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  1. How do you go about tracking down unpaid usages?
  2. You might be right. The missing images have shown up in my portfolio this morning. The numbers still don't jive but they're better.
  3. Can anyone answer this for me. Depending on what Alamy page I'm on, my image upload number is different. My dashboard shows 128 images on sale. My image manager page shows 133 images on sale. My portfolio page shows 123 images on sale. The last batch of seven images to go on sale are not showing up on my portfolio page. If they did, that would show only 130 images on sale. Why are there so many inconsistencies with the number of images I have for sale? Why are the last batch of images to go on sale not showing up on my portfolio page?
  4. Niels Is this more for technical info. about the image itself, or for a more detailed description of the topic?
  5. On the optional side of adding an image there is an option to add "Additional Info". I'm wondering what this means exactly (what type of info.) and also if it enhances the ability of my images being "Found" Does anyone have a thought on this? Thanks Scott
  6. Thanks Light_Trails for your reply. I've been posting my photo's without running them through Photoshop first. I think this is a mistake I'll need to remedy in the future. I've been doing some research to get a good idea of the things I can do to improve the final image.
  7. I'd like to find out more about enhancing photo's. Not necessarily how to go about learning a photoshop type program, but more along the lines of what types of things you do to make an average photo stand out within the program. I understand the technical side of taking a photo. I even know a few things about processing film, but with digital cameras and no film, seems to me the processing side would be more along the lines of enhancing an image in Photoshop or other like programs. I'm curious to know if there are certain things that an average photographer can do on the processing s
  8. Joseph Thank you for your reply. I now have a better understanding of how I want to proceed. I appreciate it.
  9. I'm new to Alamy and this is my first post to this forum. I've been trying to do my homework by reading up on different topics. The two license types, Royalty Free and Rights Managed have me baffled as far as which one is better to use . By looking at the images of several contributors, I've noticed there are definitely two camps when it comes to license types. I can't seem to get a good handle on why one person prefers RF while another prefers RM. Does one have a distinct advantage over the other or is it just personal preference? Correct me if I'm wrong but it
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