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  1. Can I re-submit non-failing images from a batch that failed? I have 1/25 failed images. Can I resubmit the other 24?
  2. Thanks for your replies. I guess I have no option but to wait it out. Sigh.
  3. My batch of 8 photos has been 'Awaiting QC' for 6 days now and counting. If it failed, does it mean it will be stuck for another 22 days? It seems odd that you'd have to wait so long to have the batch rejected. I would've thought you'd know sooner so you can fix the issue and move on...
  4. wow. My batch was a measly 5 images. But I guess it being my 2nd batch, I don't have as strong of a history as you all, so my photos are in a different queue maybe. Or, the images probably don't meet their criteria. Now I guess I have to wait till at-least Monday.
  5. Thanks for your replies. I guess I just have to wait for it to start raining again in the UK .
  6. My 2nd batch of photos (ever) is stuck for 2 days "awaiting QC". Does that mean it's likely going to fail or does it typically take that long? It said "typical wait time is 23 hrs" when the upload finished. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the info. What is the 28-day penalty box and when does it kick in? So after examining the images, what's a good strategy for someone who's starting new...should I start with smaller batches (like 4-5 photos per batch) and small number of batches a day (1-2)? Kunal
  8. I couldn't quite find this in the FAQs... If I submit multiple batches a day and one of the photos in one of the batches gets stuck in QC, what happens to the other photos in other batches? Do they also get stuck pending on the QC-fail photo in the earlier batch? Thanks.
  9. I read in the FAQ about the 3 different types of search options (new, relevant, creative). Is there a way for photographers to tag their photos as falling in the 'creative' bucket or is that categorization done by Alamy? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for your replies! I did go through the help section and find most answers.
  11. Hi there, I just joined Alamy today and have a few questions! 1. As I understand, it's recommended that to start with, you submit images in small batches to avoid QC failure. What's the recommendation on initial batch size? And can you submit multiple batches per day? 2. Can you manage images in bulk (for example, assign keywords, description, attributes etc) or does it have to be done on a per-photo basis? 3. I did read that the image has to be a minimum of 24MB in uncompressed size; this translates roughly to 3-5MB extracted size. Is there an upper limit on the size, generally spea
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