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  1. Just tried creating a portfolio ID in Firefox and it didnt work (clicking create ID doesnt do anything). In Chrome it worked right away. https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/rogergantner
  2. https://microstockgroup.com/tools/keyword.php this makes it easy(er).
  3. The more I look at the photo the more it looks like camera shake... but definitely very soft/out of focus.
  4. ...also be sold with another agency as royalty free? Or must a rights managed photo on alamy be exclusive to alamy?
  5. Holy sh... link to the image?
  6. I had to use paypal as everytime I've given alamy my bank account details they could never make payment. The bank account details were 100% correct, so I'm not sure what the issue was. But paypal worked.
  7. How do you see what the image was used/bought for? Hmm... ** Never mind, found it. lol
  8. Does this qualify as a news worthy print? (https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/650644.html)
  9. my 3 cents.... shoot raw... edit your photos... if you dont want to spend money on photo editing software, try something like dark table. Watch youtube videos on editing. Watch a LOT of you tube videos. lol.
  10. Yea, duh... that makes sense... I guess my brain is a bit mushy after editing photos for a couple hrs...
  11. ...and only 3 images show up? What am I missing here...?
  12. I'm sure I've read it 2 years ago when signing up, though it slipped my mind. Accuse Alamy of what, exactly?
  13. Ohh well that's the problem then. I've also uploaded some photos from a mobile phone that I thought were interesting. I guess mobile phone photos are a nono with alamy. Would have been nice if there a notice about that somewhere... or maybe there is and I missed it. Regardless, I'm also a bit bitter about this. A simply warning and rejection would have sufficed. If there is batch after batch of bad images, I can understand a ban for 10 days as a bit of a rattle but.. a bit harsh imo.
  14. Hello, Sorry, but your link just links back to this thread.
  15. So I've got 181 images uploaded, every single one passed QC, I had 3 star rating.... in the last batch of some older photos I've had, which I thought may be of interest, one was rejected, which caused all of them to be rejected, my QC star rating to drop to 1, and my account frozen for upload. What the heck? Is that really necessary? Just reject the photo and move on. I can understand if this happens after numerous rejected photos, but one crappy batch?? C'mon... By the way, I've made a sale last month, and haven't gotten paid for it yet. How long does it take for alamy to pay out?
  16. Can someone explain the differences and why you may choose one vs the other, and, if there is a specific image that one vs the other may be more beneficial? Side note; after many months on alamy, and only having a small selection of photos, I finally made my first sale a few days ago. Yay. https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?&n=NaN&imageid={D52A486C-7FBE-42FB-884C-17C537E8A9E4}
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