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  1. had that yesterday, (1 of 8 on Sunday), but now back down with no zoom on Monday
  2. interesting that you would mention Vancouver cuisine, skipping Japanese, Korean some of my favourite in the city. As for Canadian food, coming from Québec i always had Tourtière, Ragoût de patte de cochon, fêves aux lards, Sugar pie etc.... I remember moving to Toronto and the only thing Ontario specific seemed to be Butter tarts 🙂 if you travel, the only "Canadian" food people know is poutine..... which doesn't count...... my only Canadian food i miss away, are Montreal Bagels.....
  3. neither will I, I guess, since you won't share recommendations. oh well tostada for breakfast it is... 😁
  4. I know one of the MS has specific regulations regarding San Francisco (as in Definite No) as the city is more protective of street art copyrights.
  5. i meant for a bowl of pasta in San Miguel de Allende 🙂
  6. I think it would be easy if there was a one size fits all answer. I've even tried some test with pure news editorial, uploading secondary captures to one MS, and got licensing amounts that would compare to what the UK newspaper deal would pay.
  7. 4 license for $94 gross. ordinal dropped, possibly because i've been away from Europe for a couple of months now, but Average per image up from last few months CTR was low all month, so eager to see what's next. not impressed that early January culturally tripped sales have not cleared, while other after have. You would think at $3.13 per image they would pay on time.
  8. i guess i'm too late, just like many of the current efforts
  9. i was curious, since i rarely add large regional KW, less than 20 searches for %northern europe% in last 12 months. and most with no zoom
  10. not a surge, but a small $$ PU on a saturday.... i'll take it.
  11. interesting. One things i have noticed is looking back after through a set and seeing an image i had skipped and realising the message it was expressing either through angle or expression was not present in the ones i have chosen.... i'll have to see if this comes from bias,
  12. you certainly should upload. you never know what will suddenly make someone in the centre of an any controversy, and let's be honest the more extreme they are, the less it takes for the other side to grab anything. and welcome to my constant reality as a meanderer that i most time have no idea who I'm photographing. I see crowd, i see a point of attention, i just capture. Many times it's no one major beyond regional border, a few times it's been something interesting to research (though limited sellability on Alamy), and sometimes it turns out worth it.
  13. wow... with the fuss that was made i assumed these were from 2018 to be honest. You mean these could be sales from October?
  14. i know, hence the 😉. but as Canadian we tend to specify since we also use the same symbol for our currency.
  15. i went through the first 3 pages of results for Liverpool, and all have it in the caption. so i still think there is a case to have it as a KW, in case someone is looking for Food in Liverpool...
  16. over $100,000 .... of course i'm in Mexico currently... 😉 will drop significantly when i visit friends in Canada.
  17. if i have a location that is incidental to the subject, ie. client would not want this image if looking just at location search, but might want this particular as part of a specific search, like your chain store i will have the location as a KW not supertag so the algorithm shouldn't put it up and foremost in search of the location only. by proactively managing my search results, over last 6 months, reviewing My Alamy at least weekly, i've managed to double my CTR
  18. but is it against Alamy guidelines? it's one of the optional info to provide with the image, so I assume Alamy is fine with it,
  19. isn't it as likely that it's the customer that is holding payment? why would you try and blame your selected agent?
  20. i understood, i just extended it. i just found a YouTube video of parade, and now trying to identity some of the participants in Tlaxcala carnaval parade.
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