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  1. I joined last year but only started really uploading lots of pics from April this year and finally made my first sale on 22 OCT Hopefully the first of many to come!!!!
  2. I made my first ever sale at Alamy yesterday...hope this is the first of many more to come
  3. I just made my first ever sale in Alamy!!!....hope this is the first of many more to come
  4. Hello Folks!!!, I joined Alamy a few months ago but is only recently where I have started to upload photos here. I enjoy spending time in learning the art of photography right from conceptualising the shot to post processing it. While the aim has always been to become a better photographer, I thought I might try and dabble a bit in the stock world to see where it leads. Only today I thought I should join the forum and hence this introduction message. Thanks & Regards, Ramana
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