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  1. i liked all the geometry of the lines. took me a long time to find a view I felt did justice.
  2. technically not "ignored", because it splits components into all parts, so it gets replaced by a space in the search, whereas apostrophe gets ignored and search for O'Reilly gives you all the O'Reilly and Oreilly but not " O Reilly"
  3. yeah, the hyphen just splits the word, but i am not sure any engine keeps them combined (having an hyphenated first name, i'm pretty sure I haven't come across systems that understand it's only one word
  4. i agree. If i was the customer, after Bill Wood gives me 12000 results, i would do "Bill Wood" which brings down to 91 results.... note that in both case, the search engine actually gave the only image featuring Bill Wood's work as the first result, so contrarily to the premise, i think the Engine did a pretty good job, added, and then two images with a Bill Wood pictured ...
  5. not sure what you want the search engine to do. Your first image does have Bill and Wood in the data. Why would you want the engine not to bring up an image that fits the request? i think a customer would then realise they have to refine their search, and then probably spend 2 more second and search again.
  6. well done. It's one thing i would like Alamy to specify in their what to shoot, what is an actual request, and what is a we think this is missing in our database.
  7. in fact the only impact is somewhat negative, as it means certain images will not show as "other image from photograph", removing potential for multiple sales.
  8. having images in your database that don't sell is not a problem if it doesn't affect the customer experience. The algorithm has to be the differentiating effect, as well as speed probably. If the contributor that uploads 5000 image in one month, without optimising it for Alamy search never gets seen is it that much of an issue?
  9. from my side I've done a few more tests, and i still find inconclusive impact in search results and even looking in AoA seeing images in lower rated Pseudo with hits, and no hit from image higher pseudo.
  10. the above is from Adobe Stock, so the amounts refer to earnings below minimum payment thresholds
  11. Betty, just want to say that your advice to some of the newbies does get listened to by some. It's not because the question originator doesn't listen (and yes i also have notice quite a few recently) that it means your information is in vein. so as someone who has gotten a lot from the veterans, here is a big thank you.
  12. since RM is likely exclusive, do you have a similar mix to the rest of your portfolio in that subgroup? If not Couldn't the underperforming be linked to subject matter, not the RM vs RF nature of the offering? I don't know, just curious.
  13. First attempt at joining. Must say the works above are intimidating. H&W Crane in Belfast with amusement rides in puddle. (sadly a bit too windy) Crowd and Photographer in cyclist sunglasses People's silhouette in Greeting to the sun feature in Zadar
  14. how do you know there is no delays at so called "other stock sites" ? in fact i know of one that just had a bunch of retroactive adjustments all negative going back several months...
  15. not fake news An Adobe stock contributor actually posted elsewhere that his account will be closed and removed by month end due to above order.
  16. the logician in me would think you get tax benefits from money paid out to contributors as well. ๐Ÿ˜€. So it's all a question of priority from then on
  17. yeah, no problem I'm in N.I. currently so understand. Just as a foreigner myself i wanted to add the precision of the Schengen zone issue, which most people don't seem to realise makes it oddly different than Japan and the US. Though in all fairness, USA is another thing altogether to travel to.
  18. one big difference is this will probably be the first time you have to figure out Schengen rules, even though you were not part of it. Trust me, that is totally different that going to Japan
  19. ๐Ÿ˜€ you are right. and some people come on forum asking questions, but don't really want answers other than the one they already had. As on example search "Corvette 1960s Wisconsin" Four page of results, not one of the car identified, most not event from 1960s ( you would actually get same results for 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s. 2010s ), so loads of hits no views. and these all added after asking, why am i not selling?
  20. patience is one part, but it still requires work. Just uploading a load of image and praying the right person falls on it seems counter-productive. OP even stated he relies on outside search engines to sell his stuff, that he sells elsewhere at a cheaper price. To me uploading 1000 best images and optimising for Alamy search, is much more efficient than 5000 with hope and pray , especially if at same time you hurt your own Alamy rating, creating a self fulfilling prophecy that Alamy is inferior.
  21. Great advice. I would even add on option "if you donโ€™t have a tripod, you can also find a nice flat resting surface (table, chair etc) to set your camera on". and to reduce risk of shake further, use the timer feature
  22. i know you have moved on, so i am leaving this for future newcomers like me who will come through these thread as they try to soak in as much of the information to help them get started. The main issue is the comment about "art of photography is far more important than the science, the technical, or how many images someone uploads in a month". No one should argue with this, and i don't think anyone argued against. The forum however is not about the art of photography, it's about the art of stock photography, as it relates to Alamy, and this is where the veterans bring their valu
  23. in all fairness i don't think @LawrensonPhoto said not to attend. He spoke about uploading such images and the impact on CTR. I actually it was an excellent point, which is making me reconsider how many images I should upload of such well covered images, and probably reduce my threshold of what i will post. For example whereas for a subject matter with low representation i might upload a 3* image, for well covered i should not, as the only impact would be to hurt my CTR. this removes nothing of what i would learn from attending.
  24. actually i am the one who over reacted the other way, and put the red arrow because i felt the "i didn't read the thread, but will pile on on BidC" was a bit harsh. But in fairness @LawrensonPhoto probably had not seen the other posts. Please accept my apology, i have removed the arrow.
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