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  1. Thank you to Steve and John for your comprehensive and very helpful comments, especially your comments, Steve, on lighting and composition; and John on key word suggestions. Keywording is always a bit problematic. I am glad that you liked some of the pictures. Best wishes Stephen
  2. Hello, I have been contributing to Alamy for a about a year or so now and I have almost four hundred pictures on the site. So far I have had no joy selling any of them yet 😞 I would appreciate any feedback at all on the portfolio. From reading comments on other people's portfolios I recognise a couple of issues: 1. The quantity - I think there needs to be quite a lot of photos before you begin to make sales. I tried to upload once a week but probably not in enough quantities. 2. Pseudonym - my photographs are on a wide range of subjects; some travel, a few still lives and a lo
  3. Thank you for your welcome, everyone. @Starsphinx Film photography was certainly different - I recall the splendid smells of the chemicals in the darkroom, and the fascination as your image gradually appeared on the paper in the developer! @NYCat Thanks for the advice on the keywords - I shall take a look at what I have included so far and see how I can improve them. @sb photos London is a great place - I was taking photographs just last night and some of them may appear here in due course! Best wishes Stephen
  4. Hello all, I am based in the United Kingdom. I was a photographer back in the analogue days, occasionally selling some of my works. One of my most memorable projects was cycling around the Dorset countryside photographing rural post offices as part of a campaign to prevent their closure - that was some thirty years ago and, sadly I imagine many of them have now shut. Anyway, I have recently gotten back into photography, moving onto digital, and thought I would see if I could augment my income by selling a few stock photographs along the way. Look forward to being a part
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