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  1. Great post Betty, and pretty much what i was thinking when i was looking at Peter's portfolio. one caveat on the "picture of people without release " : Please check the local regulations.
  2. not sure i agree. For example, word searches seem to have great logic based on what is provided by contributor: Description>Super Tag> KW, that's much more advanced, and allows you the contributor to promote your best work. Images that have sold before, so likely more appealing, rank higher. So not random. i'm curious which site you feel have better logic?
  3. i just did Scotch, people age=[10-11 years].... you can guess the results
  4. ok, some tests. it's from drop down. it's and OR but no idea where it catches the info. it must make assumption (if you have certain KW) .
  5. if the search request specified it, it would have [RM] or [RF] (probably 3-5% of my hits have the specification)
  6. extremely hard to know, since if it excludes you, you will not see it in AoA. I cannot see any hit with a location in [ ] in my results. this however brings another finding. I have a search with [child] [teenager] in search. note, though the results were appropriate, I have no indication that my images included teenagers, In fact only word i have in there is "kids"....
  7. it will make a difference if it affects you appearing in searches. Looking through my last month of AoA, i have search that specify RF and some that specify RM.
  8. Tests so far, While you have a submission in QC, new submissions also go to "QC- holding pattern", once you get to All clear, straight through until your number comes up again for random QC
  9. i'll make some tests, adding continent in field see if I get a hit
  10. but then we will have debates from people who have issues differentiating geographically and geopolitically regarding Greenland (well until Uncle Donald buys it).... even Geographically a portion of Iceland is on the North American continental shelf,,, (yet, still part of Schengen Europe)
  11. as i mentioned in my "other question" i searched an image in Bucharest, Romania, got 11 results. When i pick the Image filter "europe" all images disappear, even those with Bucharest, Romania in search, and even the ones with "europe" in KW
  12. for the safety on the collection, i truly hope it will be random. i worry that mine have both happened on same day of the week so far
  13. interesting. most reports of QC on ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ contributors have been in 2-3 hours time frame.
  14. yes, and as i asked lower, there is a location filter in the image search that doesnt seem to link with anything i entered.
  15. it's a secret club... it's so secret even the members have no idea what it is...
  16. OK. in QC again today, with a generic image. This is the second tuesday since ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ that I get a QC review. hope they don't make it that predictable.....
  17. Reduced carbon footprint Santa how much is that candy in the display Do they know it's Christmas.
  18. I just did a search for a Sculpture in Bucharest, Romania. I get 11 results. When i add the Location filter, 'Europe' all disappear even though some have the Location field filled and all have a variation of the location in the title (some even have Europe as a KW)
  19. it was more the fact the image was already up, so OP felt good enough about picture to have it uploaded, then proper caption made sense to me. adding fact there is actually only 105 results to "lizard wood fence"
  20. Under Lens Correction, there is a slider for the distortion. It defaults to 100, but you can play with range from 0-120 to get desired For the transformation equivalent of LR, you have 4 sliders in Keystone. as well as point options to do adjustments. There is no nice Auto click (at least not on v.12).
  21. it also depends how many actually get the 5 Stars. Don't forget we are all regulars here. Just went and checked MSG and there is no mention of it.
  22. questioned on the streets by 4 heavily armed Turkish police asking why i was taking picture of them. When i showed they were not the actual subject, just in background, they actually let me go without deleting the images pursued by a subway employee in the Bucharest Metro, for taking pictures of the nice 60s architecture in station, and made to delete the images.
  23. yeah i had seen German searches before, and thought that it was that (and not being fluent in German i didn't pay too much attention). But now getting a French one that did not fit it got me curious, what the source was, especially with all the Alamy tweets to promote France stuff.
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