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  1. red arrow likely not about that image, got arrowed down all over, but it seems par for the course here. I'm likely out for a little while... stay safe
  2. this is funny. oh well i'll let Alamy forum moderator handle it.
  3. and i how can i explain to you that your claim is Wrong? The fact the client has not paid Alamy is likely the reason your amount has not cleared. As has been explained, 45 days is the minimum requirement for payment to clear at Alamy, but if client doesn't pay, your Agent can't pay you, same as any agent. But instead of learning and reading the agreement you signed with Alamy to be your representative you prefer making incendiary claims on a public forum. Maybe the terms are not acceptable to you and that's fine, but why did you agree with them? In the end Alamy has likely not stolen anything from you, but you have opened yourself to libel. This will be my last reply, as it does appear that all you want to do is continue to not read the contract you entered in.
  4. this was actually part of the 'great' right-wing anti-Trudeau rally in Ottawa on Canada day, which ended up being so funny, as people all seem to be protesting about totally random stuff, from gun laws, to corruption, to masks, to vaccines.... some guy was even protesting the British army with his Patriotes (QC) flag. I wish i had more picture, but i was really out of my comfort zone with now of these taking the pandemic seriously.... as for the other comment, yes they should have intervened earlier, it still not done. They totally messed up by going with the LTC home angle the whole way, so not an issue in the community is what people decided to hear. we will get hit by the second wave soon.....
  5. and before some says, but they are all editorial... . flower, nature, white, plant, spring, green, flowers, strawberry, yellow, blossom, flora, macro, bloom, garden, wild, beauty, summer, forest, wood, leaf, daisy, natural, anemone, petal, grass so yes it does a good job, as it would make sure that people who do their own kw are advantages, but not sure that's what you had in mind added: also remember that system is suppose to fever top entered KW, so this does not seem to be really helpful.
  6. out of curiosity i uploaded this one to another MS with recent compensation issues, and it's even worse at creating relevant kw. "flag, symbol, nation, national, wind, government, international, business, finance, world, together, banner, politics, united, friendship, patriotism, cooperation, freedom, partnership, concept, texture, stripes, background, independence, 3d"
  7. Not sure i agree, So i tried. Uploaded two recent image e "flower, garden, flowers, nature, plant, green, spring, summer, window, pink, wall, pot, stone, decoration, frame, outdoor, wood, beautiful, floral, wooden, gardening, plants, white, old, red" "flag, flags, building, red, usa, blue, national, architecture, symbol, wind, white, house, europe, sky, country, america, patriotism, city, banner, canada, window, nation, old" Seems to be missing what the actual content of the image is, and also include wrong information
  8. and at other end of spectrum, Ottawa on Canada Day
  9. my bad you are correct, wrong adjustments %. i'll make corrections
  10. just my guess, Also his focus being Turkey it would make sense, because the images i sold through affiliates in Turkey took a long time to clear.
  11. my decoder says Sale, more than 45 days ago, through a affiliate distributor still shows Uncleared, and instead of reading replies OP would rather make wild random accusations speculations added: some lovely, though repetitive, imagery
  12. stealing is a big word. can you back these allegations? Again Alamy cannot pay you until the buyer has.
  13. my understanding is that there is more that has not cleared after 45 days, and based on the 30% commission (sic!) it's affiliates.
  14. your english is fine, i probably was snarky. i'm not even sure if the pricing is what will kill MS, as much as the fact that the maintain the low costs they a)open door to everyone and b)stop caring about the quality of the offering, because that's a cost.
  15. 2 small single $ sales, which i expected, as i had no reported sales outstanding for the first time in a year. Bump back in CTR up to 0.93. feeling mentally better, so that's that, and this is what i need to concentrate on at this point. having fun again walking around with camera for the last few days...
  16. 45 days is minimum delay to clear. I still have affiliates from January that haven't, and others have reported longer. Alamy can't pay us if they don't receive money sadly.
  17. i think there is also another place of Short term profit vs Sustainability in the "how to" industry (and not talking only stock photo). People find a recipe that works and want to cash in immediately instead of getting continuous return from working recipe. What is ironic, is now the "how to" industry is no longer a place to cash in (and i'm sure the How to "how to" is dying economically on most subject), as even those who did are now looking for new source.
  18. have to agree, but we had a similar debate here last week, at the general conclusion was that personal profit was better than social profit, so why is this one different?
  19. more reporting of the sort should actually be suspicious, since it might imply that reporting of sales of non subs were actually delayed to only hit at a lower rate of compensation. actually if you don't sell to the high volume you also get hit, as you need those to climb in the scale every year
  20. but pricing has not changed so that's not relevant. Did you receive a higher % than before, since all non Subscription were already on a %
  21. have a feeling they will remember their graduation day....
  22. below $3 now. but activity is activity. hopefully boosts up image in searches Image use: Editorial Details of use: Editorial website Image Size: Any size Duration: up to 5 years Country: Worldwide Industry sector: Travel & tourism Additional Details: Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity
  23. not sure if that's supposed to be a mask on face. added: I really need to get a box of Timbits to put next to him for the ultimate Canadian stereotype.
  24. The search function is quite precise of looking for what people asked for. The word "On" is actually really important . Over the last month there is over 1500 searches that include it. For example "People ON white background" gives 10700 pages of results "People white background" gives 26600 pages..... with reminds my, i probably should do a sweep... of my images
  25. this seems correct, I don't see "On" anywhere in your caption nor your KWs,
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