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  1. i loved how having one person ignoring the artist made it even more empty....
  2. i'll continue the trend by giving children a voice
  3. also the big advantage i found, is immediate access to the Image manager. i'm much more likely to fill it out effectively, with image available right away, so that should be a positive for Alamy since they claim it's useful
  4. as i mentioned i had 20-25 images through the first go through, then had to invent "culling rules" to get down to 8. this was tougher than picking my best images to Alamy from a specific subject, i also struggled between criterias as i picked a subject that wasn't obvious in a Stock environment. 😉
  5. 😉 well your shot was also low on graffiti, something hard to find. i found this lovely abandoned mini golf course yesterday, but had no way of getting on angle without them in back, so now have some PS work scheduled.
  6. as of this week it changed, which has been confirmed in e-mails to other by Alamy. There is a 5 stars rating. No idea if there is a 4 stars
  7. have to say, you probably found the least graffiti-ed vandalised room in the whole world.
  8. according to image manager i have 537 submissions, no failure. So maybe 80 puts you in the next batch.
  9. truly deserving. i actually struggled to not also include your empty theater seats from above (i used one finalist by person as a culling method, picking is hard so much great work 😀). that was a great point of view. but the shadow of the wheelchair just made it so much more "empty"
  10. tribute to what everyone tells us beginners, to be patient. Finally getting some traction 6 sales, $93 gross. also doubled my CTR . so except for $amount average, some positive.
  11. my IPTC doesn't show any of these terms, i have headlines and description. So the description field
  12. As i was curious in testing where I would fit after almost one year, I decided to try the BHZ test. As a misunderstanding at some point i ended up with three Pseudonyms, so i used three recent image all RM, marginal enough to not have been a view nor zoom in my reports so far. Note one of my Pseudonym has a CTR double the other 2. Added BHZ as a keyword. The three images ended on page 27, ironically the one from top Pseudo was the lowest of the 3. a week later Made BHZ a supertag. The images bump to page 11. Again same order of appearance as before, so s
  13. as further update, the image uploaded yesterday, and accepted, is now fully operational for customers and was found with simple search, so server gets updated on week-end
  14. Poll closes December 8, 23:59. Good luck to all, so many great entry, this was tough.
  15. thanks everyone. great submissions. Challenged is now closed, i now have gone through first round, and have 23 finalists.... now starting random justifications to get it to 8 😀
  16. makes sense. when you change for all images, i wonder what happens to the historical data. do the hits, zooms, sales statistics get carried, lost or remain so you always technically have an empty pseudonym?
  17. probably only agreed to upload these images if he got the feature the way he wanted.
  18. looks like it, just uploaded one that i had hanging back, and it passed within a minute.
  19. nice. my only Alamywhack my image was sadly even more marginal than the search subject itself....
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