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  1. the clear exception is if the image is of work of art (broad Alamy definition) as those by Alamy guidelines should be noted as "for editorial only".
  2. all the Capture One include upgrade to Capture One 20, the next version
  3. my first sale last year was a holiday picture: but maybe because it was just a bit different
  4. quick question on creating polls, i've looked at the feature it looks straight forward except for one thing. Do I create the message showing all the images at same time as poll, i.e. toggle between "poll" and "content", or do i do it as a first reply to the Poll message?
  5. I know this is probably theoretical but which one would likely be used in ranking? Note: the difference only arise if you have multiple Pseudonyms. Total CTR is based on Total Zoom/Total Hits. Average calculates individual CTR per Pseudonym, and then does a linear average of each (non weighted), so if you have one that has small weight but majorly divergent it can make a big difference. Extreme example: Pseudo 1 100Z/10000V 1.00 CTR Pseudo 2 0Z/100V 0.00 CTR Total CTR 0.99 Average CTR 0.50
  6. that's one thing i've wondered, since it was odd that it was always day end. could also be that the review results are only batched once a day, and as long as the image they looked at anytime in day passed, all your image in queue are passed through, with more leeway for high ranking contributors. curious of that 100,000 what proportion doesn't go through QC (ie. News and Reportage). add the mass dumps from affiliates which likely are not checked.
  7. i have never had an issue with hundred or thousands since to me that's obvious it's not dust problem (i am hoping my 3star rating will tell reviewer i am not that bad). My issue is more the 2 or 4 bird cases on clear editorial images which i don't really want to alter
  8. what i am finding recently for me is the QC approval seems to be bunched around 5-6pm GMT most weekday, so i have sometimes uploaded a last minute more timely seasonal image which made it through the QC batch.
  9. latest tweet from @contributorspotlight Authenticity is a key element to Marko's work, so he uses real subjects and environments wherever possible: highlights this image W3E6F0 an nice portrait of an onion seller in a French market,,, Problem this is the caption: LILLE, FRANCE - January 2, 2018: Daytime view on cafe restaurants and vintage buildings (even worse, thought date states January, also includes December,Xmas as KW) not really authentic. Really concerned that Alamy is using this as a reference to newcomme
  10. suchitoto has to be one of my favourite place in central america. great shots
  11. The former German embassy in the former royal capital of Cetinje, Montenegro Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Verwendung in einer Präsentation/Vortrag (z. B. Powerpoint und Keynote) oder in einem Newsletter. mid $
  12. ... and for keywording people, we used to call it by brand name "bodum"
  13. Popped in this morning. sadly low $, distributor, not enough to buy water left, so i'll wait until the dog is finished to drink straight from tap.. added: Slovenia, Editorial website, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate
  14. if you agree, at least structure the arrangement as marketing work, so you at least get expense deductions.
  15. not only the tax authority, immigration also. I'm always surprised how many people don't realise that working in exchange for something other than money can still be viewed as "employment", I've met a few who had issues and had it affect their entry into a country.
  16. wouldn't the production team have released similar images for free publicity? I have a friend who does shoots for food reality shows and they get sent as part of the press kits,
  17. probably more for a caption contest, than stock photo, but i love this one
  18. is this "live" news https://www.alamy.com/news/#BHM=foo%3Dbar%26qt%3D%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D120%26aoa%3D1%26news%3D%26sports%3D%26entmt%3D%26Videos%3D%26bb%3D1%26md%3DOL9324873%26dt%3D%26gid%3D{E6C0CCAA-65FF-4F6E-B6DF-45B2078ED15C}%26destxml%3D%26imglst%3D%26orderby%3DDT%26newsseq%3D%26userid%3D{8083FECD-3680-4216-B1FC-2E5B1033261B}%26rand%3D1573808486025 these are all old image, related to a newish (expected if you follow baseball) News event. EDIT: Looks like news desk answered my question, as it seems these were taken off (there was no reason they shou
  19. thanks for all the nice comments. many wonderful entries already, this is going to be tough..... some great interpretations, some totally unexpected (one i was expecting however not appearing yet đŸ˜‰ but still early) keep them coming, and make my life harder...
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