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  1. 10 hours ago, VbFolly said:

    Of course, Aaron can upload as many as he likes. I was just pointing out that that might delay QC a little.

    The other point is that when you see people uploading so many quickly, it often means they are uploading a lot of similar images, which will probably damage their ranking and their sales success. For example, clicking on your blue number of images and looking at the first page, there are 6 images of the same dragonfly in the same place. I think you would do better just uploading the best one (the closest view you had), and spending some time identifying the species. I'm trying to be helpful, not cause any offence. I understand you are trying to make some money, but sometimes taking some time to learn how best to achieve that is advisable. It's better to be selective when uploading, as deleting excess images later takes 6 months.


    great point, something that was actually mentioned by others 1000 image ago, 

  2. 7 hours ago, Aaron said:


    Maybe I shouldn't upload so many in one day term. But photography is all I do. In a month I shoot nearly 10,000 photos. Events, land scape, sports, some photojournalism, and private stuff. I am trying to sell off certain stuff to make extra cash. That is what I am trying to do. I am not in competition with anyone. I just want to make some money. 

    no issue,  more in awe.  Since most images takes my 3-5 minutes just to optimise for Alamy sale,  that's over 250 hours,  not including photography,  kw and processing.   that's impressive 

  3. 1 hour ago, VbFolly said:

    They wouldn't pass QC until Monday at the earliest. Perhaps, as you are quite a new contributor they might take a little longer. I also notice you are uploading very large numbers of images very fast, so checking a percentage of your submissions would require a lot more work than for the average contributor.


    hadn't noticed....  5000+ images in just over month.    

  4. 52 minutes ago, BidC said:


    Salut - I'm wondering if (for some reason) there are French characters appearing in the sign in boxes (?) If you use successfully on other sites that shouldn't be an issue, but it was a thought. 

    Filezilla do have a troubleshooting page. I did have a problem at the beginning (though I can't remember why), and the trouble shooting page, though a little laborious to wade through, was helpful.

    Filezilla has had two upgrades within a short space of time. Again if you are using Fielzilla a lot you will know that, but, just in case you haven't upgraded, perhaps that is causing a problem .... 


    Just my two cents (for whatever thats worth ... )

    Je vous souhaite bonne chance.

    Si j'ai les autres idées/pensées, je les afficherai ... 



    that was my first thought also.  i've had enough problems in places telling my my name is not allowed (have a ç) so that could be it


    (or any non standard character to be honest)

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  5. 1 hour ago, Stokie said:

    Do some research about the 'castle'. You must know the location and what the mountain is named? Then see if you can find the name of the property and maybe the former owner (the count) and include all these in your tags. Don't try to get to 50, as others have said, only include relevant ones.


    So you end up with "****** castle, the former home of Count ******, built on top of ****** mountain, Murcia, Spain, Europe" for the caption and include all the underlined words as supertags and the rest as tags, plus building, house, home and any other words that actually describe whats in the photo.



    and bonus,  even someone that just wants a random castle on a hill would still find it.  I'm curious,  is OP worried that having additional info would lead to not selling the picture because it wouldn't be random/anonymous anymore? 


    i know i have a few of such image, and I think i even have KW like "generic" "could be anywhere" but i still have the specifics. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Aaron said:

    Is it me or is everyone else is having this issue? I have photos in QC since Friday morning and they still have not be through QC yet. Why is there such a long wait? Last couple weeks photos from Friday pass on Monday Morning. Now it is going into Tuesday and they have not been okay yet. 

    not sure where you are based.  my experience this year has been acceptance on Mondays around 5-6pm UK time, however last monday it was early morning. there was one Monday that was a miss (probably busy funnel) and only approved on Tuesday 

  7. 15 hours ago, JSaunders said:

    Or you can look at this lens. It's supposed to be a wee bit better quality, but bigger, heavier and costs more. https://shop.fujifilm.co.uk/lenses/fujinon-xf55-200mm-f3-5-4-8-r-lm-ois


    i actually surprisingly really like this lense more than i excepted.  first got it for few times i needed the long side of spectrum,  but have started using it at short side (disclaimer I'm a nomad, so limited in number of lenses i will own and carry).


    however after reading the other posts, I'm going to a shop in next big town i reach to have a look at the 16-80 f4

  8. 20 hours ago, will perrett said:

      Re the number of images, Chuck certainly implies that less is more, though my experience is that often an image that sells is by no means the one that I would consider the best from a particular shoot, so these days I tend to put all the technically acceptable ones up. 




    but you can't conclude that you would have not gotten that sale had you only uploaded what you thought was best.  clients buy subjects in the end, plus you now let Alamy algorithm push one higher that might not be your best work ,  so how many sales do we lose because of that?

  9. 16 minutes ago, M.Chapman said:


    You need to be very careful with this sort of testing. I recommend using brand new images that have never been sold or zoomed. I have evidence that if an image has been previously zoomed using the same keyword search term as you are using in your test, it is very likely be promoted in search results. This can confuse the results considerably.




    this was a fairly recent set, with obviously narrow scope (27 total in search), this is why i used it.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Joseph Clemson said:


    I'm thinking you may be right, Matt, that the CTR element of our overall placing in the rankings is determined on the basis of the total average all our pseudonymns. However, it may still be worth creating a new pseudonym as it will still be easier to improve the CTR of that pseudonym with carefully curated keywords etc. The images from this pseudonym will appear ahead of other images/pseudonyms from the same contributor, giving a way of promoting our best images over our mediocre ones in any given subject. ( I know you don't have any mediocre images, Matt, but lesser mortals like myself find life is full of them ;):rolleyes:)


    I just did a test.  Found a set of 4 images where for some reason i split between 2 pseudonyms, one having a CTR above .6, (Pseudo A) and one below ( Pseudo B) B), with A twice as high as B.


    Two have all search words in title, two have one of the three search words only in KW.  All rest of same.


    My search generates 27 hits, 4 of them mine.  So all in first page



    The two images with all words in Title show up first.  the one from Pseudo A, actually is top results


    However for the other two images, Pseudo B shows up before of the two.



     So search match seems to be ahead of CTR, and CTR is inconclusive.  I have another set i am going to go tests, but it will have to wait to be indexed over the week-end

  11. 5 minutes ago, Steve F said:


    Oh dear, I never heard of this department, my French geography is rubbish... and there I was getting cocky with my French language skills!! Thanks meanderingmu



    don't worry neither did i (i know the south west better), I had looked at the picture before because it's lovely and  then search the use of Champagne and Burgundy in the keywords  because i am still not sure you can be both.... 


    well done on knowing aube 

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  12. Just now, Steve F said:

    Hi Jeanette,

    I don't really have anything to say about the images, punchy colours, good lighting, good composition - they look very saleable.



    Troyes, France; 8th September 2019 - Old half-timbered houses in town centre - Image ID: 2A1E17Y: I would have added "Troyes, wood, wooden, colourful,  colorful, houses, red, yellow" as keywords. Not sure why "stone" is there. Also, aube is dawn in English.






    Aube is the region in which Troyes is.... 

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  13. 1 hour ago, NYCat said:

    If you want to see exactly what words people use to search go to your Dashboard.... Alamy Measures ... All of Alamy. You can even put a in search word to see the searches for that subject. One column will show you how many pages were looked at.





    Also analyse your results for your hits.  Their is loads of information to be gathered from My Alamy, and lots will provide serious answer for  your Serious Questions

  14. 1 hour ago, Duncan_Andison said:


    I use Capture One Pro. I used to use LR but they force alphabetical only which is no good. Quite ironic given their own agency requires keywords to be ranked 😂


    In C1 Pro, you can just drag and drop the keywords into a different order, or as I do, create sets of keywords that can be selected a list and stacked together. A bit like how you save a style but instead, I've created a categories and have lists for different situations. For instance, hiking in the Lake District  I'd stack, Hiking, Landscape, Sunny Day, Cumbria UK. and in those lists would be all the keywords for those categories. It takes a while (over time) but now it speeds up the process.


    you have "sunny day" preset in hiking in UK 😉


    i agree that the process makes it much better, I'm slowly building my presets.     thanks for the tip in re-ordering pre import, that will make the supertag more efficient. 

  15. 13 minutes ago, Aaron said:


    I would probably do, is use the generator to get a starting point. Delete the ones I don't want to use and add in the ones that point on the content in the photo. I think that would be the more appropriate approach.  



    Generator give you only the basic ones, that you should actually have. and create lots of noise, with dangers of false hit.  I use my own images as generators, plus i have presets of KW by now. 


    remember if you use a generator you are using all the same KW as everyone, how is that going to differentiate you in the search.  Yes generator makes it quicker, but the goal is to be presented to the clients. 1000 well keyworded images  is much better than 3000 poor ones

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  16. 2 minutes ago, Harry Harrison said:

    You can download the data, the supertags are in a separate column. If you are familiar with spreadsheets then you can insert a new column with a formula that will count the number of supertags in that column. The formula essentially just counts the commas between the supertags, see this thread if you need to know more:




    You can use a filter on that column also to find those with just 0, 1,2, 3, etc. supertags.



    thank you, that's perfect.  

  17. 14 minutes ago, Betty LaRue said:


    I guess you all know the U.S. is subsidizing your low drug prices because your strong government knows how to handle drug companies. The U.S. can’t seem to do that because of lobbying or whatever reason. As a result, the prices here are so high to make up for lost profits in other countries. The drug companies are so rich, but they aren’t about to cut anyone a break unless their corporate arms are twisted behind their backs, and you all have discovered what joint to twist.




    how are you subsidizing our costs?  Do you really think they sell at a loss in other countries?  If they did they would in no way be selling, they still need to show profit to shareholders. 

  18. 2 hours ago, LawrensonPhoto said:

    What's that suppose to mean

    From my observations you can tell who has come to alamy from a background in MS, most have poor key-wording and tons of similars

    I do agree that that has been changing though on the MS sites




    sorry, meant against the people who on MS who are actually being there given wrong advice by pseudo experts, sorry if my phrasing in English was convoluted. 

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