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  1. no i believe it was based on fact most people don't understand the difference between EU and Schengen zone. I believe the policy maker made the rules on Schengen, Trump saw oh, No UK i'll make a point to that. or do you really think Trump had reasons to protect, Romania and Bulgaria, but felt Iceland not an EU country was a major risk? (i will reserve my opinion on fact Ukraine doesn't seem to appear on bans)
  2. not only the health care system, pension reserve release would also be a big gain, especially with all the assets way down. (yes i'm a former actuary)
  3. i'm taking it in stride (but this is only day 2), and am lucky i have a sister who understands i need to do this for my mental stability. I have been going around with the cloud as a nomad of becoming a walking incubator, so now being holed up inside i am feeling so much tension finally leaving.... Quebec does seem way more aggressive. which is increasing some of the stress with people. it will be an interesting few months... currently going through my images of things i skipped over.... i'll have to wait a couple of weeks for new stuff
  4. after a struggling week to alter my plans, make it back to Canada and now start a mandatory Self Isolation (symptoms free thankfully) with nothing appearing on my sales feed, did a search on name to find two new hits.... one culture trip and one Telegraph picture of the day for the last live event i will attend for a few weeks.... the amounts will not be great, but it did make my day.... (this is the Telegraph image, based on search results (they are paywall)
  5. i made it there, and as coming from other country am in day 2 of Self Isolation in my sister's basement as per requirements. She has been really supportive... hope everything is fine on your side
  6. what would be interesting is if the argument from the Spanish Council is due to warantees they made the the production theme, but didn't put in place enough security to ensure the representation. the other issue is Spanish laws are more protective to rights of person (assuming there are people visible on the sets)
  7. woohoo a red arrow!.... bring it on. if they cared, {Insert country you have prejudice about} (A) would do away (BAN) with {insert typical generalization} , so i guess you are saying (A) doesn't care about its people
  8. Interestingly, though i take lots of fog shot, this makes me realise i haven't uploaded many. As i now have some "free time" i'll have to look into this.... For now Girl creating mist during photoshoot in Puebla Zocalo Church through branches and fog in Slovenia Pier to nowhere.
  9. also should favour images with proper captioning over random mass KW, to validate what is in image
  10. if they cared, the USA would do away (BAN) guns, so i guess you are saying the US doesn't care about its people easy to generalise
  11. on behalf of me: Thank you. I have seen too many people use bogus justification to justify not doing anything. There is a certain nomadic Guru that goes own that flying is OK, since it pollutes less than XYZ.... (forgetting to mention, "oh yeah if you guys stop doing it my blog and referrals are worthless). similar as some people justifying not adapting to COVID-19, because you are more likely to die from Shark attack......(i am still awaiting his stats on Shark death in Milan, but that's another story )
  12. i was on the Subway last night and these 2 "young ones" probably mid-20s, were saying, it's only old people that are affected. I really wanted to say "like your parents or grandparents?'" but didn't
  13. wake up @John Mitchell it's 6:43.... 🙂 are the cherry blossoms in bloom ?
  14. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/12100-monthly-challenge-list-of-subjects/
  15. similar, but it seems that the systems still considers Uploads in batches with the straight through QC. What i mean that i can do 10 uploads the same day and they will get through QC straight through, and be considered as one Alamy Upload, (i like to keep my subjects in different sets in AIM) In fact because i was in N.A. time zone I was able to experienced that I got flagged for QC just after midnight UK time, and any subsequent upload until got the All clear. One evening i had 4 4 or 5 sets uploaded cleared straight through, and then one got in QC line. When i looked at clock
  16. to me it's beyond complacent, some of the comments I've read is all about "Me". I was reading comments of a forum of Pilgrims, and someone was going on "I'm not going to let this virus change my plan to go walk, i am young and healthy", when someone pointed out she would then put at risk elderly locals she replied "People die of hunger every 5 seconds"......
  17. Arrived in Toronto yesterday, International arrivals, no special measure, no screening, no temperature readings (i travelled during one of the Chicken flu in mid 2000s and we were all being read getting off airplane in NZ). Only difference is in the custom declaration a pop up screen "did you visit Wuhan or Iran in last 14 days" (you would think at least Italy would be in there).
  18. demographics and test protocols . death rate is Death/cases with confirmed infections. if you focus your testing to people a)in higher risk category and/or stronger symptom you affect the number. in addition i read that Italy's was potentially more vulnerable due to proportion of elderly
  19. also the business world is not adapting to people. even if i felt slightly under the weather tomorrow (which i am not), i would lose my flight and Airbnb would not allow me to cancel my Toronto reservation, because i need official quarantine order for that, also putting my host at risk for the sake of their 15% commission. i'm wondering if this will collapse the whole AirBnb model, they are in trouble for the full apartment rental side, and now you just need a few private room hosts to get infected because of the lack of flexibility ...
  20. i fly back to Toronto tomorrow from Mexico, curious to see airport procedures. So far Mexico has extremely low rate of infection, but this may be more indication of their system. lot's of stuff in bloom, plus pollution so with my allergies i spent today indoors because i don't really want to go to airport sneezing.....
  21. i have had a few images from Lumix DMC-ZS100 accepted, but all taken with no zoom at lowest ISO, which seems to match above criterias.
  22. 🙂 i use C1. I know some images i do at 90% when i want speedy uploads and i have bad Wifi, but now i'm curious how low i could go. i'll try some tests later.
  23. 🙂 looks like i got a ChallengeWhack. love your straw image from a sustainability stock image view....
  24. yeah the Primitivo is probably the nicest walking of the caminos in Northern Spain. loved it
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