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  1. 2 hours ago, Mr Standfast said:

    Alamy are still in the market, try the live news team and see how it goes. Unlikely they will turn down a good picture, before these shenanigans they were always helpful.


    3 hours ago, Bigjimh71 said:

    Has anyone had a reply back after re-applying? I mainly do live music and festivals and right now is the time to be applying for the festival season. I'm a little lost as to if I should apply in the hope that I get my live news uploads back or if I should wait and possibly miss a lot of festivals because I didn't apply in time.

    Why don't you apply to other news agencies there are loads of them, and none can behave in as bad a way as ALAMY have.  :)

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Keith Douglas said:


    The guidance from Alamy doesn't exclude weather photographs, and many have pointed out on here that there is a demand for such images. There are contributors who understand what sells In that area and have made a repeated success of it, so presumably they are still submitting to Live News.

    I'm sure that if you contact Alamy about your news stories they will be helpful.



    I don't think they will, and I am not interested in asking them, I am happy to put them on my Photo Shelter page for now, I don't want to be ringing ALAMY for permission every time, not when they revoked my access. It's all left a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth and my days of handing my hard work over for 50% are over, in some ways their bad management has done me a favour. I wasn't implying that weather images weren't saleable, just not news, unless it's something unusual, like a hurricane or flood or an extreme heat event, you get my drift.

  3. 8 hours ago, Penelope B said:

    I wasnt being critical of anyones pictures, far from it.  ✌️

    Neither was I, it was a genuine question, as in why are there still non-news weather photographs in the Live news Feed whilst people are still locked out of Live News unable to file actual Live News images, I have three news stories now backlogged with nowhere as yet to file them, ie not weather photographs. Best wishes PS I think we got our wires crossed :)

  4. 1 hour ago, sb photos said:


    Pen, we've all seen borderline or non news images in the live news feed, and nothing is usually done to remove them. In recent days I saw around 5 'news' images that were either grossly underexposed, with 2 that looked as if they had been shot with the lens cap on. This was after Alamy's emails were sent out removing access to live news uploads.


    I've had my live news access removed. In the short time I've been with Alamy I've uploaded over 2000 live news images. I believe all would have passed QC for stock, I check at 200% on a retina screen.


    I will be applying for live news access, but note that very few users of this forum that have applied have reported that they had a reply from Alamy. This doesn't take account of those not active on this forum though. I'm in the process of sorting out my portfolio and tear sheets. With reference to "Do you have breaking news images which have been taken in the past hour", has anyone said yes and had a quick response back? My dilemma would be how long to wait before sending elsewhere, was thinking 15 minutes max.


    Now back to my decorating, I hate it, and a coffee.

    I applied and all I got back was, " we will take all your comments on board" lolwil



  5. 2 hours ago, Penelope B said:

    I wonder if this whole process is a way of reducing the amount of less than perfect images that will end up as stock. A lot of live news images couldnt be submitted as stock images as in many instances simply wouldnt be good enough. 

    If that is the case then why is the live fee still full of the same less than perfect images as you put it. :)

  6. 13 minutes ago, Chuck Nacke said:

    Well I went through "Re-applying" for the Live News Upload, and I have been occasionally contributing to Alamy Live News

    since it began.  Yesterday I also had three stories happening at the same time.


    I wanted to say that in most cases, submitting images within an hour of being shot is foolish.  I started as a magazine

    photojournalist and have never wanted to be a wire service photographer.  I prefer my images and captions to be more finished

    and the IPTC information to be more complete.  It is like the difference between an article in a daily newspaper and a

    well written, researched piece in a weekly or monthly magazine.  Yea you might miss some low quick licenses, but

    the long term licenses and quality are more important to me, Just My Opinion.


    There are occasionally images where the speed of processing and upload are the most important issue, but not very often.


    I will also add that yesterday, 4/4/19, Alamy News was great helping get it all straightened out and I was able to upload

    event photos within hours of making the images.


    My experience with Alamy and Alamy Live News has been exceptional and I've worked with a number of Photo agencies

    and libraries over the decades.



    I agree with you on the quality being more important overall than the speed. I have not had the same experience with Alamy as you, which is a real shame as they came recommended. I have not had any replies from Alamy, and I have had no outcome from reapplying. I have several news stories this weekend, needless to say, if my buttons are greyed out I won't be filing.

  7. 1 hour ago, Foreign Export said:


    To me your point makes the argument not to restrict who can upload - but to control what is uploaded

    I agree, this is what other agencies do, you send in your photos, and quite often they will wittle them down, especially if it was an event that was well covered. It suggests that ALAMY doesn't have the manpower for this. At the end of the day, ALAMY leave all the hard work to the photographers and I think rather than swiping  a whole host of photojournalists off the table, they could perhaps look at reinstating the photographers that mostly file news worthy images and cap the amount of images you can upload to a max of 10.   The more I have had time to think about the way it happened yesterday, the more I think it was badly done. I had only been with them for eight months, hardly time to sit down, before getting swiped.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Sally said:

    I fully understand the sentiments and views of those who have had their privilege revoked. 

    However these “everyday” weather pics sell, and sell by the cart load. Just take a look at The Sun or Mail, even the Times publishes weather pictures. Yes, the quality is sometimes somewhat dubious. But if that’s what the papers want, and they sell within the Live News period, they command much higher prices. A stock sale of $5-10 is very different than a news sale of $50-150. So, yes they are ‘News’ whether we like it or not.

    What has this to do with culling photo journalists? I know colleagues who carry full press cards like myself who like myself have been doing live news for years, and are very good at it, who were culled yesterday. If ALAMY wants to be known for selling photo's of rainbows and puddles, then perhaps they should say so and not gove the impression that they are anything more than a stock agency. :)

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  9. Still no reply to my request for reapplication. Still no explanation as to why ALAMY have no idea how to deal with people. You culled the many to save a few. Still awaiting a reply, every day that goes by that you ignore people, the more unprofessional you come across. Because you have handled people so badly I can't imagine why anyone would want to give you their images as stock. I only ever filed live news, and you still didn't push my work. My last agency was bad but at least they gave me regular sales, every week, in the Nationals and online, your outfit reminds me of DEMOTIX, who were awful! and they went down the pan. Well done ALAMY, you aimed to shoot yourself in the foot and didn't miss.

  10. According to ALAMY this is what they want us to consider regarding  Live News.

    "We need pictures of breaking news, an ongoing news story of interest to the national and international media, extreme weather, events with celebrities and well-known figures in attendance, or nationally important sports.


    We need a photo that is striking enough to cause a reaction."

    Someone walking in the rain, does this really fulfil this brief?

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  11. 24 minutes ago, Alamy said:


    Not the case. 1 hour is the aim, not the rule - anything outside one hour has far less chance to sell for live news. 24 hours is the rule.



    Will you be explaining why I have had all the upload buttons greyed out, apart from Stock? Will you be assessing my application I was asked to fill out. I have work coming up, and I will need clarification ASAP so I can submit my images elsewhere. Just to clarify I would never upload my images to the live feed when it was live less in less than three to five hours. The way you have gone about this is disrespectful to say the least.

  12. 2 hours ago, Keith Douglas said:


    I think you are taking the advice too literally. I'm sure that they're not going to be timing it down to the minute or second. The advice indicates the ballpark that you should be aiming for. That's an hour, not 2 hours, not 4 hours, not 12 hours, not one day or two days. And that probably means setting yourself up to be able to be near to the Alamy target if you want to do news regularly. Ultimately it's the buyers of the images that want them quickly.


    To some extent the urgency depends on the image and the situation. If it's a high profile news story covered by many other photographers then posting some images 2 or 3 hours  later is probably going to be a waste of your time, and Alamy's. If you're the only photographer there and it's a situation that has turned into something far more newsworthy than was originally envisaged, then going beyond the hour is perhaps less important.


    I had a photo taken at 7am in the  morning, submitted it as Live News at 5:30pm, and it was used in the print edition of The Times the next day! But generally I'd try and get the images uploaded much closer to the Alamy target time. 





    Just a quick point, have you seen the live feed today? Doesn't look like a live feed to me, people that didn't get thrown out with the bathwater are still posting non news photos such as less than bog standard weather photos, may I remind ALAMY these are NOT NEWS stories. I still have not had an explanation of why I was so unceremoniously thrown out. It does sound though, like ALAMY may not be a doing so well? If I do get a reply, and I am not expecting one to be honest, I will most likely be removing all images from ALAMYaand contacting my union to see if they can make sense of this, I have been a photo journalist for over a decade now,  and was failry successful at selling my work, especially LIVE NEWS sales. Once again ALAMY, rain falling out of the sky and someone walking in the rain is not NEWS. I await your explanation.




  13. 1 hour ago, Steve Valentia said:


    How do you know that your right to file has been revoked because you can't file in an hour? That's not what the "you're excluded" email says (I got one and I've been a press photographer since 1981).


    I would contact CR directly to find out why you were not chosen to submit news. I did, and I'll let everyone know what they say, should they reply.

    I did contact them, and the reply was the same, you don't file within an hour,  not sure how many times I can reiterate that. I think ALAMY need to sort their business out, there are photographs right now in the so-called LIVE NEWS stream of terrible weather photographs, I file current news photographs.  I am confused.

  14. I am a live news photographer, my right to file has now been revoked because I can't file within the hour, how ridiculous! So now all my live news images will be straight to stock, in an already horrendously competitive and badly paid industry this new tightening of the rules will result in poor quality and more stress, for what?  I urge ALAMY to review this change. Without photographers busting a gut to get those images, you have no salary.

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