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  1. 9 hours ago, gvallee said:


    It's very clearly stated in the submission guidelines for those who can be bothered to read them.

    It has also been discussed at length on the forum. 

    It does pay off to do your homework you know instead of being bitter and accusing Alamy.

    I'm sure I've read it 2 years ago when signing up, though it slipped my mind.

    Accuse Alamy of what, exactly?

  2. 6 hours ago, Antonio Gravante said:

    I received the response from the assistance. The problem is that I uploaded photos made with mobile phone.

    Ohh well that's the problem then. I've also uploaded some photos from a mobile phone that I thought were interesting. I guess mobile phone photos are a nono with alamy. Would have been nice if there a notice about that somewhere... or maybe there is and I missed it. Regardless, I'm also a bit bitter about this. A simply warning and rejection would have sufficed. If there is batch after batch of bad images, I can understand a ban for 10 days as a bit of a rattle but.. a bit harsh imo.

  3. 14 hours ago, Joseph Clemson said:

    Your story is a common one and has been often discussed. Your initial comment highlights a common misconception by new contributors, not all of your 181 images has passed QC - only a small proportion of any submission are inspected by QC, and on the basis of that inspection Alamy assumes you have submitted acceptable images across the entire batch. If one fails it brings the entire batch and your processing workflow  into question and you are given the opportunity to look at your work again before resubmitting, hence the freezing of uploading privileges. Have a look at this thread for a longer discussion on the matter.


    Your sale will take some weeks to clear. When the client pays Alamy, they will mark your sale as cleared. Once you have accrued $50 of cleared sales you will get paid at the end of the month.  In some cases it can take months for a sale to clear but six weeks is about typical.


    Sorry, but your link just links back to this thread.

  4. So I've got 181 images uploaded, every single one passed QC, I had 3 star rating.... in the last batch of some older photos I've had, which I thought may be of interest, one was rejected, which caused all of them to be rejected, my QC star rating to drop to 1, and my account frozen for upload. What the heck? Is that really necessary? Just reject the photo and move on. I can understand if this happens after numerous rejected photos, but one crappy batch?? C'mon...


    By the way, I've made a sale last month, and haven't gotten paid for it yet. How long does it take for alamy to pay out?

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