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  1. Why don't you apply to other news agencies there are loads of them, and none can behave in as bad a way as ALAMY have. 1
  2. I don't think they will, and I am not interested in asking them, I am happy to put them on my Photo Shelter page for now, I don't want to be ringing ALAMY for permission every time, not when they revoked my access. It's all left a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth and my days of handing my hard work over for 50% are over, in some ways their bad management has done me a favour. I wasn't implying that weather images weren't saleable, just not news, unless it's something unusual, like a hurricane or flood or an extreme heat event, you get my drift.
  3. Neither was I, it was a genuine question, as in why are there still non-news weather photographs in the Live news Feed whilst people are still locked out of Live News unable to file actual Live News images, I have three news stories now backlogged with nowhere as yet to file them, ie not weather photographs. Best wishes PS I think we got our wires crossed
  4. If that is the case then why is the live fee still full of the same less than perfect images as you put it.
  5. I agree with you on the quality being more important overall than the speed. I have not had the same experience with Alamy as you, which is a real shame as they came recommended. I have not had any replies from Alamy, and I have had no outcome from reapplying. I have several news stories this weekend, needless to say, if my buttons are greyed out I won't be filing.
  6. I agree, this is what other agencies do, you send in your photos, and quite often they will wittle them down, especially if it was an event that was well covered. It suggests that ALAMY doesn't have the manpower for this. At the end of the day, ALAMY leave all the hard work to the photographers and I think rather than swiping a whole host of photojournalists off the table, they could perhaps look at reinstating the photographers that mostly file news worthy images and cap the amount of images you can upload to a max of 10. The more I have had time to think about the way it happened yesterda
  7. What has this to do with culling photo journalists? I know colleagues who carry full press cards like myself who like myself have been doing live news for years, and are very good at it, who were culled yesterday. If ALAMY wants to be known for selling photo's of rainbows and puddles, then perhaps they should say so and not gove the impression that they are anything more than a stock agency.
  8. Still no reply to my request for reapplication. Still no explanation as to why ALAMY have no idea how to deal with people. You culled the many to save a few. Still awaiting a reply, every day that goes by that you ignore people, the more unprofessional you come across. Because you have handled people so badly I can't imagine why anyone would want to give you their images as stock. I only ever filed live news, and you still didn't push my work. My last agency was bad but at least they gave me regular sales, every week, in the Nationals and online, your outfit reminds me of DEMOTIX, who were awf
  9. One very last thing, in my opinion ALAMY will only push those that make them money, and whilst that seems obvious, it's not great for diversity, it's not great for variation, and it's not great for moral for those who have been selected to stay, and you still have to hand over 50%. I am still awaiting your reply ALAMY.
  10. According to ALAMY this is what they want us to consider regarding Live News. "We need pictures of breaking news, an ongoing news story of interest to the national and international media, extreme weather, events with celebrities and well-known figures in attendance, or nationally important sports. OR We need a photo that is striking enough to cause a reaction." Someone walking in the rain, does this really fulfil this brief?
  11. Will you be explaining why I have had all the upload buttons greyed out, apart from Stock? Will you be assessing my application I was asked to fill out. I have work coming up, and I will need clarification ASAP so I can submit my images elsewhere. Just to clarify I would never upload my images to the live feed when it was live less in less than three to five hours. The way you have gone about this is disrespectful to say the least.
  12. I did contact them, and the reply was the same, you don't file within an hour, not sure how many times I can reiterate that. I think ALAMY need to sort their business out, there are photographs right now in the so-called LIVE NEWS stream of terrible weather photographs, I file current news photographs. I am confused.
  13. Im afraid it does I rang them to confirm, my buttons have gone grey so now only option is stock, I am really fed up with Alamy. Unprofessional!
  14. No it says file within ONE HOUR, I rang them to clarify and that is their new terms.
  15. I am a live news photographer, my right to file has now been revoked because I can't file within the hour, how ridiculous! So now all my live news images will be straight to stock, in an already horrendously competitive and badly paid industry this new tightening of the rules will result in poor quality and more stress, for what? I urge ALAMY to review this change. Without photographers busting a gut to get those images, you have no salary.
  16. Why I am not selling my images? I had high sales every week, but not since joining ALAMY. I have not changed the way I do things, but still really bad experience so far.
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