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  1. interesting. most reports of QC on ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ contributors have been in 2-3 hours time frame.
  2. yes, and as i asked lower, there is a location filter in the image search that doesnt seem to link with anything i entered.
  3. it's a secret club... it's so secret even the members have no idea what it is...
  4. OK. in QC again today, with a generic image. This is the second tuesday since ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ that I get a QC review. hope they don't make it that predictable.....
  5. Reduced carbon footprint Santa how much is that candy in the display Do they know it's Christmas.
  6. I just did a search for a Sculpture in Bucharest, Romania. I get 11 results. When i add the Location filter, 'Europe' all disappear even though some have the Location field filled and all have a variation of the location in the title (some even have Europe as a KW)
  7. it was more the fact the image was already up, so OP felt good enough about picture to have it uploaded, then proper caption made sense to me. adding fact there is actually only 105 results to "lizard wood fence"
  8. Under Lens Correction, there is a slider for the distortion. It defaults to 100, but you can play with range from 0-120 to get desired For the transformation equivalent of LR, you have 4 sliders in Keystone. as well as point options to do adjustments. There is no nice Auto click (at least not on v.12).
  9. it also depends how many actually get the 5 Stars. Don't forget we are all regulars here. Just went and checked MSG and there is no mention of it.
  10. questioned on the streets by 4 heavily armed Turkish police asking why i was taking picture of them. When i showed they were not the actual subject, just in background, they actually let me go without deleting the images pursued by a subway employee in the Bucharest Metro, for taking pictures of the nice 60s architecture in station, and made to delete the images.
  11. yeah i had seen German searches before, and thought that it was that (and not being fluent in German i didn't pay too much attention). But now getting a French one that did not fit it got me curious, what the source was, especially with all the Alamy tweets to promote France stuff.
  12. yeah not problem, i was just trying to respect the no naming convention.... i do see what you read
  13. pleasure. it was hard to chose 8 finalists, but i honestly think, had all the options been presented, you would have won, ( except maybe with strategic voting and you splitting your the votes between all your images 😉)
  14. where did i classify Alamy as a MS. i referred to the other place as a MS. maybe i should have used "random MS" but to be honest, the issue is way more irrelevant results than labels. And when Alamy keeps saying they want more images of France to increase that market, if French customer get irrelevant results because of bad translation, this is way more the issue.... the Image of children from Beijing in London, and Alamyimages.fr didn't even translate Beijing, to the general French appellation of Pékin, though it did translate London to Londres (but of course it erroneously
  15. see i think deleting it is a bad decision. I think this was a decent image of " Lizard on a old weathered wood fence" .. the importance is to clearly take the time to state what is visible. If you want to add the info about where it as taken, you can use the extra info field, as this will be available for reference, but not searchable.
  16. If something shows up in AoA in another language, does that mean the search was made in that language version of Alamy? I'm curious as i got three hits labelled "Echange d'achat de photo" . I was curious since the images were irrelevant and nothing in my english description nor KW should have led to a hit on "achat" (purchase), so i found the image on Alamyimages.fr and nowhere does the word appear. (note the translation was decent, and much better than i have seen at another MS)
  17. as we are seeing more reports that the system still includes random QC checks, if these remain unpredictable, and ungamable, people who want to unload weak stuff probably will continue to use other method (reportage) in fact if the impact of a rejection means losing the 5* advantage, it's making me even more careful.
  18. do you lose credit for an Alamywhack when your own competition is yourself? two word search with 6 results, all mine. one zoom....
  19. Congratulations @Michael Ventura. Thanks to everyone for participating...
  20. final day of voting..... thanks all who participated, this was a great experience to run for a month
  21. i guess because they still do random checks, many of us went through a QC once since the 5Stars, and having gotten the new feature, i am now even more afraid of impact of getting a rejection and losing the 5Stars, though i am implementing a new procedure to mitigate that risk
  22. even with model release, i doubt NBC would give you the right to use their logo commercially.
  23. though i can understand your potential reading of the guidelines, it would lead to major abuse as you would then load one image press submit, and therefor have all images considered as "separate submission". This is not how industrial QC should work. I would worry if my food manufacturer considered batch as "what was produced in last 2 minutes seconds" and only remove the one bad so called batch when a problem was found. If there was ONE problem in the system, all should be recalled
  24. solid image subjects i think. Be careful on your food images, you seem to crop really tight and cut some of the plates. one thing i noticed is on most of your images of "Young boy" you are missing the gender-less keywords such as Kid, Child also image 2A7M328. The subject is way more the VW van, so it should be in the title (more weight in search), you should pull it from shadows a bit more, and i think the horizon could be more straight ... also i don't see much "burnt" to be honest
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