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  1. Thank you Edo for the very practical and specific suggestions, very appreciative of the time you have taken for me!
  2. Thank you for your honest and informative answers! I will take all of the suggestions and make my own conculsions. These make much more sense to me than the first answers received. Buying stock images is not like hunting for the cheapest deal at a flea market. Furthermore deciding to remove all my shots from places that have given me consistent and decent income, and only keeping them on a platform which has never given me a sign of potential sale, is a even more hard decision. I guess I will try out different strategies and see how they will work in the future. Many Thanks
  3. Thank you Andy for a proper and non patronising answer. Would be nice if others were as respectful as you. Best Wishes, Cris
  4. Ok, so everyone here is selling exclusively to Alamy? Should I then remove all my shots from Alamy?
  5. I simply wasn't aware of the price differences in sale across these platforms. So buyers pay for images on Alamy that much more than on other sites? Then why would the come to Alamy in the first place then? There are still incredibly high quality and diverse images on other platforms.
  6. Thanks for your answer, All research I did suggested me to upload the same images to multiple agencies. Doesn't Allamy qualify as MS as well? Thanks just trying to learn here!
  7. Hi Alan, Thanks for your answer! I'm trying to understand though why on libraries such as Shutterstock which has over 200 million photos, i got the same images upload, and also 100 downloads. So I'm wondering if there is something else other than number of pictures uploaded which is affecting my activity. Thanks
  8. Hi everybody, I have got into stock photography about 8 months ago. I have joined Alamy and several other agencies since then. Even though I have made many sales on every single agency I have uploaded to, I still haven't made a single one on Allamy. I have only had 4 zooms in 8 months as well. I don't seem to understand what is the issue? Is it just really hard to sell on here or am I doing something wrong? Thanks to you all!!
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