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  1. i know the month i won i followed when i saw i was leading (mainly stressing about potential of finding a subject 🙂 ) ..... could i suggest that in winner announcement post the person's forum ID be linked so they get a notice at top ( using @ then starting to type the ID give you a list) @AlexG your attendance is required...
  2. probably thankful paper didn't give credit to photographer. i wonder if author ever thought this image would be used in article with title including "Hard core Porn" . the always interesting mystery what our images will be used for...
  3. i don't think anyone would expect to use Google, when this forum actually has all the information required. When i started i probably spent 2 weeks just going through pages and pages on posts, from what people sold, to optimal keywording and divergent views on many subjects. In addition Alamy is the only agency i've seen that provides tools like All of Alamy, and give us insight on what their customers are looking for...
  4. maybe another one of these "stranger in a strange land" issue, where we don't expect people to do the work for us, and other generations do. the one thing i don't understand is why no one understand that deferring the work to someone else has a cost. There is a reason MS will keep up 85% of the fee to cover their side...
  5. but this just a keyword for clients to find what they need. the data clearly identifies there is a person and no waiver is available.
  6. thanks forgot "worker".... but that doesn't really identify that the image is identity-less for the editors.
  7. in fairness Markus, from what i've seen, is treating other stock platforms similarly
  8. 🙂 as you can see from replies when i pointed it out, that's too complicated. Easier to let Alamy do it, like all the great MS
  9. I see many images being used where people are not readily identifiable either with significant body including head not present, most features heavily covered or blurred through movement. With concerns on privacy being greater around the world i assume this is a conscious decision from editors when having a specific person has little value to the story. These images are listed as having people in them, so now it's all about Keywording to have them found. I went through AoA, and found only 20 odd search in last year for %faceless%, and 8 for %unidentifiable% . What other KW do you use?
  10. one slight positive i have seen on one MS this week, is a bunch of people had sales they didn't understand, and when representative went digging they found out, that the accounting area had gone after clients for misuse of the licensing terms. Some of the amounts were extremely small, but still it was interesting to read in this day and age of giving images away...
  11. MS is Microstock, like i've seen you submit to. If you insist on using them and are not sure of your own QC, might as well use their feature of no impact of rejections by submitting to them first, and use that as an additional QC
  12. but that's a double sword if the own QC is not done properly. Since QC looks at a few images per "QC defined submission" you then have more images reviewed by going the small upload at a time. based on your other comments that you upload elsewhere, one thing i did as i was learning when i started, for images that i thought could be borderline, was to use MS sites as an additional QC in my process.
  13. my understanding is it is linked with when the images hit the server reset to upload new images, and i am pretty sure i have deleted images that never got for sales officially, even though the indicator said "on sale" ADDED: Just tested it. Uploaded image. Went through, was showing "On Sale" (5Star review), deleted within seconds, shows as "Deleted" not deleting with date in months. so there is a bit of upon time (and i remember doing the same going through QC)
  14. i have uploaded to other platforms, and have never needed a property release, but i'm mainly a soft editorial producer.
  15. in fairness, the Congratulations you have passed QC e-mail always referred to submission singular, even if all the images had not been submitted together. as for your learnings, the first one is the only one that really counts. If you do that, you will pass QC regardless of number of images.
  16. i have five stars, and my friday submission wasn't approved until the PM monday.
  17. since i include performance art in Art i would usually but it there. on a literal interpretation it is "entertainment"
  18. i assume they need a certain number of submissions within their analysis time frame to make the assessment of "You obviously check your work thoroughly before you upload," but neither the ordinals nor the reviewed time line have been volunteered from them, possibly to make it harder to game the system.
  19. i've been 5 stars for a month so far i've gotten stopped for QC 4 times, the first 2 on a Wednesday, the next two on a Friday. Since i've been in North America during the period, I had cleared QC the following opened morning Eastern time zone (thursday, and monday respectively).
  20. Guardian On-line https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jan/05/britain-annual-carbon-emissions-overtake-africa-two-weeks-oxfam H9C8RJ Dereje Belachew Aerial view of the Kigali, the capita city of Rwanda, from the hills on the outskirt of the city https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jan/05/high-court-to-decide-if-children-can-consent-to-gender-reassignment M8R47T Andrea Obzerova Young unrecognisable female college student in class, reading textbook.
  21. second week in a row to hit the random QC on Friday night. so likely no review until Monday, and not on sale until Tuesday
  22. and is the first image for a Google search of "environmentally friendly kit brush" (which is a thing Alamy seem to do well.... so hopefully we gain more than we lose when someone is actually looking for the image)
  23. thanks. i guess search return didn't work because it's only 2 letters...
  24. sorry for starting a new question for this, but i'm curious as in couldn't find it listed in the lexicon, and it had a big impact on the number of results on a search reducing from 42,to 8
  25. based on reading a few rejections query i think one of the issue with this for many newcomers is the use of the term "submission" (see OP's comment in second post "However, it turns out that several submissions got rejected because of one photo.") QC seems to define "submission" as all the image outstanding for review, however AIM splits all "submissions" into every time one presses submit, and this is what the contributor sees. What QC does is correct, as it removes the potential for abuse of just pressing submit after each images, but i can see why there wou
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