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  1. Does Alamy even collect data from Distributor searches?
  2. i had avoided winter for 6 years, but now not really an option. I actually was surprised last year that it wasn't that bad, for someone raised with it. What gets to me more is the daylight issue, but days are slowly getting longer, 7:30am and it's already decent light out there, and the sun will set after 5pm tonight...
  3. opposite end of the spectrum. I actually can stand the -26C real feel, with a bunch of layers. But the Wind Warning that creates it is what gets to me. Yesterday which was similar was viable until you had to go against the wind and then got it would go straight through in the face,
  4. even more this has to do with Alamy keeping on top of these partners they select for us in exchange for a 60% commission of the net licence fee. The above acknowledgement pretty much shows even Alamy was taken by surprise by these licences.
  5. Go to Your Dashboard "Additional Revenue Options" box under the results graph "Distribution" In or Out if OUT that's it If IN, click on Distribution to check specific territory which you are technically in (note last item seems to have issues, since people reported Out for "China" still had December 30 sales)
  6. Licence for mid $$ appeared yesterday. Here are the terms: Country: World English Language ; Usage: iQ sale: Educational book. Editorial print + digital use. Up to 1/2 page inside. Repeat use permitted ; Industry Sector: Education ; Start: 17-December-2021 ; End: 17-December-2046 Interesting, i had a sale Refund for the same image on December 17 which had been originally licenced in September. A year ago, this would have been frustrating, but i would have waved it off as "This is the way Alamy operates, in the end it's all the same".
  7. when i got a similar stay, i ended up teaching myself to make tamagoyaki, the japanese omelette. It was fun. Never managed to make pretty like they did in sushi restaurant, but it was delicious.
  8. even the poster's location includes an acronym... KISS in the USA, ASAP.....
  9. to be honest yes, because one time does not negate the statement " Alamy have been good with contact on these threads recently." you can decide to assume the worse out of the employees of Alamy, that is up to you. For me they have always been responsive. My issues have been with the direction, but never with the employees most of them having for the last two years to deal not only with an on-going pandemic, but at the same time a big corporate philosophy change. Having gone through quite a few corporate take-overs I tend to give slack to the employees.
  10. this is bad. Curious do they confirm it was from Live New Feed? With images now appearing immediately (i just check, the last feed from Russia is already available) in Stock search under new tab Alamy makes them available under all packages instantaneously
  11. AlamyWhack this morning! Two words, one result and zoomed. since this is a café in a fairly touristy place, i am now expecting a $3 licence when they do their next reporting run.
  12. this is really worrying. So are they saying we need to email them every time we notice delays? Is that the procedure considering the information was presented here, i assumed that was what we were supposed to do.
  13. Only -15C this morning. (and actually going up to 0 over the next 24 hours)
  14. it's a combination of the answers we have had (and the commission is just straight out of the contract), and an extrapolation that first they said these licences were "Novel", but then retracted said they were just regular ones. Most of them are from people's posts in a thread called "Selling for pennies" (which at least Alamy as now nicely moved out of the suggestion forum). You will also notice towards the end, that they stated that all other answers would likely come only from direct communication from e-mails, hence the no further statements to come.
  15. i wonder if Alamy will update us on the Zoom reduction project..... as for slow, same here. one tiny distro, and 3 zooms (though all 3 of them on specific searches where i was the only zoom, so fingers crossed)
  16. i agree that they are unjustifiable- and that's also on Alamy for not controlling and having no reporting mechanism, i however have doubt on the liability part. In the end Alamy made a decision to move towards Quantity over Quality as a competitive tool.
  17. Sorry, but that is on the buyer for hits , especially since we contributor do not control how the system returns search queries. I am curious in fact what the jurisprudence is on people relying on Keywords to establish content of on image. If the person never wrote "Scotland" in the Caption, isn't that on the client. Furthermore technically I could have "New Scotland in Latin" as a keyword for all my Nova Scotia images (i won't because of the impact on my CTR), is it my responsibility that Alamy would bring these out in a Scotland search?
  18. to be honest, i think we have had Alamy's explanation. "This is the market, and we and our distributors charge what WE feel is appropriate, and charge you (60%-88% in 2022) for this expertise. In addition we have now normalised approaches that we deemed "Novel" in the past as part of our standard approach". edit: should have made clear i was combining the information contributors have received under one quote.
  19. -22C real feel this morning (7am), and getting colder as day goes on. that's the post.
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