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  1. yeah I know. They seem to use the word Public as openness, but don't like the implication.
  2. thanks for the clarification. In Canada a market would likely be private space.
  3. Curious what is the official position about uploading old images from own catalogue to News Feed when a certain subject suddenly because news, and there is nothing in the database about it.... I just saw it done, and it seemed totally appropriate to me since subject had likely 0 hits, but curious what the official position is.
  4. though i understand out rights as photographer, based on some of the extremist views being thrown around nowadays (eg, Close all borders, taking someone's hijab off in subway) i can understand why people would be suspicious of photos taken. not same but related, this is what a CBC reporter (Canada's public broadcaster) had to face on public property reporting about the party in power in Ontario
  5. their reply today On today’s answer:“Unfortunately, we haven’t had any luck chasing this particular usage for you. The team have been chasing this for some time now but have had no response from the infringer.Therefore we’re closing this case at our end. Please feel free to try and chase this yourself.” doesn't use of term Infringer acknowledge the use?
  6. has he been denied by Alamy? Alamy seem to have recognised the usage, did everything they feel the could to get paid and didn't. What else are they to do if someone stole from them and refuses to pay?
  7. My issue is they state the same with foreign words, yet have not addressed the issue that people use some of these in English language searches. I've seen searches regarding the Way of Saint James where images were excluded for not including Albergue, Peregrino and Camino. (and even more problematic issues on other language mirror sites. For Example a search on the French version for "Chemin de Compostelle" will not return images for "Way of St-james" nor "Camino de Santiago" )
  8. i do not have any image set as commercial use on Alamy, except where i indicated i had release for any property and people included in the image.
  9. curious, where is that in the rule? only rule I have seen is for images that include art work (which i would include the scallop btw)
  10. in old days, i would beg smokers to light up, since unmistakably bus would arrive as they did.
  11. ok so she was mourning the death of a friend who was abused on social media to the point of taking her own life, and her was of handling it is to make sure the photographer is abused on social media? i am not excusing him, and i wouldn't take picture of celebrities at a non event, but she could have done the same without posting the video.
  12. Thank you, Estrella was just wonderful (and as we wrote in other thread, i did struggle with terms to use beyond Muxe, but Vogue used Trans in their article so i went with it). That event was just so special, and in fact validated my decision to focus on editorial part of stock within my meandering. Before i would have taken to image, and that's it. Now i have probably spent a couple hours after reading of the whole Muxe, Third Gender, acceptance within the community, as well as article on Estrella, who does know how to play the camera. Much easier than reading on all the source of the pr
  13. but KWs are about getting your image found. I sometimes put some that i don't believe are correct, because people use them. For example if i had images of Guatemala i would put Central American even though it's in North America geographically speaking. An example in Mexico, the Capital of Oaxaca is called Oaxaca de Juarez, at some point i had a search where my best images were not included, because someone used "Oaxaca City" (i guess to exclude images from the rest of the State) as their search. (i would have some issue if i had images of Québec, as i would forget anglophone
  14. i've had some, all from upload issues, mainly crappy WiFi. They just get buried on the the AIM, can't see it as an issue to be honest, maybe I am missing something.
  15. Hola Adriana.... Welcome to the party. Mexico is such a lovely country. I'm currently escaping colder climes, and have been in Oaxaca de Juarez for last 6 weeks. Loving it- Merida is awesome, but i can't stand the heat 🙂, so this is ideal . The whole security is tragic. Oaxaca feels totally safe, until i look at news (though they do see to want to keep the centre of the capital safe to keep us coming...) nice portfolio...
  16. anecdotal, but my BHZ image with it in title shows up on page 2 (120 ipp) the ones without page 10.
  17. looks back to normal for me, my images approved through 5Star QC yesterday are up for sale..
  18. they are up. Some nice images, you might want to add a bit more about what you see in the captions of beach clean-up (eg. plastic bottles), as it ranks higher in searches than KW.
  19. they are up. Some nice images, you might want to add a bit more about what you see in the captions of beach clean-up (eg. plastic bottles), as it ranks higher in searches than KW.
  20. looks like you are still in the catch up process. Your image number just went up in Forum count, but not portfolio. hopefully by morning. on my side everything uploaded up to Friday is visible. Added: and yeah, don't worry about green, i have only 5% of my images showing green
  21. everything is back to normal for me. Do all your images show as "On sale" when you can into "Alamy Image Manager"?
  22. images that i can't list as RM (because they are on other RF database) i list as RF with a note that there is people and i do not have a release, as per my understanding of the guidelines. The only images I have as editorial are the one with clear prominent work of art as dictated by Alamy, and News ones because that gets added automatically.
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