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  1. Hello Taban, your link don't work....... here my blurb book, if you like to take a look... https://www.blurb.com/books/3143921-giovane-orchestra-del-salento
  2. This is an interesting point, but not the point I wanted to talk about. The point is that in the result page the customer find duplicate contents coming from sub-agencies in the first positions. Maybe is time for Alamy to narrow the contents they accept from sub-agencies? How can be avoided this dilution in the SERP?
  3. Yes, that can be true, but surely the sub-agency have higher CTR, due to tighter selection, so their relatively small collections will stay upper on single contributors photos
  4. I found these duplicate images, coming from two different agencies: RX9H0K and RX6BH7 Problem is that both images are both in strong rank position in the page, and that hurt my and other contributors position, slipping down in the bottom of pages.ts Don't have Alamy any way to reduce duplicate contents? Now that search by image is a mature technology (yet available in shutterstock) can be useful to reduce tha number of contents to gain a best performance with customer and contributors. What you think about?
  5. Steve (and Ed).. I am conscius about my limited english knowledge, but maybe sometime I inherited other mistakes. Usually I use the tool https://microstockgroup.com/tools/keyword.php (did you know?) to help my keywording job, and sometime I noticed wrong keywords set. So maybe my mistakes suffer the dominoes effect of other mistakes
  6. Thank you Steve; yes, you are right, my Metadata must be better, as in huge photo library as Alamy, photo quality is not enough to be succesful. My English skill came from a lot of keywording and learning songs lyrics to play with guitar; in my school time I was a bit lazy student..... Surely need to improve.. thank you
  7. Hello fellow photographers, I am in the photo stock industry from a very long time, when my archive was distributed by Franca Speranza Agency in Milan, Italy. Then time are changed and with digital age even excellent slides don't sell more, my agency close the doors, and for some year I was orphanized by a distribution, putting my 10 thousands slides in a box. Back in 2009 I has a big client (Carrefour group) and shoot photos food for leaflet and press marketing, so, with my studio plenty of foods and kitchen tools, I start again a new age of stock photos. That was the micro
  8. With my big surprize, I found tha t I have two payments for DACS in my account. I never thinked thats something I can see..... Not so high, but... Good
  9. Usually I set my common subject image as RF, and non-exclusive, selling it also in other agency; if subject is uncommon or there are unreleased people, property or brands inside, set as RM, and sometime as exclusive. I don't know how this impact the sales, but would be nice to know by Alamy official voice if and how the searches are impacted by flagging RF vs RM
  10. For non mother tongue english photographers, keywording can need some help from some tools available on the web (but this is not automatic keywording), and I don't think is a bad practice if you review the result About the green bar, what you think about using composite keywords of 2 or 3 words, repeating the single words used in the keywords field? For example, I use Amalfi, coast, coastline, but also Amalfi Coastline, AMalfi coast, and I reach the green bar this way. Do you think it is an useless process?
  11. Thank you for your answers, I am now remembering some time ago Alamy ask if I want to sign for their collecting of DACS. I was thinking it was a small slice of a small pie to share, but now I understand that for many of us is a interesting slice of pie. What I don't understand is if we, as artists, need to go out hunting for publications or they do for us.. I can't believe they match all our pictures (what the source is?), nor I can't believe that all our portfolios of thousands of pictures are submitted to match for residual incomes. How it work for you, that collects 3 digits royalties from
  12. Hello all there, I am from south east Italy in Salento; new in this forum, but on board with Alamy from ten years, and shooting stock from the slides time. After some years of uploading non activity, I plan ti start again the hard job of retouching, keywording and submitting pictures, this after a crash of 1Tb hard disk in "waiting to postproduce". I ease the uploading for some years because I was in theGoogle Business photos program, and invest all the time in this new business, with alternate success. Now is time to come back home.
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