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  1. Thank you for all your comments and advice. Much appreciated!
  2. Actually I think that answers the question. Despite me adding some photos this week, if they were shot a month ago they will appear that far back in the listing. Thanks for your help.
  3. I have been uploading my shots of Hamburg over the last two weeks. Each have been keyworded to get the maximum On Sale / Optimised. As a check I thought I would do a search for HAMBURG under the new tab. I have looked on every page as far as the 20th page - not one single image of mine appears. The first image on the 20th page is dated the 27th of September. Weeks older than my shots. In the past my images usually appeared under the New tab a day or so later. Has something changed? To be honest I am beginning to think there is no point in me making the efforts to
  4. Hiya, There is something wrong with an upload. If I click its entry on the left hand side of the image manager everything is approved and there is all of my keywording displaying. BUT, if I click All Submissions, All of the images from this one upload all say “processing”. I hope you can sort this out for me please, without me having to delete them all and start again!
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