were part of my search words -added a few ST, again not relevant to search terms -made sure this morning they are not in my measures results. Got a Green bar, as per the Blog by Ellie.
  13. i made sure the change only one variable, getting to green, without effecting any of my search words.
  14. sadly i didn't think of saving after the capture. so i tried two other tests today, will report tomorrow, and then next week i'll report 80% of the observations.
  15. had you tested where it appeared in searches before?
  16. Using Capture one, with a fully paid licence is allowing me to buy plenty of bacon every year. 😉
  17. so i now have two images from a particular search which appear on page 2. I have altered one by adding a bunch of of random capital letters, and another by doubling my ST to make then Green. will report tomorrow if there is an impact.
  18. if you want to get it green, other the than CapITal game, just re-enter your Supertags as non-supertags, for some reason that counts as 2 KWs. i'll change one of mine also to test and report on this tomorrow
  19. from sales report, it appears only partially corrected @Alamy The image that was no already paid that went un-cleared as now been brought back to cleared. The image that was paid last month, still shows un-cleared.
  20. but now I have a green bar, so as per the other of the blog, an Alamy employee, my results should be better as i have "High discoverability", and this of course without creating false search results. (note i deleted them after doing it, now will try testing if She is correct for real)
  21. not always. in fact saturday seems to be the proof. By joining in the pricing to the bottom you force this kind of actions. Plenty of businesses survive by setting themselves apart as a premium brand on other factors than simple pricing.
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