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  1. Where? Sorry i missed it. Its quite chaotic where im at. Never mind i found it. Thanks anyways. (i guess i was just upset as in these times its all very hard for a lot of us and i could really have needed those few dollars)
  2. Ugh same here, and aren't we supposed to get paid by now?
  3. Im not able to even look at them today. Also don't we normally get paid around this time?
  4. Fair is fair, its just that i uploaded those when that didn't matter to your earnings. Its just interesting that it can be exclusive without being exclusive.
  5. What? i think you misunderstood the question, the mark is for exclusivity, thats the box i forgot to tick. SO the image is exclusive for Alamy i just forgot to tick the box. And i just sold the image and only got 40%.
  6. So we get 40% if its not exclusive and 50% if it is, but what if we "forgot" to mark it. Anything done retroactive?
  7. I really thought i was seeing a pattern, but last month i had 0 sales so now i'm not so sure anymore. I also think my portfolio is pretty seasonal.
  8. Well it would be cool if they kept the ordinary "portfolio" until the new one is complete.. I have people who's saying they can't search through my images like they use to.
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