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  1. Thank you so much for the advice. Yes sorry I think I was a bit impatient! I will definitely take your comments on board and make changes. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it and will take it on board. Thank you x
  3. A lot of views but no comments. Hope I wasn't rude in how I asked. Am able to take constructive crisitism, hoping to improve x
  4. I'd really appreciate some tips, thank you x https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/lazydaysliz
  5. Thank you everyone. Thanks for the tip about Latin names, I will do this as soon as I can, thank you! x
  6. It was a lucky shot, so that's probably why x
  7. Really chuffed I've had my first sale. I never really believed I'd ever sell one, despite trying x
  8. Thanks everyone for all the extra great advice. I will go back over all of my photos and pay more attention to the titles and keywords. Also will maybe try harder to focus on standing out, rather than just putting all the photos I think will pass QC on. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Liz x
  9. Thanks everyone. Yes it was Man O war beach, Lulworth thank you Dave, Alan and Iosdemas. Thanks Chuck. So I gather you're saying quality over quantity, but still may help to try up my numbers, but to be careful with my choices and keywords etc. Great advice everyone, thank you. Liz x
  10. Thank you, that's very kind. I hope you're right! I will take on all the advice, thanks. Liz x
  11. Hi Steve, Thank you for all of the info. Ok I better get uploading! Reassuring to know that lack of enough photos is partly the reason. Well done on your sales. Liz x
  12. Thank you for replying. I couldn't remember the name of the beach and cliffs, so I will look them up. Thanks for the tip x
  13. Hi, I'm new to Alamy, sorry if this is a common question. I've not had any views for my photos yet. Is this because it's early days? I've tagged my photos with everything I can think of that is relevant to the photos, but am wondering if I'm not tagging enough or if my titles aren't very good. Or maybe my photos are the problem. I know the amount of photos I've submitted aren't very many yet, does this make a difference to whether you get views? Just trying to work out how to get noticed, any tips very appreciated. Thanks x
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