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  1. 1 hour ago, Duncan_Andison said:


    I use Capture One Pro. I used to use LR but they force alphabetical only which is no good. Quite ironic given their own agency requires keywords to be ranked ūüėā


    In C1 Pro, you can just drag and drop the keywords into a different order, or as I do, create sets of keywords that can be selected a list and stacked together. A bit like how you save a style but instead, I've created a categories and have lists for different situations. For instance, hiking in the Lake District  I'd stack, Hiking, Landscape, Sunny Day, Cumbria UK. and in those lists would be all the keywords for those categories. It takes a while (over time) but now it speeds up the process.


    you have "sunny day" preset in hiking in UK ūüėČ


    i agree that the process makes it much better, I'm slowly building my presets.     thanks for the tip in re-ordering pre import, that will make the supertag more efficient. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, Aaron said:


    I would probably do, is use the generator to get a starting point. Delete the ones I don't want to use and add in the ones that point on the content in the photo. I think that would be the more appropriate approach.  



    Generator give you only the basic ones, that you should actually have. and create lots of noise, with dangers of false hit.  I use my own images as generators, plus i have presets of KW by now. 


    remember if you use a generator you are using all the same KW as everyone, how is that going to differentiate you in the search.  Yes generator makes it quicker, but the goal is to be presented to the clients. 1000 well keyworded images  is much better than 3000 poor ones

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Harry Harrison said:

    You can download the data, the supertags are in a separate column. If you are familiar with spreadsheets then you can insert a new column with a formula that will count the number of supertags in that column. The formula essentially just counts the commas between the supertags, see this thread if you need to know more:




    You can use a filter on that column also to find those with just 0, 1,2, 3, etc. supertags.



    thank you, that's perfect.  

  4. 14 minutes ago, Betty LaRue said:


    I guess you all know the U.S. is subsidizing your low drug prices because your strong government knows how to handle drug companies. The U.S. can’t seem to do that because of lobbying or whatever reason. As a result, the prices here are so high to make up for lost profits in other countries. The drug companies are so rich, but they aren’t about to cut anyone a break unless their corporate arms are twisted behind their backs, and you all have discovered what joint to twist.




    how are you subsidizing our costs?  Do you really think they sell at a loss in other countries?  If they did they would in no way be selling, they still need to show profit to shareholders. 

  5. 2 hours ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

    What's that suppose to mean

    From my observations you can tell who has come to alamy from a background in MS, most have poor key-wording and tons of similars

    I do agree that that has been changing though on the MS sites




    sorry, meant against the people who on MS who are actually being there given wrong advice by pseudo experts, sorry if my phrasing in English was convoluted. 

  6. 17 hours ago, Aaron said:

    I am not going to try to argue with anyone. There are some points made and need some correction. Since Alamy is mostly a photo editorial website, I just have to focus on doing things in that way. I have done editorial work before and still do time from time. I do see there are others I have came across that have a very and I do mean very huge photo collection. That I know of and they are independent photojournalist and how they placed headlines and tags is basically the same as I used to do it before I came on here. For the head line start with city, state and date and brief to strong description of what is going on in the image or batch of images. Add location and event information in the tags so that Alamy can archive the photos based on heading content and tags to location and event. That is how I am seeing all of this. If I am wrong please do correct me. But I saw from full time independent photojournalist that is how it is being conducted.  



    One of the great feature of Alamy, is they treat their contributors as adults.  No one will tell you that your caption is wrong, no one will reject your image because there is too many similar, because you put it in the wrong category..  This is all your choice here. 


    So yes your captioning in fine, however writing "September 26, 2019." i just used over 12% of my allocated characters in my description for something that i have not seen used in any of my search results (i buyers want a date, they seem to use that feature from the Exif data, and if i think date is actually relevant (14 july in France for example) i'll use it in caption.  Actually date could give you more issues with false hits than anything.  Say your Football match was on July 14, now it will appear to all people looking for that celebration 


    The one thing i noticed is you seem to use the same caption and keywords for set of images, regardless what is in the images.... For example Your series on Fond du Lac christmas lights, you have images of an illuminated bridges, with no mention of it anywhere (same for the band stand, the river...)



    One last comment, there is a lot of input on this wonderful forum, go through it, and decide what you want to make of it.  I totally had to change my approach after a good read.  Now this morning i had to figure if i was ok with getting a search hit for "Rocky and friend" for my "Girl and a rocky beach with her friends"  (answer is Yes, image is a multicultural mix so friends was important), but my hit of "Barn side" for just a close up of Barn wood on side of a Barn, No and removed the word Side, which added nothing to the image, and would only be used for someone looking for a full barn side in my view. 

  7. 43 minutes ago, MDM said:


    No need to - you have mentioned Boston on a few occasions¬†ūüėé. I know the area quite well in fact, living in Pboro.¬†



    Yes Lady Hale is¬†an amazing and highly intelligent woman. I felt some very deep emotions watching and listening to her - people like her restore faith in humanity and give hope that there may be some light at the end of this long dark tunnel. Talking of which - you should take a trip down the Mersey Tunnel over to the Wirral, some lovely landscapes out that way (only joking Edo¬†ūüėĀ). My wife is from there.¬†



    i must say, as an outsider currently meandering through the UK this last couple of weeks have been fascinating to watch 

  8. 23 minutes ago, Matt Ashmore said:


    I always find the answer to "where are you from?" situational based on who's asking. For me, the place where I grew up and spent my childhood before going to university will always be home and therefore 'where I'm from'. But where I live today is also home and 'where I'm from'.




    yeah, reverse also...  i was walking the Camino de Santiago this year (again) and when someone asked "where do you come from?"  it could mean based on person, Where were you born,? Where is home? where was you starting point of the pilgrimage? or where did you start this morning?.....  unmistakably i would guess the wrong one every time

  9. 46 minutes ago, John Mitchell said:

    With our privacy being assaulted from all directions these days, I put a lot more thought than I used to into including recognizable people in my images. You just never know where a photo is going to end up. I think a lot of photographers are feeling this way, which unfortunately doesn't bode well for traditional street photography. Regarding all the Alamy news images -- often not exactly flattering -- of people lounging on the beach, you don't see much of that type of imagery in Canada. I'd feel very uncomfortable being photographed surreptitiously at the beach, as I think most Canadians would. We must be a shy lot compared to Brits. ūüėÄ



    yeah.  this is a Canadian taking pictures of a UK beach:two-women-fully-clothed-lying-on-brightons-rocky-beach-with-the-pier-in-background-enjoying-the-sun-on-a-warm-autumn-day-WWHNAR.jpg



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  10. 3 minutes ago, Harry Harrison said:

    Of course I know that there is a very dark side to photographs of children but I really don't see why we should be made to feel guilty by association just by being photographers ourselves. That is a good maxim about whether your extended family or friends would feel aggrieved if it was their children and I think I'm perfectly able to edit for uploading so that they would not be. I don't often do it anyway, from memory I have children dancing around a maypole at a village fete, children at a childrens' XR march, children playing on a beach as part of a general view etc.


    However, I often don't take pictures that I would like to take because I don't want to get into a dialogue about why I might be wanting to take the pictures in the first place, which is a shame. I often pass a pretty Victorian village school where the children play on the common in front in bright red uniforms, it is an utterly charming scene but I don't stop to take it. I don't want to be that suspicious looking character with a big camera on the other side of the common. 


    yes it is sad that this is where we have all gone.  I always try to make sure parents, guardians are around and see me if i take pictures.  

    I remember a couple years ago i was taking pictures of house architecture in Wroclaw, Poland focusing on 2nd and 3rd floor.  In courtyard there was a group of kindergarden age kids playing, and one of the kid right away, in english, "No photo".  I guess they are thought to worry right away.... Of course i could show the teachers that there was no kids in my images, but it does make you self conscious.  

    and that's on my camera, not on the Net..


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  11. On 21/09/2019 at 18:57, Ken Duffney said:

    Do I need press credentials to submit images from airshows? And since they are recognizable aircraft with markings do they have to be submitted as Editorial? Another Stock agency that I submit to requires both.

    Thanks for any insight yo can offer.


    the answer is no, as Alamy generally assumes that the submitter takes responsibility for legality of their submission. 



    is this a ticketed airshow, and if yes do the TOS of your access say about taking photo to sell?

  12. One of the thing I am still struggling after almost a year of stock world is my conscience on some subjects in image.¬† The whole reality is that once i upload an image, it is now there for everyone (except in RussiaūüėČ) to find, and after seeing Edo's post on his eventful day last week with two people taking in ambulance and where he ends with "No, I did not take pictures", i'm curious what are people general limits.


    For example i generally try to avoid kids, except in majorly newsie situation or public display (folkloric shows, parades).  But now i have decent set of captures with kids interacting with 2 costumed mascots, one is a Sick Kid Fund mascot so i'm probably fine mentally, but the other one is just a public performer dressed up as a Panda, and i am struggling, even though the kids mom clearly saw me taking the shots....  


    I see some of the News images of people at the beach, and i think i don't think i would have taken the shot, am I naive for thinking this?


    What about if image can make someone look bad? I was just reviewing shots of an open film crew truck, and the image make it look as if the guy in truck is actually sleeping on the job.  so i right away dismissed it.... 

  13. 18 hours ago, MDM said:


    It is not difficult but is it easier than simply reading out a number in Photoshop or Lightroom? I would say no. Besides these refer all to regular sizes. What if you crop your image to something irregular which I often do such as 2950x2000. You would have to do a calculation which both Photoshop and Lightroom do for you. All you need to know is where to look.



    where do i find this number in C1?


    hum, 2950x2000=5,900,000<6,000,000 so don't do such in your first submission. 

  14. On 19/09/2019 at 09:00, Mr Standfast said:

    Bryan, short answer is I don't know. This however is shrapnel damage from the Bath Blitz in the 1940's, there may be similarities?shrapnel-damge-from-the-april-1942-bath-



    agreed.   from images i have from Bosnia it does look like shrapnel damage.


    one thing i was also told to look for is openess of location.   if it was bullets it usually would be open enough for a shooter to have stood away from it and reach that spots (ie tight streets were unlikely bullet holes)

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