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  1. I hope you've made the Trust aware of your decisions, Graham? It would be interesting to hear their response. Alex +1 Might well be worth writing to them to ensure they're aware of how their policy is annoying their members. And/or perhaps one of us should write an article for one of the photographic magazines about this issue!
  2. That's interesting. Given that the ColorMunki display has access to the advanced mode, I wonder what the difference is between the X-Rite ColorMunki Display (£139 on Amazon) and the X-Rite i1 Display Pro (£199 on Amazon) is? The hardware looks very similar. A quick Google confirms what I remember from researching this some time ago - it's mostly the software (the makers say the X-Rite i1 is faster, but another site says this is down to the software). DisplayCAL + Argyle CMS work with both - so you can probably get just as good results out of the cheaper hardware if you go down that path.
  3. For anyone on a budget and with the time and inclination to do a bit of research, some software well worth trying is Argyll CMS together with DisplayCAL, which are both open source (donationware) . This enables quite a bit of control even with hardware for which the accompanying software offers less control. I have used it with ColorMunki Display; I think it also works with the Smile, but you'd have to do some research on that. Likewise, there are various reviews explaining how to use it, such as this one: https://www.pointsinfocus.com/learning/digital-darkroom/displaycal-and-argyll-cms-q
  4. Thank you for the heads up. This is why the forum is so useful, when we look out for each other!
  5. A couple of years ago, I was on nearly 4 sales per 1000 images per month. Now it's down to just over 2.
  6. I didn't realise they disapproved. What else can we do? ... Geoff. I just use a full stop (period for those more familiar with the US-influenced version of the language). I don't think that's an Alamy-approved tactic either, but it looks neater than nonsense words.
  7. I've used two external GPS units over the years - one by Solmeta and one by Opteka (who now seem to call themselves Viltrox). Build quality wasn't great and both failed within a short time. Nowadays I use a mobile phone app. I've tried a few; I've now settled on GPSLogger (for Android) because that has a very efficient workflow - it can be set to automatically upload to a Dropbox folder, from which GPS data can easily be attached to image metadata in Lightroom. I've also tried the approach of using Google Maps after the fact, without a GPS tracklog, but find that very time consuming. The
  8. Hi John, The East African crane (Balearica regulorum gibbericeps) is a sub-species of the Grey crowned crane (Balearica regulorum). As I recall, the East African Crowned Crane is more black and the West African Crowned Crane is more grey so, at this time, I am inclined to the belief that it is the West African Crowned Crane. It's the opposite, the East African crane is grayer than the Western African crowned crane (better known as the Black crowned crane). Yours is definitely one of the two sub-species of Grey crowned crane (East African crane / B. r. gibbericeps or the South Afri
  9. Unless you're a news photographer, I'd suggest you're more likely to have success on Alamy with subjects that have a timeless appeal. Alamy seems to do better with the slow burn over a period of years rather than a big burst of sales after initial upload. Just a thought ... :-)
  10. Perhaps try the DisplayCAL software with Argyll CMS - all open source and free + optional donation. This can drive a wide range of hardware calibration/profiling devices, and often adds functions not supported by the software that comes with the hardware. I use it with the ColorMunki Display - it gives far more options than the ColorMunki software and also seems to produce a better result. Download and full instructions here: http://displaycal.net/
  11. Or close to one unit of that rapidly-devaluing currency we all (kind of) get paid here, the AlamyLicenceFee ;-) I have long thought of photography purchases in terms of how many licences of my images have to be sold to cover the cost.
  12. I don't know about Sony - this may not be available - but if you want to get raw images matching the in-camera JPEGs for Nikons and Canons, then choose the Camera Standard profile under Camera Calibration: Profiles in Lightroom and similar in ACR. Very good point, MDM. And if it isn't available, just invest in a ColorChecker Passport, create a profile and add it into your import preset. I find that produces even better colour than the camera profiles built into Lightroom. It's really easy to do - the instructions make it really simple. And great if you have more than one camera, for match
  13. In principle, an excellent idea - but in practice, if the model of that big g-agency whose name we shouldn't mention is followed, we might be better off financially with the status quo!
  14. I completely agree with Peter, for the reasons stated in this thread by myself and especially Keith Douglas: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/5584-help-please-about-editorial/?hl=editorial All the other new features sound good.
  15. I think Chuck means that the buyer will have enough info to decide for themselves how they can use the image - please correct me if I'm wrong, Chuck! I've said this before, but it looks like it's worth repeating - my biggest sale (over $4k) was with an image showing unreleased people and with a well-known brand name in the background. The advertising agency cut out the bit they wanted and put it on their own background such that no releases were needed. It was then used for an advertising campaign by one of the largest UK banks. If I'd used an 'editorial only' button, I'd presumably be ov
  16. Dusty - you could well be right, but it could also be that at least some of the searches for 'book covers' alone were from people looking for pictures of books covers. What I do know is that in my early days on Alamy I did add possible categories of use to the keywords, and my monitoring of it suggested that it was counter productive - more often than not those keywords caused my images to come up in irrelevant searches. On the other hand, book covers tend to be (relatively) high value sales, so maybe it's worth doing ... I thought that was my point ;-)
  17. My guess is that if you do you'll come up in lots of searches for 'book'. AoA suggests that most searches including 'book cover' also have the name of a book, or category of books - as if they're looking for pictures of books, rather than pictures to go on book covers ;-)
  18. Bo Xie: I'll give you a clue. I have had a four figure (net) sale, but it was a few years ago and I'm not sure whether they still happen at Alamy. There's little point telling you which image because I think that was very much a one off. But having seen what the client did with it, I think the best advice is the same as for any stock shooting - submit images that show a single subject/concept clearly and unambiguously.
  19. Cryptoprocta: I thought my comment was likely to be controversial! I too was a teacher, and I probably should have clarified that I wasn't thinking of normal lessons - despite teachers' propensity to subsidise their own jobs by buying books, supplies etc off their own bat - but rather such things as teachers (and others - perhaps university lecturers more than teachers) presenting at conferences, etc. I've done that kind of thing, and it's usually on the teacher's own initiative and without payment. I also didn't mention the elephant in the room all this - which is that microstock is even chea
  20. I beginning to come round to the idea that these fees are probably quite reasonable in certain circumstances - eg a teacher or university lecturer using their own money to purchase images for a lesson, for example. However, a banker with a marketing budget behind him/her using images for a sales presentation could afford to spend a lot more. Charging these minimal fees for this would, I expect, be leaving money on the table.
  21. My four-figure Alamy sale was an unreleased image with people, real estate property and a famous brand name. The client - a UK advertising agency producing a campaign for an international bank - obviously knew what they were doing because they removed photoshopped the image quite radically and removed anything that would cause an issue. If I'd put editorial only restrictions on it, I'd be several thousand dollars poorer now ;-)
  22. Ha ha - believe me, DD, I would change my workflow in an instance if it improved productivity overall, but for now I find it more efficient to keyword in Lightroom - there are efficiencies from keywording all images together, not just those destined for Alamy, and it means even for Alamy photos that keywords are there in the image for any non-Alamy use. With a good set-up of hierarchical keywords in Lightroom, entering them there can be very quick and efficient - I can get through hundreds of images in an hour. Jill: what software allows you to enter keywords in your own order, rather tha
  23. Keywording on a phone sounds like an excellent idea ... it's the perfect activity to do while waiting for a train, standing in a queue, sitting on the toilet ;-) By the way, dragging/dropping/selecting etc may not be necessary for those who type directly into Manage Images, but those of us who keyword in, say, Lightroom have to do something about the fact that all their keywords end up in Comprehensive ... We're in business. It's all about enhancing productivity - or getting the maximum bang for your time ;-)
  24. Hmm ... I thought the original idea was to represent mobile phone photography, not photography from one particular brand of mobile phone. I believe that Alamy have said it's OK to transfer from an non-Apple mobile phone to another device that runs the Stockimo app, and upload from there ... haven't they?
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