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  1. Oh, no, I wrote my message a bit hastily - I didn't mean to imply the forum was unfriendly. People have been very welcoming to me. I just meant that sometimes it's hard to see an entry point into a conversation, but there actually are quite a few threads that are more general. I think I'm just an extreme introvert.
  2. Oh my word! Yes. Typo. 1 sale per month per 1,000. Going back to edit my post now. Thank you for catching that.
  3. I don't post very often here in the forums, but I'm actively working on my Alamy files. I'm working hard to get all my past stuff edited along with shooting new stuff. So far, I'm pleased with my Alamy sales, though my family thinks I'm wasting my time. The "1 sale per month for every 1,000 files uploaded" observation has been true in my case, with some months exceeding that. I don't heavily curate my work as many of you do, and I thought being in the U.S., the South no less, would hurt my sales, but every month I'm seeing improvement. I am a long way from making a living doing thi
  4. Ack, Sorry to post a new thread. I had considered adding to his thread, but thought perhaps his issue was different. Obviously just general website wonkiness today. Thanks.
  5. Is anyone else having problems with AIM and the Alamy website today? I checked my Internet connection, and it seems ok, but AIM is so slow as to be almost unusable. I saw someone else mentioning no images showing in his AIM. I had that problem briefly, but mostly it's just painfully slow. Changes are taking a long time and sometimes aren't being saved at all. Just wondering if it's me or a problem on Alamy's end.
  6. In response to this, I’ve switched some images, particularly of my cats and dog, to royalty free. It sticks in my throat a bit, as I’d always been advised against RF, but I’m trying to adapt to industry changes. I’ll re-evaluate in a few months. I have a feeling Getty’s move is going to spill over everywhere for all but the most unique images.
  7. Favorite images I uploaded this month: A scale model Fresnel lens is displayed at the Pensacola Lighthouse and museum, Oct. 27, 2019, in Pensacola, Florida. The lighthouse, which was built in 1858, is 150 feet tall and features 177 steps. It features a first-order Fresnel lens which can be seen from a distance of 27 nautical miles. It is still in operation, with more than 130,000 people per year touring the lighthouse and museum. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (Photo by Carmen K. Sisson/Cloudybright) The glass-topped keys
  8. Really love the colors on this as well as the sweat sheen. Very nice.
  9. This is a really nice shot of the port. I bet it becomes a good seller for you. Very nice.
  10. I've had a good month! (Well, volume-wise. Profit-wise, could have been better.) Egyptian mummy circa 2300 B.C. $$ Country: World English Language Usage: Editorial Media: Book, print and/or e-book Print run: up to 5,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 22 March 2020 End: 22 March 2025 Rights include photo appearing as a thumbnail in Table of Contents or Glossary. Electronic, digital and PDF rights granted for the facsimile of the original publication. Promotional in-context rights granted. Catholic archbish
  11. Thank you, kindly. There are still places to go, things to see, pictures to shoot. Lots left that I want to do.
  12. I like to shoot food, but I don't think I'm all that good at it. With tomorrow being Thanksgiving in the U.S., I'm thinking about dragging out my lights. Here are a few food shots I've made that I liked (and that were tasty perks of the job):
  13. This reminds me of two stupid situations I got myself into. Growing up on the water, I should have known better. In one situation, I was covering flooding and spent about an hour covering a flooded bayou. Everything was fine when I began my walk. I didn't take into account high tide, which arrived while I was walking, effectively cutting me off from my car when I tried to return. As I stood there, debating wading into waist-high water, someone came by in a boat and offered me a ride which I gratefully accepted. The second situation happened a few months ago while cover
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