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  1. Ah!  Now I remember.  Thanks for reminding me.  Old mind is just slow these days.  Of course, I have learned three other languages and a couple of dialects since I read those old books. Belize was still under British rule back then, and better off if you ask me.  That country went to pot when the Queen granted them their independence. The country would have starved to death if it were not for the monthly gift of a ship full of food that the Queen sent them. 


    I just got back from Guyana (formerly British Guyana) and that country is still as poor today as it was when I lasted visited it in 1980 (if not poorer).  The Zoo is in pessimal condition. But at least I got to get up close and personal with a huge black Caiman.  Always wanted to go to Guyana ever since I read the book "Three Singles to Adventure" by Gerald Durrell.  One of my all-time favorite books.  You should read it if you have not. 


    Be afraid. Be very afraid!




  2. 13 minutes ago, dustydingo said:


    Well, I think that might actually reinforce my comments above, but hey, we all take what we will from any situation . . . still, that's my tuppeth worth, take it or leave it, it's all the same to me 😊




    Hey. I am not from England.  What is a "Tuppeth"?  I read about 40 Hardy Boys mystery novels written in the Queens English when I was a kid living in Belize back in the 1970s, but I forgot what I a Tuppeth is. 😉

  3. 25 minutes ago, dustydingo said:


    You'll find most here won't have a problem with your request . . . however, most here expect the same back, so I'm afraid if folk are going to accept your way, you are going to have to accept theirs, including when people don't always only answer a question about one issue :)




    I have no problem accepting people.  But I think that since I got SIX red arrows here might suggest that others have a problem accepting me.  Just a guess.  I could be wrong.  I often am. 

    3 hours ago, Matt Ashmore said:


    Blimey.. how are you still alive? You really need to stay away from nails. Maybe buy a lottery ticket?


    How am I alive?  I would have to say that God is not done with me yet, because I should not be here.  As far as staying away from nails, why do you think I got out of construction and trying things like Stock photography. LOL!

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  5. 7 hours ago, Mark Baigent said:

    Hi all

    I have had a bum few months, five operations on one of my eyes, which now does not work. Now I have heart trouble that could keep me off work for months (assuming I live that long), I can't walk far or lift much.  
    My finances have taken a hammering, I would really appreciate some ideas of how to earn some pennies from home, a bit of stock obviously (but out of ideas) and maybe some photoshop work of some type. But happy to try anything..

    Feeling a bit lost and picked on to be honest 😞



    Hey Mark.  I am new at this and have no advice, but I saw your post and I feel for you man.  Hang in there. You will get through this.


    I have been through the wringer myself, so I can empathize with you.  Lost an eye to a nail. Got crushed by a 2000 pound beam and spent six years in a back brace.  Got a superinfection in my foot (stinking nail again) that almost most cost my leg and my life and spent a year learning to walk again. And these are not to mention nine bouts of Malaria and a near terminal case of Tuberculosis, among other serious diseases I have endured.  I am still here in the fight and you will be too.  


    As I was writing my story, I thought of something that you might try.  Have you tried Print on Demand?  I do a little of this; but since I have the artistic skill of a rock, I don't do very well at it.  I have an account on Zazzle.com and I use my photos to design products that people can order.  It is definitely something you could do while you recover, and if you have an artistic skill you could do quite well at it.  Here is some of my stuff to give you an idea, but of course, any person with an ounce of talent could do a million times better than me.  It's an idea that might work for you.


    Coffee Mug.  Background picture: Black Sands Beach of Jaco, Costa Rica.  Sappy Text: ME





    Outdoor Throw Pillow. Background Image: Wild Aspen Fleabane Daisy 


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    5 hours ago, spacecadet said:


    "It was legitimate to ask why you had no images in the pseudo as it might have explained the rejection. I don't personally use red arrows, but this sort of response doesn't help.

    BTW you'll notice you're the only contributor here using a dummy account. It shows willing to lay your cards on the table, so to speak. I don't see any other "noisy people".


    I apologize if the way I am offends you or anyone else. I sincerely do.


    I am just a matter of fact person.  If I ask a question about one issue, I expect people to answer the question about that issue.


    That is just how I am.  I hope you guys can understand and accept me the way I am.  I would really appreciate it.  

    7 hours ago, Joseph Clemson said:


    Sorry, I didn't realise you were an existing contributor, a nil photo count in your forum link usually mean someone who has yet to pass their first submission, and I assumed the reference to no previous rejections referred to another agency.


    I can see now how I might have left that gate open to misinterpretation and assumptions.  I should have made it clearer that I was posting a question that was exclusive to Alamy and I was not talking about any other stock agency.  I apologize for failing to make my OP more detailed and clearer.  

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  8. So I uploaded 30 pictures from a recent trip to South America that I took with my Sony A6500. Alamy has never rejected a picture taken with this camera before.  Because one photo failed the whole batch was rejected.  My problem is, Alamy did not tell me WHICH photo failed or why.  All the photos just say the standard "One or more photos failed QC. The rest have been rejected without being assessed."  There are two images that are blank boxes though and say, "Processing Failed".  I take that to mean that the upload was interrupted or something. 


    My question is; How do I find out which photo failed and why?


  9. I want to thank everyone for all your valuable advice.  It was very much appreciated.  After busting my brain, I decided to go with the Sony Alpha A6000 with the kit 16-50mm OSS lens.  After comparing camera specs until my brain melted and poured out my ears, dollar for dollar, I could not get into a better camera for my budget.  I was able to get a new open boxed one with a 1 year manufacturers warranty for $445, which leaves me a little left to pick another lens for camera once she gets used to it.  The 16-50mm lens should keep be enough for a while.  Thanks again for all the help.

  10. 29 minutes ago, Betty LaRue said:

    I have to put my two cents in. I shoot with a mirrorless Fuji X-T2. Their lenses are exceptional. I have Some primes, a 35mm, 56mm, and the macro 80mm. All are excellent. So are the zooms, and I have from 10-24 to 100-400 and in-between. 

    Any of these cameras are great for macro photography if you’re talking about for Alamy rather than micro stock.



    That Fugi is a nice camera but out of my range right now.  

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  11. 1 hour ago, Brian Yarvin said:

    I tried it and found the Sony macro lens disappointing. I'm at the point now where macro lens quality is the most important point in choosing a camera system.


    So, have you found a good solution for macros in the Sony APS-C Mirrorless platform?  I have never owned one, but they say there are adapters that allows you to put just about any lens you want on that mount

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  12. 15 minutes ago, NYCat said:

    Hmmmm. I thought he was distinguishing "macro" stock from microstock.... Was that silly of me? He doesn't say macro photography.




    You are absolutely correct, but the inadvertent misunderstanding was useful as I do take a lot of macro shots of insects, so I am very interested if there is a solution for that in an A6000

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  13. So, I am tired of lugging my full size DSLR around and want something more compact and lightweight.  I would just like to hear some comments from Sony APS-C mirrorless (i.e. A5000 through A6500) users that shoot for Macro stock.   I would just like to hear about your triumphs and struggles and why you would or would not buy one macro stock photography?  TIA 

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  14. I normally do not take pictures of man made structures, as I focus on nature and wildlife.  But on a rare occasion I might, if I see something that really catches my eye.   I am not really clear on what exactly type of picture requires a Property Release and would appreciate some clarification.  I mean, if you take a picture the famous New York cityscape, do you have to get permission of every single property owner that falls in the pictures?  That would be millions of people.  If you take a landscape picture that has a few houses in the background, do you have to get permission from the owners of those houses?   When do you need a property release?

  15. 8 hours ago, Starsphinx said:

    Secondly regards uploading to your account - I may be wrong here and would appreciate input from other more experienced contributors but I believe uploading your wife's photos to your account would be in breach of Alamy terms.  The terms are you are declaring that you are the copyright holder on all images you upload - and unless your wife is signing copyright over to you that will not be the case.   Now I would imagine that plenty of people add the odd photo taken by some other family member, possibly having borrowed the camera, but if you are considering adding good shots your wife has taken with her own camera regularly I would recommend getting her her own Alamy account. 


    First, I understand your thinking, and that would apply to a lot of modern people and their opinion of marriage  as two people agreeing to live together as long as they agree.  My wife and I are different.  35 years married, and worried at how short that times seems.  We are two people acting as one and seldom apart.  I know a lot of people don;t understand what it like to be ONE with another person, but that does not effect us.  


    Secondly; Legally speaking, if she has ASKED me to upload her photos, then she has Granted my the rights to do it.  She is going to get all the money anyways, so I am just the secretary doing all the work for her in a sense. LOL!

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  16. So my wife has finally caught the photo bug.  She takes pictures of everything with her phone and thinks she is a photographer.  In a moment of craziness I asked her if she would like a real camera and her eyes lit up, and I knew I made a commitment I could not back out of.  It's been a really tough year financially, but we have an anniversary coming up, so I got to spend some money anyways, and I already know what she wants. 😉  I want to get her a full frame but I don't want to spend a lot.  I have looked around and it seems the best camera I can find around $600 used, are the Sony A7 and the Nikon D600.  I plan to get her only one lens to start with, a 50mm 1.8 prime which I can find used for under $100.  So that will put the whole kit for around $700, and that will leave enough for me to send her to a introductory photography class to get her started off on the right foot.


    So anyway, I am just wanting to hear from you guys hear and see which one you think I should get, or if you think there is something better for equal or less money.   

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