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  1. Italy, Book, print and/or e-book; Bulk discount, flat rate low-mid $$. searched months ago by image ID. Distribution, just getting me ready to see to huge chunks of licences taken away. Train Station in Trieste, Italy
  2. it's not the buyers responsibility to access if the photographers broke laws or rules of a certain property to obtain an image. A buyer is in right to assumed the merchandise offered was acquired legally (same as you would not be criminally responsible if you bought stolen goods in good faith). Actually the Contributor contracts clearly puts that responsibility on the Contributor. For example if i upload images from a professional baseball game to Alamy, where i am required to have authorisation even for editorial purpose, the buyer is in right to assumed I had such aut
  3. that doesn't apply to the buyer, since they would be entitled to assume the contributor had appropriate rights to take the image and make it licensable.
  4. There is no misidentification, caption reads "new Canadian GG Mary Simon , The Inuk leader the first Indigenous person has held the role in Canada." actually only misleading here is that she is only GG designate, but this is in line with all media. the point is, do you deprive yourself from a sale because some people think she is "Mary Simon, First Nations" .
  5. and there are plenty of images which fit what the client needs. My goal with KW is for clients to find what they need. Can i use "Winter" in this image, even though it was taken before the solstice? It wasn't "winter" but this is likely what someone wanted "Ottawa, Winter" would think about. is "menacing" appropriate for this image, i think so, and 2 licences seemed to agree, but i can't guarantee this is what the animal was doing.
  6. but it wasn't at the time the image was taken, so no it would not have been correct. What is correct is adding the KW for people to be able to find the specific image which more than likely fits their needs looking for Skydome Toronto.
  7. that's a totally different issue as you are not loading the image of him specifically, my image is of a specific person which is wrongfully labelled as "first nations". Actually in the virtue of disclaimer, this is what i stated in my keyword
  8. here is a simpler example from your images Image ID: F32WY1- Fans leaving the Rogers Centre Plenty of people erroneously still refer to the stadium by its old name, Skydome,and the term was used in the last year in a search. But they never got to see your image
  9. i know what the term is. others don't. So how do i educate person who uses the wrong search word, since they will not get to me image?
  10. but sometimes you are forced to put erroneous KWs because the people searching don't know the difference. I am struggling if it's ok to add "first nations" to images of our new GG who is Inuit, which are not part of First Nations, because many don't know the difference so i don't want to lose sales because of that.
  11. see i think the problem is more the laxness of the agencies about keywording. Plenty of reports of it and no actions whatsoever. One example, Alamy will once in a while write a tweet that an image can't be "sunrise" and "sunset" and should not have both in captions and KWs, if they were actually serious about that they would just remove the 1,273,870 image that fail to meet their requirement, but they do nothing about it. i know it's not as simple as that, Sunrise at Sunset point is also included in that, but it does show how little they care about these.
  12. The fees are for legal fee Alamy may incur in a mistaken infringement case due to contributor discrepancy . This would likely include fees for Alamy to defend themselves in case of action against them due to their wrongly accusing someone of infringement. They are making everything no risk to them, all risk on the contributors while reducing compensation by 20% of more.
  13. from the above i would state the the exclusivity will only start up sale appearing in your sales report, since you don't really want to on hold until they, being cheeky i would also add that the restriction will be reduced by 20% if sale is reported after July 24th- (or price increases by 25% after that date) 😉
  14. the meet the team page is even more "legit", look of bunch of selfies used as their own pictures -i know they give photographer "credits" but if i was a portrait photographer i would probably not use this as a reference- no consistent crop, pitching your service to photographers i would think you would pay attention to those kind of details.
  15. in fairness to Alamy for most of these Cases the invoicing is done when the client actually reports it themselves, so Alamy has little control beyond chasing. but again, the non arms-length relationship of many of these should be taken into consideration. this is not a legal opinion, just stating facts.
  16. how do you attach it to your bags? I can't find one that has attachment. Maybe they are not available in Canada- they only seem to have the shoulder bags here.
  17. It takes 180 days for image to be deleted, however they do not appear in searches, nor are they findable by clients, after 90 days. So i guess in between if they had the details of the image (like ID) they could contact Alamy to licence it, but no one would find it then.
  18. i actually have never had anything i felt i was able to sign a property release for. I do not know what designs are registered, protected, copyrighted. Has not stopped images to be used commercially,
  19. agree with wim these look really good. also means i can use it with my existing pack with a good harness which would remove the impact on my back.
  20. actually saw one local photographer who has a cargo bike, obviously not only for photo, who had it full of gear loaded in the cargo. it looked a but heavy, but practical.
  21. and no i am not correcting the typo. plus the crown looks great under the helmet
  22. that is likely how it will be processed, however i am not convinced the contract as it is written makes it clear that this is correct interpretation, but as I have stated before I am not a contract lawyer.
  23. it has been discussed but never addressed. Sale date is not a defined term in the contract. this is possibly an issue for those buyers who don't have an arm length relationship with Alamy
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