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  1. maybe we disappear on their second refined search... one thing i am now looking is why i was there and irrelevant to them. for example I've actually gone against general KW advice and remove many location information for something that is not what people likely want when they do a location search (i might leave one just in case) it's actually one of the thing i love about the system... Alamy gives me feedback of some of their customers behaviour.
  2. yeah i remember telling student applying for a Coop program that they had on average 20 seconds in the first go through the pile of 200 CV we would receive. i think it was a shock to them
  3. it's not based on size of port it's a ratio of how many times image that appeared in search were relevant to the buyer, as defined by Alamy 10 click through out 1000 ranks higher than 40 out of 10000
  4. customer experience so they buy and come back. imagine a store with no attendant that only offers you unwanted products up front and makes you have to rummage though the back shed to get what you actually want, would you feel like coming back?
  5. Interesting information from a "picture need" tweet today "#AlamyPicNeeds: French locations - From the iconic to the remote, urban and rural, coast and inland. #travel #stockphotography" this being so vague, i asked how customers would be looking for these.... this is the reply from the team: "In our effort to target French customers picture needs these are the areas we need increased content in." so the need was not a specific request,
  6. always find interesting how people think street photography is all luck ("very lucky").. I've had spots where i've waited for over an hour until the vision was materialized. great shot.
  7. you said you have the KW "social activity" so i was curious if that's something that would be searched .
  8. probably not helpful, but AOA shows 0 search for "social activity" this year, so does that kw hurt you more than help?
  9. yes, but you can still manage some of it. since it will give you an advantage on those that don't. By removing my marginal KW of "small town" on my "Cape dutch architecture " images now means no false positive "Cape town" hits, and AOA shows no actual search for "small towm cape dutch" so no loss.
  10. this morning i have 6 time views for one image for what is obviously the same person looking for the same thing trying 6 different search with various little tweak. I think you learn to shrug it off. I feel What you have to worry is when you see an innocuous combination of keyword that makes you appear in searches you don't want . One of my recent example were of pictures of "Folk dance" in "City Square". so got hit with on a bunch of search for "Square dance" . so i decided to cut the "City square" KW on all but one image, as i didn't feel it added much chance of actual good hit
  11. as someone who has gone through the same worrying about his rating, i think your input was helpful..
  12. thanks. i guess since i had to ask for access, i wanted to respect the one hour rules, plus i had uploaded 3 distinct sets from the protest, so i decided to go with the straight micro route for this one. i can imagine your frustration in your car it was weird for signal, i presume #freeroamers got relegated.
  13. curious about the reverse now, do you get much sales from zoom? obviously I'm new, but so far none of my zooms have sold, is that standard?
  14. guidelines are clear on those 2 Facebook and Instagram You can upload exclusive images to Facebook and Instagram.
  15. Protest in Bucharest. This gave me an appreciation of how difficult the Live News is (got prior access). i actually totally missed this shot in my submission (sitting i quiet park, struggling with crappy connection, running to nearest McDonalds), until i reviewed pictures at end of day.
  16. I've used it also, but mainly as a protection for me because i wasn't able to include everything i wanted in caption, and i don't believe customers should be expected to go into the keywords to validate the content of my picture. So that when my picture of "Cape Dutch Architecture" in a "Small Town" comes up in a search for "Cape Town" but i didn't have enough space in the Caption to indicate that, at least i can refer to the "Tell me more"
  17. https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/understanding-stock-image-licensing/?section=6&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=CHPs Item 6 has some info
  18. same here, pictures uploaded Monday, with Tags and description included (so showing "on sale" from QC acceptance) I know were approved by wednesday still not showing. so it seems general ( i was actually coming to see if there was any posts)... It is month end, so maybe process affected by that
  19. i actually have started to use Excel with a Len() function to count characters in my caption, as i was getting too many truncated.
  20. what about images that would logically go in Live News, put i don't have access? Or pictures from an event with multiple scenarios. I just did some picture from a Folklore Festival, So I want to identify the Event, the Sub event (it included Parade, Stage Shows, Street Shows, Fashion Show), the action in image, the country of performers, their group names,,,, many cases i would need more than 150
  21. but then it makes it less legible to the customer, so what is the point? I want to tell them what is in the picture, so they don't have to go through the keywords and or guess.
  22. Pretty much. I also have a tendency to get protective of people i liked through the capture process, and for those tend to restrict the use (and would not upload at other MS where i don't trust their control of the clients.) It's also country dependent, for country where the use of people's picture is way more restricted, I will restrict usage and again MS i upload to)
  23. the issue with foreign words is they will not be translated if someone searches in different language (except if word is of usage in English) so the only thing you are protecting is against an English search where someone would you a foreign word, on the opposite you are now increasing the chance of false positive search results which would affect your rating. For example in your climbing pictures having "beau temps" . The only time an english speaker would use these words are for beau: "a boyfriend or male admirer." and temps: "as short form for more than one temporary employee
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